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'Kramer's' Racist Tirade

Caught on Tape

11/20/2006 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Michael Richards exploded in anger as he performed at a famous L.A. comedy club last Friday, hurling racial epithets that left the crowd gasping, and TMZ has obtained exclusive video of the ugly incident.

Richards, who played the wacky Cosmo Kramer on the hit TV show "Seinfeld," appeared onstage at the Laugh Factory in West Hollywood. Kyle Doss, an African-American, told TMZ he and some friends were in the cheap seats and he was playfully heckling Richards when suddenly, the comedian lost it.

The camera started rolling just as Richards began his attack, screaming at one of the men, "Fifty years ago we'd have you upside down with a f***ing fork up your ass."

Richards continued, "You can talk, you can talk, you're brave now motherf**ker. Throw his ass out. He's a nigger! He's a nigger! He's a nigger! A nigger, look, there's a nigger!"

The crowd is visibly and audibly confused and upset. Richards responds by saying, "They're going to arrest me for calling a black man a nigger."

One of the men who was the object of Richard's tirade was outraged, shouting back "That's un-f***ing called for, ain't necessary."

After the three-minute tirade, it appears the majority of the audience members got up and left in disgust.

Attempts to reach Richards' reps were unsuccessful.

Richards Racial Rant -- Play Video


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God! i hate you sons of a bitches complaining complaining
the actual origin of the N-word originally came from Africa as it refers to a tribe/type of dark skinned people.
Spanish uses negro as dark/black in color/Colour,
All of those Hindu's and blacks out there call them selves the n word every single day

2nd definition: of the N word

****** means ignorant

look it up in more traditional and historical dictionaries

are their any real educated folks in America anymore?

firstly,you all should be a bit more cautious towards your grammar!

secondly,who cares if he says it.that punk in the audience should have kept his mouth shut! and his opinion's to him self.

thirdly,******,niggardly,*****rd,( *****ia - Africa )

fourth,naga = which in chinese

fifth, ****** came be towards a white person too,in fact any person whom be claim arrogance....

1464 days ago


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1456 days ago

Rat Masterson    

What are you supposed to do when faced with a loud stupid ******? At least Richard didn't shoot the idiot ape.

1455 days ago


" A truly civilized man is colorblind " - Albert Schweitzer

1447 days ago


What everyone is missing is not his reference to the 'N' word. It's his references to lynching and all that encompasses. The "fifty years ago" statement is what shows his true character. As much as I hate it when anyone, black or white, uses the 'N' word, it's the references to KKK treatment of "fifty years ago" that is most revealing. And for me, that seals it. I loved him as Kramer. Can't watch it now. And 4 yrs later, see how his career has bounced back? NOT! Hope he saved all his Seinfeld bucks.

1413 days ago


Did anyone happen to watch "Are We There Yet?" this morning? This television show is racist. I was very shocked. I was watching this show today, for the first time. I wonder how this statement would have went over: The actual show went something like this: One of the characters said that she did not want another character, in the show, to be like Lyndsey Lohan or Paris Hilton, or [whoever], and there is not issue with that. But, when she said: "I don't want her to be like, you know, white women," that was very racist. Black people are racist. If this were a white character saying the same about black women, what would the outcome or outrage be from the black community? They would be having marches, gang wars, robbing stores, riots, and everything else. Since these racial remarks are allowed from the black community such as this television series, then I don't want my daughther or any of my children to be like, you know, black women, or men, or black teens, and definitely not any of the blacks who live in the ghetto.

1398 days ago

tony brannon    

Stop taking it personal.There is black, white, & even mexican comedians who talk about all races. It's obvious that it's funny when other races talk about the WHITE race but it's not funny when the WHITE man talks about other races. Comedy is comedy, don't be offended but if you are than maybe you should be!!

1367 days ago

consuela smith    

Micheal Richards is a genius, as Kramer he was brilliant! Everyone has a bad day here and there. He apologized, this in no way wipes out that he has many good attributes.

There is a double standard in this country, wake up and smell the stink.

Michael deserves and should get another chance to do his thing as we know he is capable of doing.

1360 days ago

Mr. Right    

I totally agree with Micheal. That guy was indeed a ******. Black human trash, grown up to be a thug. People need to use better judgement, don't be an ignorant black male at a comedy club, and you won't be called one.

1341 days ago


This Richards is very much like another jewish comedian, he also is fortunate to be breathing. Years ago I was an entertainer and worked the Sahara hotel in
las Vegas. Don Rickles came on stage with the same old crap, the only reason he didn't travel to another time zone is my religous upbringing. This crap is endless but not ignored.

1325 days ago


he is a rascist but so is the man who called him a white cracker they were both very wrong although richard took it further by saying what he could do 50 years ago. This sadens me because I'm jewish and i have had hate pointed against me because of my religion. Before this i looked up to him because of his acting on Seinfeld now i think he is a rascist jerk

1324 days ago


It was unnecessary and no matter what anybody says he said those words with the intent to injure. He chose his words to hurt. That is what matters - that in the end he couldn't take the pressure. Every comedian knows that getting up on stage is a gamble. They know that there will be hecklers, even great comedians get heckled. Its how they choose to behave in that situation that shows what kind of person and comedian they are. Here he showed he couldn't hack it - he had to resort to racial epithets in his show, he didn't have what it took to hack it as a comedian so he became a racist hate monger instead.

1272 days ago


Jesus, WHY is this video STILL out here? We have NO IDEA what provoked him. And before EVERYONE responds with "IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT PROVOKED HIM!" let ME say. It DOES matter. There is a HUGE double standard that is frustrating as hell. Chris Rock can talk smack about white people for 2 hours and we all laugh. Turn the tables and people are pissed off. Ridiculous.

1266 days ago


I agree bbnx. The double standard is absolutely nauseating and goes to show that blacks cannot think clearly when it comes to this issue. (Or most issues).

Really, come on. Let's stop playing the "we're all the same on the inside" card. No, we're not. Over a hundred years of ghettos goes to show what they're capable of. Prison statistics, goes to show what they're like. Crime statistics of robbery and murder, and the overwhelming amount of black racists over white/asian racists. Every black-run nation, a stinking hole in the ground. Denying reality is not healthy, even if it's being denied in favor of a more ideal world. Face facts. As human beings, they adapted to a tribal, dangerous environment in Africa, and have been given very little time out of that environment to change modes from ape-**** crazy/survival to clear-headed. Their biology itself is geared towards instinctual, physically aggressive behavior.

I say cut the ****. I respect their existence as human beings, their capability for a full range of emotions, and even incidents of clear-headed individuals. But I don't respect the idea that we can dwell peaceably together, or melt together without incident as a society.

In closing, I think the experiment of being "One People" is over. Time to part ways. Go make your own nation, and starve, and rot like the others. We're sick of picking up your ****ing slack.


Oh my God, melt into our society already.

Oh wait, you can't. Nevermind. Just get the **** out.

1266 days ago


Yes...racism is alive and well. One only need to read a majority of these comments. It's ******* sad that the main focus is on the word '******', rather than his barbaric references to LYNCHING. The comments should have enraged ANY American regardless of race or color. Unfortunately, this country is filled with cowardly bigots who conveniently hide behind the guise of "freedom of speech". Seriously, how embarrassing it is to be American sometimes.

1218 days ago
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