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Britney Hangs With Paris, Drops Pants in Public

11/20/2006 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It only took Britney Spears one night of hanging out with Paris Hilton to start running around without her pants.

The newly-liberated pop star enjoyed a wild 'girls night out' in Sin City with Miss Hilton this weekend; dancing, laughing and chain-smoking throughout the night.

The unlikely pair landed at club Tryst in the Wynn hotel, where Britney was spotted getting down and dirty on the dance floor to several Paris Hilton songs. In fact, things got so heated, Britney ditched her pants -- and danced around the club in a pair of fishnet stockings!

Welcome back, Brit.


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2895 days ago


Good job Britney...chain smoking & partying without pants on w/ Paris (of all people) makes you look like a really good mommy! I was rooting for her to make a big comeback when she finally dropped K-Fed, but I don't know about her now. She should be w/ her two kids, working on getting custody of them... instead of making herself look dumb! Oh well. Is she losing her mind? :-(

2895 days ago


Brit - BEWARE of PH. She needs you, you don't need her. Get yourself a polished handler & publicist. Polished meaning professionals who will teach you the appropriate social skills a pop star of your calibre needs - (I'm not slamming you), but you lack certain social skills because you were not raised with 'em. If you really want to be taken as a serious, reliable pro in a brutal industry, start acting like one, be careful with whom you associate, behave like a lady, a mother, and build a solid reputation by developing positive perceptions for your public fans. You can afford to employ the best professionals - LISTEN TO THEM, they will have your best interests at heart because it serves them well to do so, and NEVER STOP LEARNING. You have amazing talents as a performer. Why not shoot the moon and be the entire, polished/professional package? Go for it, lady!

2895 days ago

I banged Brit    

Just a couple of Whores out on the town.
And to all you dummies that are worried about her kids, That whore is rich which means she will get custody of her kids without even trying. So what if she is a mother? I know a lot of mothers that still like to get their freak on. How the hell did you think they became mothers in the firat place?

2895 days ago


I don't think it was a good marriage but come on people a night out dancing and or drinking does not a bad mother make. I have two boys and if given the time i'd love to go out and have a good time with some friends. Don't forget about what they say about people in glass houses, are any of you perfect that are writting all this negative stuff about this young girl.

2895 days ago


Give her a break! She has been married to a looser for 2 years, pregnant for most of them. So what if she wants a girls night out! It isn't like she is doing it everynight or that her kids are home alone. I am sure that her children are being cared for and everyone has a right to go have fun, regarless of your parenting state!

2895 days ago


For the love of God - - - PLEASE don't discourage this white-trash girl from doing anything or going anywhere, no matter what it involves. If she goes out drinking and smoking and who knows what else, that means those two babies are with a nanny - - - NOT HER!!! Go out every single night and do whatever your trailer-trash heart desires, sweetie. Leave those babies with someone qualified to take proper care of them. Who on earth leaves an 8 week old baby to go out drinking??? We're dealing with nothing but class here, folks.

2895 days ago


why does it matter where Brit's kids are, everbody is entitled to have fun for one night

2895 days ago

Rena Hamrick    

Lighten up!
Brit went by her family home in Louisiana..........
Did you think maybe her family is so happy she is getting a divorce they told her to go to Vegas and have fun.?...The girl hasn't been out to have a good time since
Sean was born.............she deserves a girl's night out.
Paris is prettier than Brit..........she took Brit shopping and bought her 10 new dresses...........Helping her out........

2895 days ago


Who the hell cares what she's wearing. AMEN she took out the trash!

Let the girl get her esteem back up and go back to making all the money. She loves her kids, she just sucks at picking men.

2895 days ago


Am I the only one that think most of you sound like a bunch of CATTY JEALOUS B**CHES? Give her a break!!! I hear you people calling her a slut but the only one in that relationship that acted like a slut was KEVIN! He tried to destroy Britney's self esteem but I am glad she got it back! I hope she comes back stronger than ever and I think she has a great voice. You people need to get a life and quit being so freakin' jealous!!!

2895 days ago


Don't believe everything that you see in the paper and in the news. Who knows whats true and in court it is really hard to prove the natural mother unfit they would have to have hard proof and trust me the paparazzi is not a good source for hard proof. Mostly its a pack of lies...People mind your own biz cause everybody has gone out to party at least once or more in your life.

2895 days ago

Frieda Jane    

So very glad to hear that she is a good mother and is taking care of her children so well since her marriage broke up...oppps since she broke her marriage. She needs to pout her pants back on and hope that this is dnot brought to the attention of the judge when the custody hearing takes place.

2895 days ago


I think that Britney, having been pregnant for the last two years is entitled to at least a night out having fun. So what she is smoking cigarettes and drinking...that makes her different then everyone how???? Britney is still human, she is entitled to make mistakes like everyone else. The only difference b/w her and the rest of us is the profession she chose and the amount of money she has. People need to stop judging her, she is in the middle of a divorce, needs time to clear her head and if that includes her going out with Paris Hilton and having a good be it!! Nobody's effing business!!!

2895 days ago


Please, are you telling me just because you have kids you are not allowed at a club? Maybe lynn was watching the kids to give Brit a well deserved break.

2895 days ago
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