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Kelly Ignores 800 lb. Rosie in the Room

11/22/2006 1:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kelly Ripa put an awkward sock in it this morning, when it came to addressing her bitch-brawl with Rosie O'Donnell, and made it very clear that she didn't see Clay Aiken's pointed goof last night on their now infamous hand-over-mouth incident.

On "Live with Regis and Kelly," the usually chirpy banter between Ripa and Regis tiptoed around the biggest controversy Kelly has ever been involved in, with no mention at all of Ripa's phoned-in on-air feud yesterday with O'Donnell on "The View." Regis made an oblique reference to it when, before thrusting a large oxygen pump into Kelly's gaping mouth, he said his own hands were "clean as a whistle." And the irony of Ripa wearing a surgical mask and gloves when receiving a flu shot later in the show was rather hard to ignore.

Earlier, Regis asked Kelly whether she'd seen the American Music Awards show last night. On the telecast, broadcast on Ripa's own ABC network, Clay Aiken came out to present with Tori Spelling, and while Clay jabbered on, Tori clapped her hand over Aiken's mouth, saying, "I'll tell you where that hand's been later." Kelly replied that, in fact, she was watching a Tony Bennett special on a rival network. Talk to that hand, Clay!


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Rosie showed that Clay is gay, without his approval.

2862 days ago


When someone is your friend, lover, family member...and in this case...a regard to intimate touching, it is a different issue if you are clearly playing around. Clay Aiken however, is not a friend of Kelly Ripa's, and didn't act out of a sense of fun, his hand gesture was clearly meant to say to Kelly--"Shut-up and let me speak!"

The point is, it's her show, and he was a guest in her house. Now, if you are someone's guest, at their party, in their house...under their rules...well, if you don't like those can always leave...or stay, and put up with their talking too much!!! The fact is, reguardless of Kelly's was not homophobic. And since Clay Aiken is not coming out of the closet anytime soon...and certainly isn't complaining, what the hell is Rosie O'Donnell playing the role of interloper for???!!!

Rosie O' Donnell, who is a paranoid bigot against heterosexuals, has insinuated herself into these proceedings in order to gain ratings with her obviously slanderous and false claims of homophobia against Kelly Ripa!!! The term "I don't know where your hands have been" is a common use term that just about everyone who speaks the english language has used for years, regardless of gender, race and sexuality. Hello Rosie...not everyone is homophobic, simply because they are straight...and your heterophobia is starting to get the best of you!!!

2862 days ago


Really, Clay is gay? Most people who love his personality and music wouldn't have known if Rosie had not decided to out him.

It really looks like Rosie just wants to get attention for herself by outing Clay who in a lot of ways is one of America's favorites. Everyone here should give her it. Turn the tables and make Rosie jokes. A site for them is at Celebrity Jokes but I'm sure there are a hundred more.

It is hypocritical that Rosie disapproves of gay jokes or outing gays and then all of a sudden when she sees an opportunity to self-aggrandize by outing Clay she goes for it? After a while everyone will be totally disgusted with her gaining fame by tearing down everyone else, this time Kelley and Clay. Clay can defend himself fine and doesn't need Rosie to come to his rescue. He did a great comeback at the AMA s .

2862 days ago


I still don't understand Kelly Ripa when she has exchanged gum with a person on the show; when she has kissed guests on the lips; and the worse and so gross incident was when she licked Howie Mandell's door opener while giving him a hard time about being germ phobic.

I don't necessarily agree with Rosie however, I do think Ms. Ripa is somewhat hypocritical and diva-like given the incidents above. Additionally, wearing the mask and gloves this morning during the flu shot segment was pathetic when she had just taken oxygen from Regis' 'gadget' in her mouth. No telling who had handled that prior to Regis. I used to be a real fan of Live but to tell you the truth, have watched less and less this past year due to Ms. Ripa.

2862 days ago


I'm a day late, but Kelly was right to tell him to get his hand off her face. I watched parts of this episode of Regis' show on YouTube and he was out of line not only then but during the interview with Mario Lopez as well. Maybe he was nervous but he acted like he has some sort of behavior problem. I was bored and decided to go and find these 'claymates' online. Several were asking for hoses to cool themselves off after Clay's dancing on Regis. Freaks.

