Kenny Chesney: His Tractor's Still Sexy

10/20/2006 5:15 AM PDT

Kenny Chesney: His Tractor's Still Sexy

Does Kenny Chesney have hair? He's always got a hat on.

It's true, Janet -- it seems as if Kenny Chesney may have been born with a hat on his head, as he's always wearing one. But we copped a picture of him sans accessory here in Las Vegas last year where it was undoubtedly too hot to be covering up. And to his look, we say rock on, Kenny, rock on!

And speaking of things people (usually) never go without, check out Kenny's ex Renee Zellweger and her recent lack of luck in the garment department.

What's new with Kelly Ripa?

Well, Diana, aside from juggling mommy-hood, being a wife to (hottie) husband Mark Consuelos and working alongside Regis on their morning show, Kelly still has her eyes set on acting. She currently has three animated films in the works – all planned for release next year – and is also planning on turning her and Mark's lives into a reality sitcom. Knowing Kelly, this won't fail to please.

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What's the scoop on Julia Stiles?

Sadie, Julia has her hands full with projects that keep her both in front and behind the camera. She is working on the movie "The Bourne Ultimatum" with Matt Damon as well as the short film "Raving," in which she receives a writing credit and debuts as a director.

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What kind of exercise routine does J.Lo do?

Suzy, Jennifer Lopez admits that she doesn't work out every single day, but that she makes sure to maintain a "balance of mind, body and spirit." When she is hitting the gym, she focuses on cardio and weights and has even started taking yoga classes. Much of her discipline can be attributed to Gunnar Peterson, her trainer in Los Angeles, who has also worked with Madonna and Cameron Diaz.

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Is Jessica Biel still working?

Yes, Connor, Jessica Biel is still working and has been busy doing so. In one of her upcoming films -- "Home of the Brave" -- she stars with Samuel L. Jackson and 50 Cent as one of three soldiers who now has to adjust to civilian life after a long tour in Iraq. This flick will roll in to theaters mid-December.

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