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Rosie Rips Kelly for "Homophobic" Remark

11/21/2006 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rosie O'Donnell started a bitchfight with fellow morning-diva Kelly Ripa when she accused Ripa of making a "homophobic" remark.

The fracas started on "The View" when O'Donnell said that Ripa was "homophobic" for her scolding of Aiken when he co-hosted her show the other day and playfully put his hand over her mouth, prompting Ripa to snap, "I don't know where that hand has been." Rosie suggested that if Aiken had been a "straight guy, a cute guy" or, for instance, Mario Lopez, Ripa wouldn't have made the same remark. (Aiken, of course, has never said anything publicly about his sexuality.)

Ripa was incensed enough to call into the show immediately, firing back that Rosie's accusation was "outrageous" and "irresponsible" and that Ripa made the remark last Friday because it was "cold and flu season" and that Aiken had shaken the hands of the studio audience. Rosie wasn't buying it, and in acknowledging that she admires Ripa, said that "from where I sit" as an openly gay woman, Ripa's response was homophobic.

Kelly, for her part, continued to pile on Aiken as well, saying that his behavior on last week's episode was "disrespectful," including the fact that he never thanked her for the opportunity to co-host. Kelly and the ladies agreed on one thing: guest host Sherri Shepherd's assertion that Clay probably wouldn't have muzzled Regis like he did Kelly.
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OK That is SOOO not what Kelly meant!! I would never have even gone there- I would have thought she meant he was picking his nose or something. And.....Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Rosie go on a rant last week about websites like PerezHilton outing celebs? She went on and on about how it should be there own personal decision and yet.....she just outed Clay!! I generally like Rosie but Holy Crap!! not everyone that is straight is a homophobe!

2895 days ago


Rosie is a fat slob who can't keep her nose out of other peoples business. She is always trying to read into other peoples remarks and it's always to tear down. For one, I stopped watching the view because they have her big mouth on there and I can't stand her. I didn't care for Star Jones but believe me she was one million times easier to watch than Rosie who is just jealous of other peoples accompishments and who wants to always be in the limelight. Such Class Rosie!
I would tell you to be a lady but I forgot...You chose to be the Dude.
And Kelly I worry about what Rosie says. Everyone knows she is Lame.

2895 days ago


Did GOD DIE and LEAVE ROSIE O DONNEL IN CHARGE? i AM OFSOOoo sick of her Mouth and down grading everyone else. It appears to me that she is HOMOPHOBIC. Maybe she is NOT HAPPY IN HER OWN SKIN. Isn't it time for ABC to replace that show with something else? ANYTHING!!!

2895 days ago


I watched the show on Friday, and Clay Aiken really came off rude ,disrespectful . and down right nasty to Kelly. I could not stand the the way he conducted himself. Kelly was a very gracious hostess to him. I don't know why he would come on her show to basically try to promote his CD and treat her the way he did. I would not buy his CD. Clay should be ashamed of himself.

2895 days ago


I am getting so sick of Rosie!!!! I used to like her when she first had her show years ago. Now, she just plain obnoxious! She wants to argue with EVERYONE!!!! She'd argue about the color blue if someone said they didn't like it. It's either her way or the highway. And, she had no right sticking her nose into what happened with Kelly Ripa. I'm torn about the events that occurred between Kelly and Clay (I don't know who was right and who was wrong). But I NEVER took Kelly's remarks as "homophobic"! That remark could imply anything from picking his nose to scratching himself . . . privately . . . or any one of a hundred possible thoughts. Rosie had no right to falsely accuse Kelly of something that malicious. Its like Rosie is suddenly the defender of everything gay, and she makes me sick. She'll never be as classy as Ellen DeGeneres . . . NEVER! And pretty soon Rosie is going to alienate all of the entertainment industry and guests will stop coming on the View. If the View survives another year, I think Rosie will either leave or be fired. She's got to learn to take a step back and stop looking for trouble around every corner.

2895 days ago


Enough already with Rosie D'Onnell! Please replace her!
I will quit to watch the View! Rosie have a big big mouth, it spoil the show.

2895 days ago

Lissa K    

Typical of any "diversity" person or group. Use anything to accuse someone of bashing your "diversitly". Problem, Ms. Ripa is a Christian. Ms. O'Donnell feels a need to trash Ms. Ripa for her beliefs. Mr. Aiken was a great pawn in Ms. O'Donnell's cause. Mr. Aiken was ill mannered and boorish. Mr. Aiken has not said publicly that he is Gay. But, if he is then are all Gay's ill mannered and boorish? Or is that reserved for Ms. O'Donnell. Who by the way I have liked despite the differrences in our belief systems. Her behavior now proves that she has no class at all. Her sexual orientation has nothing to do with her appaling behavior.

2895 days ago


This is BS!! Kelly was right and Rosie is just being her usual self-centered, stupid self! The whole thing has nothing to do with anyone being gay! Nobody wants someone to put their hand over their mouth, especially not knowing if those hands have been washed prior to doing it. This is not about if someone is gay or not! Rosie needs to shut up and realize that everything is not about her, her wife, her kids, her sexuality, and babs! Everytime I have tried to tolerate watching "The View" that seems to be the only things that she ever talks about. Does it really matter who is gay and who isn't? I don't think so! Rosie is just stupid and annoying!

2895 days ago


Since when is ROSIE the VOICE of the VIEW? Actually Rosie has not dpne anyting interesting since "Exit to Eden: Perhaps someone can find a ballgag for Rosie or better yet the Hood that Ackroyd wore in "Exit to Eden" and put it on Rosie...

2895 days ago

Mike James    

uuhhhh.....huuuhuuuhuhhhuhuuuu....uhh...huhu..uhu....she said homo...yeah, yeah...homo, homo in your bunghole....

2895 days ago


I am so sick and tired of Rosie O'Donnell, She has something to say about everyting and everybody. I cant stand her. And she is certainly not a good person to be on the View/ Those ladies have much more class than she has. And no I'm not homophobic--I don't care what your sexual preference is--I just dont like Rosie. What a loud-mouth.

2895 days ago


I don't like Kelly or Rosie but I have to say that Rosie was wrong. Clay should not have put his hand over Kelly's mouth. I don't care what the reason. That's considered an affront. And I'm sure he is sorry for what he did. I think he has a beautiful voice and he has a great personality. However, he is inexperienced when it comes to the talk show circuit and I think he became confused after the continuous Kelly bashing on the show.

Rosie should have accepted Kelly's response and should have apologized to Kelly for accusing her of making a "homophobic" response. Rosie has no proof that Kelly made that kind of response and her (Rosie's) perceptions are potentially killing other stars' careers (remember: Star Jones??).

The View needs to get rid of Rosie O'Donnell, ASAP!!!

2895 days ago


Rosie overreacted. I would have taken the comment as someone who might not have washed his hands. In fact, she's begun to overstep boundaries w/ people, the older she gets.

2895 days ago

L. Bryce Maynor    

Please Rosie, drive fast and take chances.

2895 days ago


Rosie is ridiculous and Kelly I don't particularly care for, but no one gay, straight or bi, has the right to put their dirty hands over my mouth. He would have gotten a lot worse from me and I am not a homophobe, but it is my opinion that homosexuals need to keep their business at hom(o)e.

2895 days ago
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