As far as Rosie is concerned she definately 'outed' him with her "if he were a straight man" comment.

2862 days ago


Yep. That's about right... Ros(ie) O'Donnell is 800 lbs.

And btw, Clay is not gay (hey that rhymes)... he's Gayken.

2862 days ago


As usual, Rosie started another controversary, over a talentless runner up of American Idol. Clay Aiken went on the Larry King show and said he would not talk about his sexuality or lack thereof.

If I was Kelly, first I would have knocked him off the stool for touching my face and mouth, then I would file a battery suit against him. He invaded her private space. And let's face it Rosie, the name of the show is Live with Regis and Kelly, so Clay should have been a little nicer to Kelly. Remember, he is supposed to be a singer, not a talk show host.

By Rosie accusing Kelly of being homophobeic, she started a war, not only between herself and Kelly, but she outed Clay. But then again, did Clay think anyone thought he was straight. If it walks like a duck, sings like a duck, acts like a duck, its a duck and Clay is homosexual. That is his perogative.

But Rosie has to jam it down everyones throat every day that she is a lesbian. Like we could not tell, even before she came out of the closet. Rosie is as butch as they come.

Rosie do us all a hugh favor, keep your mouth shut, quit accusing everyone and their brother of being a homosexual or lesbian, go home, kiss your "wife" and children good-bye, and take an express train right to hell where you hopefully will rot.

Stop being so argumentative and think you are superior to everyone around you. Your not. You are a nothing.

And to openly talk about your father the way you do, is more reason for you to go to hell. He did the best he knew how. If you didn't like it, at least acknowledge the man did give you like, although he should have jagged off the night he make you.

2862 days ago

Tmz is lame    

Rosie is an attention whore, who is ruining The View with her soapbox grandstanding.
I stopped watching tha show shortly after she came on board because she started using the show as a soapbox for her "issues" with damn near everyone!

2862 days ago


When Kelly Ripa first joined Regis, I thought she was cute, but now I don't watch the show anymore because she went from cute to obnoxiously silly. Kelly is always putting it out there for the male guests, her total posture changes. She really should get over herself.

2862 days ago


I dunno......I don't let my kids or hubby put their hands over my mouth.....but I see a difference if it was something staged and planned.....say.......a door thingy that has been cleaned and most likely boiled or at least washed....being licked or a hand that you have seen touchy and shaking hands with numerous peeps.....and possibly a scratch here or there.....I mean everyone gets an I would say.......Kelly was just in her is her mouth......she does get to rule what goes in or around it.....and univited hands.....are just not acceptable....

2862 days ago


Rosie and Kelly should both drop off the planet.

2862 days ago


LOL. Nice picture of Kelly! While I find her annoying to listen to (not quite as much as Kathie Lee though), I still think she is cute. And NO ONE should be putting their hand on the mouth of another person. Clay deserved to be scolded.

It is sad that Clay won't admit it. I don't mean that in a derogatory way either. Actually, my comment is derogatory in that the most likely reason he won't come out is because he is afraid it will hurt his image. Too bad we live in a world where people just can't be themselves and/or are willing to sell themselves out for Hollywood.

2862 days ago


ok..for the record.."rosie" is a dumb ass..and second of all i dont blame kelly..."clay" is not her a damn near no body to her...and for him to put his hand on her mouth is just shouldnt do that to people you know.."let alone work with"...thats sort of like the girl who likes to slap...then you slap her back just as hard and she says.."why?" then you tell her...."i hit you just like you hit me all the doesnt feel good..and its not funny"..then she goes"oh..i never knew that".....putting your hands across someones mouth to shush them is not respectful..and shows a lack of "class" and forget rosie..clay being a rim rammer doesnt have anything to do with that choice of kelly to say.."get your fucking hands off my mouth... this is my show i can say what i gay geek!"

2862 days ago


All I can say is that picture looks soooo sexual. I find it odd the things she shares with a man at the least, old enough to be her father. Quite peculiar. And Dorothy #12 is right, her posture completely changes when a man is a guest on the show. She's a ho...

2862 days ago
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