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Britney & K-Fed's Exes ... Talking Marriage?!

11/10/2006 4:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Shar Jackson and Jason Alexander got together to dish their famous exes this week -- she's Fed's baby momma, and he's the dude Britney married for 55 hours on that wacky weekend in Las Vegas.

During the interview, Shar and Jason explained that their "special" bond was purely platonic ... and shot down rumors that they were a serious item.

"We were contemplating going to Vegas," Alexander joked. Jackson playfully interuppted, "...and going to the same little white chapel that you went to!"

The two also sent their best wishes to the newly-split couple, while explaining their own odd relationships with them.

Shar and Jason were asked if they'd ever get back together with their exes, now that they're back on the market. Their replies: no!


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Shar will be back with K-fag as soon as he has some of Britt's money!!!!!!!

2906 days ago

Sammy Davis, Jr.    

Gossip is bad.

2906 days ago


Geez. Shar is desperately trying to get back in the spotlight again? When is she going to realize that she's a hasbeen, and none cares anymore? I sure do hope she doesn't start using Britney, and Fed-Ex divorce for her own selfish publicity. It looks like it's already starting.

2906 days ago


Shar is gonna take the bitch back.

2906 days ago


Looks like we're gonna be hearing about these two again, REAL SOON!!
Do ya'll see the look on her face when he's describing the "new special person" in his life??????

Oooh, I sense the drama!!!

2906 days ago


Shar said her babies' daddy doesn't pay child support, but he's a great guy. For me, that kinda says it all about her. Um, great guys know how to support their children. And did you forget he (and Britney) left you standing there, hugely pregnant? I wasn't aware that great guys do that but, okay, if you say so.

I also can't remember the last time that I saw a pic of K-loser with ANY of his kids. I predict we'll see many, many photos in the next few months of "dad just being dad." Custody's a-comin', you know.

2906 days ago


Shar's a liar! She'd take that dirt-bag back in a second, especially if he brings some of Brit's money with him. Loser bitch!

2906 days ago


#3 Shar is already using the divorce for her own publicity.........She has been in like 3 or 4 interviews since the news broke. I have not seen her that many times all year! Of course, she will use it for her own chance in the spotlight. She is a leech just like her baby daddy!!!!!!!!!

2906 days ago


I hope Shar doesn't take him back, but if she gets a head with all this Great for her. She has children to raise.

2906 days ago


can someone tell me exactly WHO Shar Jackson is anyway? Never heard of her until Kevin left her for Britney. Did she play in a sitcom or something?

2906 days ago


How pathetic are both of them? Shar has said over and over the past couple days 'NO COMMEN' on the divorce and then out of no wheere agrees for a sit down? Hmm yeah Shar your using your association with Britney along with Kevin and Jason have, to further you 15 minutes of fame.

I also find it funny how anit Kevin she was pre divorse and now all of a sudden, hes a great father? Yeah...mmm hmmm...sure! She is only saying that cause she knows whatever money Kevin gets she gets some too. What a dumb b!tch, I canst atand her. ALSo She said he doesnt pay for child support but he does pay for their EXPENSIVE PRIVATE SCHOOL, well we all know who pays for that...BRITNEY. So if Kevin cant pay for it NO ONE WILL cause this bitch can't! She is just as pathetic as Federfvck and jason.

And Jason,lmoa! This tard has a autobiography coming out soon, so of course you know his intensions behind this little appearance.


TEAM BRITNEY WOOO HOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2906 days ago


she wants him back so bad it sad how can you be still in love with sameone who left you when your pregnant shar you want him back for yourself not for the kids

2906 days ago

K-Fed Fan    

Some women never learn, they must enjoy the humiliation and hurt, you know Shar will be back with him asap and Britney knew how he was before her. What is it that makes women go for these losers? Is it the thrill of trying to change someone? And where are the strong women that don't put up with any man's sh*t! I'm glad Britney did leave him, but you do have to admit that she almost had it coming....KARMA!

2906 days ago


Did you notice the way Shar was looking at Jason the whole time? These two are not just friends! I think something went on at one point between these two.

2906 days ago

my opinion    

Actually I think Shar has been, and still is, very gracious about the whole thing. I have never once read from day one where she has said anything harshly critical of Kevin. I applaud her for taking the high road! She's a pretty girl with a cute sense of humor. Kudos for your fantastic attitude Shar!

And Jason doesn't bother me either. I don't see what these two are doing so wrong by being in this interview.

2906 days ago
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