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Did Travolta

Snub Cruise?

11/22/2006 4:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hollywood is buzzing about a very notable no-show at last weekend's TomKat wedding -- John Travolta -- and there's persistent speculation that Travolta's absence might have to do with the guest-list snubbing of Travolta's close pal, Oprah Winfrey.
Snub Cruise
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' wedding last weekend was wall-to-wall celebrities -- Jennifer Lopez, Will Smith, Victoria Beckham, Brooke Shields and on and on. But Travolta's absence was as prominent as all those attendees combined. Travolta is a longtime friend of Cruise, a fellow super-Scientologist, one of the first stars to see baby Suri during her prolonged seclusion, and was consistently reported to be set to ferry Cruise and friends to the Italian wedding in his John's own private jet.

So what happened? Sources say that the answer might be in the Big O -- as in Oprah. Winfrey is one of Travolta's closest friends -- she threw his 50th birthday party and has called him her "soul mate." Likewise, Kirstie Alley -- another bosom buddy of Oprah's and an avowed and public Scientologist -- also skipped the trip to Italy, even though other, more minor Scientologists, like Leah Remini and Jenna Elfman, made it. And just to prove how Scientology-centered the ceremony was, Cruise's best man was David Miscavige, the head of the Church of Scientology.

All of this makes Travolta's absence all the more mysterious, a circumstance not helped by the response of Travolta's reps to TMZ's inquiries: "We weren't privy to the invite list," was their mystifying reply, though what we really wanted to know was whether their client had gone to Italy or not. John's reps then explained that they could not get in touch with him until after the Thanksgiving holiday.


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Like I cared about the Tomkat wedding. There was a more important event occuring on that day...OSU vs. Michigan! Go Bucks! National Champions.

2854 days ago

Tmz is lame    

For those of you who want to bash Oprah, take a look at what you have done with your own life, how much you have given to others and then take look at her.
Can you measure up? Nope.

2854 days ago


Good for John! What happened to Steven Spielberg too??? People like Travolta, Oprah and Spielberg have been known to be Tom's friends and people who've supported his career. Never heard of Jennifer Lopez or her fugly husband being friends of either the bride or the groom before. That's why people think everything is fake about Tom and Katie. Seems like this was a wedding/recruitment ceremony.

2854 days ago


Finally a Scientologist who did the smart thing!! ;-)

Ya ever think that maybe he isn't thrilled with Tom's actions in the name of Co$? Could be. Not everyone wants their beliefs tossed around like Cruise has. Maybe John really would rather be known for his acting instead being a Scientologist.

2854 days ago


It's pretty embarassing the way Tom acts. Maybe Travolta and Oprah didn't wanna be associated with that. Maybe they were invited but decided not to come. Just because you're invited doesn't mean you have to go.

2854 days ago


Is it possible for all you douche bags to stop whining about not caring? There is always four or five of the same asswipes that constantly complain about each and every post. Well if you don't care then don't come on the site, obviously you cared enough to post about not caring.

As for Amy, I hope OSU gets beat by the likes of USC (given they beat out ND).

2854 days ago

the wise old owl    

Oh my God, I am so sick of this latent queer and his that stupid ceremony. Everybody that was invited to that wedding was used by Tom to " make this commitment appear to be " real " The only people in attendance that ment anything to TOM were those " Scientogists who rule surpreme " within that sick cult that tries to pass themselves off as being a Religion . He doesn't give a shit about those celebrities he didn't invite. He just uses people for his own selfish agenda. Give me a break and don't insult my intelligence.

