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"Laguna Beach" ... Dunzo?

11/17/2006 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

graphic of a question mark Will there be another season of Laguna Beach? --Amber

Tessa Keller of As of this moment, Amber, a decision has not been made as to whether or not a fourth season of "Laguna Beach" will be ordered. But we thought you should know -- while some Laguna Beach locals are stoked by the economic boom they've experienced, some parents and residents of the tiny town aren't too happy with all the publicity. For now, we'll have to wait to find out. The season three finale aired last night. Check out in case you missed it!

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graphic of a question mark Can a regular person like me get into Hyde???

randoms want in to HydeWell, Tina, considering some of the hotshots who couldn't get into Hyde (Tara Reid, Greasier Bear, Bobby Brown), it might be a tad difficult ... but it doesn't hurt to try. Get in line before everyone else does (we're talking Noon) and keep your fingers, toes and eyes crossed that you get a nod! If not, the Laugh Factory is nearby, in case you want to cheer yourself up!

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graphic of a question mark Why did Travis and Shanna name their baby Alabama? --Mandi

Shanna Moakler and Travis BarkerOh Mandi, Travis and Shanna decided on the name Alabama for their daughter because it's one of the characters from their favorite movie, "True Romance." How touching! They liked the name, even though the movie is an action-packed thriller.

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graphic of a question mark Are they still making new "Reba" shows? --Cristi

The CW's Yes, Cristi, another full season of new episodes of "Reba" have been filmed. In fact, the season six one-hour premiere debuts on The CW this Sunday at 7 PM. In other news, Reba McEntire is among the first to have a star on the Music City Walk of Fame in Nashville!

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graphic of a question mark Do you have any fan club addresses for Patrick Duffy? I've tried everything! The man is still oh so H-O-T!!! --Sara

Patrick DuffySara, it is with much pleasure that we present you with Patrick Duffy's fanmail address!

Patrick Duffy
c/o Blueprint Management
5670 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 2525
Los Angeles, CA 90036-5647

Expect to see your hunk early next year in the flick "He's Such a Girl." And just for fun -- Duffy is the uncle of Oakland A's pitcher Barry Zito!

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No Avatar



OH god, i hope not. THis show sucks!!! Its just a bunch of rich kids with nothing to do....

2864 days ago


I hope they can it. It's become a boring show.

2864 days ago


well knowing all the other garbage they produce they might order a 4th season. bunch of rich kids who want to be famous the usual rich nobody way. 2 much poser holywood sh*t everything that mtv's behind is aimed all glorying materialism and rich dumb f***s. watching little 17 years old rich money hungry gives me the runs. cancel the order mtv and then slap yourself for producing such bullsh*t.

2864 days ago


i heard there will be a fourth season and it will begin shooting in december

2864 days ago


Does anyone feel like me about this last season? Everyone hooked up with everyone's man - two of the girls thought they were Kristin and wanted to act just like her. Sorry ladies, Kristin was PAID to act like a BIA for TV and that is why she suceeded. All of those kids are spoiled. But they all seem desperate over the same meat head... DUH, get a grip on the real world kids. Break ups in high school - they happen, it's not a tragedy, it's reality. It all seemed staged to me this year... nothing like last season where there were actual story lines we all could relate to. Oh and Cami - get a shirt thaty fits your breats... Jessica, get a man your own age instead of a meat head JUST like Jason! Seriously, if I were on this last season, Cami and her BIA of a friend Kendra would have been thrown in the pool (or fire) by me more than once... grow some balls kids!

2864 days ago


what 17 year old wouldnt love to do an mtv show..theyre in highschool who cares? everyone goes through the same things they did, everyone makes bad decisions about guys and everyone stabs each other behind their backs!!!. And for all the people who sit there and say how stupid they are or why are they famous? YOU are making them famous by taking the time out of YOUR day and commenting on them. If you dont like them ignore it and spend your time doing something productive or commenting on something you care about.

2864 days ago


I agree with above poster--it is just a show about rich kids with nothing to do--except DRUGS!

2864 days ago


I'm so glad people are hating this show. Unfortunately, not enough. I live in Laguna, I'm so sick of the looky loos & wanabes that come into town every day - GO HOME!!!!!! You're not going to run into these kids! You look stupid trying to dress like these people - GO HOME & GET YOUR OWN IDENTITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2864 days ago


Being born and raised in Laguna Beach and have lived their my 35 years, believe me that is not Laguna Beach, the town shots are, the people couldn't be less "Laguna Beach" if they tried. Try skanky wanna be valley girls and guys who aren't even origianlly from Laguna. That show misrepresented Laguna and ruined it for what a small, tight, local community it is. We don't like phony outsdiders. We are a real surf town community with wealthy but unpretentious people.

2864 days ago

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