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Sex and the City -- To Reel?

11/9/2006 9:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

graphic of a question mark I heard that "Sex and the City" might be made into a movie ... any truth to that?

Sex and the CityKatie, you're right on the money! Although this project has been up in the air for the longest time, the girls of New York seem to have gotten everything squared away and are finally on track for a film. OK! Magazine exclusively reported that, as of now, things were a go. It's just a matter of ironing out contract issues and finding the perfect timing. So get ready. And as Carrie would say -- "Can you handle it?"

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graphic of a question mark How old is Madonna?

MadonnaMarilee, Madge is 48 and in her prime! Born August 16, 1958, she's still making upbeat albums and hot videos. Madonna, who was a high school cheerleader, shares her birth date with the date of Elvis Presley's death (in 1977). For more Madonna news and updates on her world of mommyhood, click here.

graphic of a question mark How did Britney lose all that weight? She looks great!

Britney SpearsWe couldn't agree with you more, Heather! Britney has managed to shed a lot of the baby weight less than two months after giving birth to baby Jayden -- and without a personal trainer! She's taken up the treadmill and weights, and keeps her metabolism tuned by eating small meals throughout the day. It worked!

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graphic of a question mark When will Fantasia's next CD be released?

FantasiaIf you can wait a little longer, Barbara, you'll have Fantasia's latest CD in no time! The self-titled album is due December 12. Make sure to listen for "Hood Boy," a single with Big Boi.

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graphic of a question mark How's K-Fed's album doing?

K-FedJuliet, the heir-apparent to Vanilla Ice won't be breaking any sales records any time soon. He sold a whopping 6,000 copies -- and didn't even break the top 100 on Billboard. Tear. It might be time to consider an alternate career path. But who knows -- maybe his album will resurrect. Crazier things have happened. But we doubt it.

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No Avatar


This show was great!! One of the best written series ever. The show just got better and went out a winner I have no doubt that the movie will be every bit as good if not better. These women took this show seriously, they won't settle for less than the best. They'll deliver the goods. Just hope Samantha doesn't meet another guy whose "spunk tastes like funk." lmao

2866 days ago

Mr. T    

Who really cares anymore. The show is so over with. I predict this movie will flop big time. After all, its a recycled chick flick. How bad is that!

2902 days ago

Tom Cruise has landed    

Greatest news ever. I can't wait to see it. The best show of all time!!

2902 days ago


Oh good...just more filth @ the box office! There is no class or substance in "Sex in the City" is just boring and nonsubstantial!

2902 days ago


I like Sex in the City but I think these girls need to put those hoo hoos to rest.

2902 days ago


Ok, Mr T. apprantly you were never a fan if you think the movie will flop or that the show is over and done with. Sex and the City is probably one of the most watched shows that run in reruns and on HBO ONDemand. And for you "Rantherthanthat" apprantly you don't like the show enough. I have prayed for this movie and when the girls were going around saying it wasn't happening because of money contract issues it was saddening. The show ended to early and this will be I believe a great closing chapter to their lives. Also, for you "BABEE" you must not enjoy shoes, clothes, girl talk, friendship etc. Its an excellent show with alot of substance but they also give you comedy and of course the title of the show "SEX".
If you don't like the show perhaps you should keep your disgust for it to yourself. I don't get you people coming on here saying you hate this and you hate that. I mean you waste your time bashing people when in fact you're doing nothing but proving who or what you hate so much is relevant because you're giving your time and energy to discuss something you don't like, and its not like you're discussing dislike for something important such as the president, the war, etc. So, save your dislike for something important. If you don't like and blah, blah, blah, then just keep it to self. Let fans come on and express their joy of the shows return. If you don't like no one really needs or wants to hear it.

2902 days ago



SJP is proving she is desperate---

Last two movies bombed
Her perfume smells like motor oil
Joss Stone kicked her ass out of Gap Ad's

What the hell else is she gonna do???

Kim Catrall is the REAL STAR and she knows it.

Time to swallow your pride, huh Pony??

2902 days ago


Apparently your an old blind "Rockstar" because you didn't read that I am a fan of the show. A huge fan! But I unlike you, am willing to let a good thing go out in style. The show's ending was perfect and should be left alone. I'm still a fan of the show but seeing these girls try to pull off an update movie after so many years would just be pathetic and serve no purpose. Good shows go out on top and don't try to do the lame "where are they now" update movie. Otherwise they'll be guilty of jumping the shark!

2902 days ago


Sex and the City was one of the best shows ever put on cable TV. And now regular TV too. It covered topics that happen all the time to woman. (woman who have a life anyway) They covered topics that were not suppose to be talked about. It was funny & smart. I am thrilled that there will be a movie. I can't wait to see what will happen next.

2902 days ago


I say "jump the shark," SATC! I'll see it and I know a huge group of my friends would as well. Who cares if it sucks?? It will still be fun!

2902 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

It might be tolerable if they omit Jessica Sarah Equus.

2902 days ago

jewish smewish,,    

OMG bout time im soooooooooo looking forward to the movie!!!!!!!YEEEAAA!!!!!!!!!

2902 days ago


The only reason I would ever go to that movie are: Jason Lewis, Chris "Mr. Big" NOth and Kim Cattrall. I always though SJP was the most overrated celebrity.

2902 days ago


Looks like the ladies are getting desperate. I mean what have you seen any of them in that was worth one cent (with the exception of the redheads portrayal of Eleanor). It’s the circling of the drain for these girls careers.

I did like Sex in the City, I just don’t want my last memories to be some bad movie of the week wrap up.

2902 days ago


Nick, I take it you're not a SJP fan? I enjoyed Sex & the City, and I'm curious if anyone agrees with me, that Miranda was the raging bi*** on the show? I couldn't stand her character.

2901 days ago
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