That long phoney, contrived and fake kiss that Tom planted on Katie during the "FAKE' nuptials was enough to make ANYONE VOMIT !!! Did he actually think he was fooling anybody. It made Michael Jackson's kiss to Lisa Marie Presly look convincing . YUCK and P.U. This was by far Tom and Katie's "worst acting jobs ever !! "

I am LMAO I am sure the celebrities that weren't invited are too.Most likely they are thankful they didn't WASTE THEIR TIME OR $$$ playing into this obvious CHARADE. He probably asked that all gifts be " Money donations " made out to " THe Church of Scientology "

What a joke. I am begining to wonder if they are " actually really married " at all. Rome didn't recognize their Scientolgy vows as " legally binding " I'm sure Tommy boy picked the city of Rome for a reason.

I know there was a mention of an earlier " civil " ceremony weeks before in L.A. But I find it mystifying that TMZ has not produced a copy of a " Marriage license " and shown it on this website. As many bloggers on here know. If it happened ..........TMZ would have been all over it.

Nope .......the only thing these two phonies share is a " Business Contract " Just like all of Tom Cruise's so called ' wives " All this attention he has created is just opening the eyes of many niave people who thought this guy was genuine. WHAT A LOSER !!!

2854 days ago

Ms Kris    



Maybe make me sick Travolting can goto that one!!

2854 days ago


It doesn't matter. The entire affair was planned by Cruise's Public Relations representative, including the guest list. He told them to get married and soon.

2854 days ago

white woman    

I'm one of the few that could not stand Tom Cruise since the beginning of his career. Personallly I find him creepy and strange although nobody else believed me until now. What a waste of $$$ - I agree that they could have given the millions to worthy causes (and I don't mean "the Church"). I don't care what he's donated in the past either; there are so many more worthwhile causes desperately in need of funds, and after it is his third marriage. It should have been low key - especially since the "bride" already had given birth to his child. The guy's a publicity whore and I hope his career tanks.

2854 days ago



This story is soo unlikely....scientologists do what Miscaviage says ...not what oprah is angry about..hopefully Travolta is signalling that he wants out!!!!

I think the most likely reason for Travoltas absence is that he is miffed his boyfriend is getting married to Katie and also losing favour of Miscaviage to Midget Fool

Kirstie had been assigned the job of recruting more young drug addicts through Narconon

Oprah is simply too strong minded and has evaded the recruiting tatics of Scn Celeb..They are teaching her a lesson that she will be dropped from their guest list if she doesnt comply.)LOL.... Besides there is also the cake issue..........ahhaha LOL

There are some SCN defectors out, they have a story to tell...this is what Jesse Prince had to say about celebrity scientologists.................
Jesse Prince left Scientology in 1992, after practicing Scientology and working for Scientology for 16 years, during which he reached Scientology's highest ranks. Prince served as second-in-command of one of Scientology's main organizations, the powerful Religious Technology Center (RTC), and on RTC's Board of Directors.

Also read some escapeee stories..these CELEBS need help!!!

The Scn truth behind Cruises arranged Love stories.

MUST READ:A high level Scn gives insight into the Cult

A former sceintologist on how she got hooked.

How to help someone get out of the cult and specific reference to scn FOR THE HOLMES FAMILY.....

Okay seems one cannot escape TOMKAT..they are on e- news life again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

2854 days ago


I think my invitation got lost in the mail. O well. Maybe I'll get invited to the divorce. Then again, if there is no marriage there can't be a divorce. I'm really liking John and Kirstie right now for not showing up. Strange how after Nicole dumped this controling "'waste of space" she won an Oscar.

2854 days ago


Just because John Travolta and his wife and Kirstie Alley have the same religion that Tom has does not make them friends! They are acquaintances most likely not friends! Just as with any other religion! Just because somebody shares your religion does not mean that they are your friends and all of a sudden you have to invite them to your wedding!

2854 days ago


Kalista Brat - While that may be true, Scientology isn't a religion. It is a money centered paranoid cult that relies heavy on lawsuits, fear, bribery and PR moves to stay afloat.

2854 days ago

Message In A Bottle    

If I was invited to the wedding, I sure as hell wouldn't go because they marriage is just leading to Divorceville, USA.

2854 days ago
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