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Did Travolta

Snub Cruise?

11/22/2006 4:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hollywood is buzzing about a very notable no-show at last weekend's TomKat wedding -- John Travolta -- and there's persistent speculation that Travolta's absence might have to do with the guest-list snubbing of Travolta's close pal, Oprah Winfrey.
Snub Cruise
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' wedding last weekend was wall-to-wall celebrities -- Jennifer Lopez, Will Smith, Victoria Beckham, Brooke Shields and on and on. But Travolta's absence was as prominent as all those attendees combined. Travolta is a longtime friend of Cruise, a fellow super-Scientologist, one of the first stars to see baby Suri during her prolonged seclusion, and was consistently reported to be set to ferry Cruise and friends to the Italian wedding in his John's own private jet.

So what happened? Sources say that the answer might be in the Big O -- as in Oprah. Winfrey is one of Travolta's closest friends -- she threw his 50th birthday party and has called him her "soul mate." Likewise, Kirstie Alley -- another bosom buddy of Oprah's and an avowed and public Scientologist -- also skipped the trip to Italy, even though other, more minor Scientologists, like Leah Remini and Jenna Elfman, made it. And just to prove how Scientology-centered the ceremony was, Cruise's best man was David Miscavige, the head of the Church of Scientology.

All of this makes Travolta's absence all the more mysterious, a circumstance not helped by the response of Travolta's reps to TMZ's inquiries: "We weren't privy to the invite list," was their mystifying reply, though what we really wanted to know was whether their client had gone to Italy or not. John's reps then explained that they could not get in touch with him until after the Thanksgiving holiday.


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Hey J, allow me to add that TomKat can conveniently access available sperm donors within their $cientology org without having to get it from a legitimate clinic. THAT is how you do it to fool the public that you are "hetero" and can impregnate!

2824 days ago

Karen M.    

Post #93 "J" said: "Like I said. Tom doesn't have to physically hit someone to HURT someone."

J, you are 100% correct! Tom's got the whole scientology cornfield to pick and choose which members will spermdonate and which ones he can assign to do the dirty work for him, like go out and buy-out MI:3 movie tickets and copies of VF to influence the public. Funny. I never bought one. It's easy to induce (er force, by Order and Decree) a brainwashed cult of your own.

2824 days ago


I just watched Oprah's show, regarding her "pay it for show". Where she gave her audience each $1,000 and a camcord to record them giving to others. So my thought was my God the three million dollars that Tom & Katie spent on their so called wedding could have fed a third world country. I was just wondering has Tom ever done anything for humankind other than adopting?

2824 days ago


Oops I didn't check my spelling. I meant to say "Pay it Forward show". This was the most insperational show it brought tears to my eyes. As a result I'm going to ask my elderly widowed neighbor who has no family, to have Christmas with us. I don't have a $1,000 dollars to give away, but I feel this is just has important.

2824 days ago


#97 ..Are the same Lisa that posted on the mission accomplished wedding picture blog.
I completely missed this and never responded...

180. I would just like to say thank you to all those who have bad
things to say about Scientology, and I have something to say to those of you
with those comments.Btw, it's so nice of you to be so nice about it.
No really, if you only have to be negative, then just tell me why,
why all this negativity? What has Scientology done to you?
Scientology is an aggressive cult.-by A person
Put your weapons down. I'm not an agressive person, and neither is my religion. I'm just a human being with different beliefs than you.
People should really educate themselves on Scientology before they call Tom and the Scientologists good people.-by another person
I have eduacated myself on Scientology thanks. That's what makes me one. Are you one? If not, how have you eduacated yourself on Scientology? By reading gossip tabloids and listening to bad rumors? Please tell me how you've done it.
Maybe you went into a church or read a Scientology book perhaps? I'm
guessing not but tell me if I'm wrong.
Apparently Will and Jda are also flirting with scientology...what I really need is a list of all these psychos so I dont spend my money on any of their ventures - by
By calling them psychos are you calling me who is a
Scientologist, one as well? Well you don't know me and you don't
know Will Smith either. If your going to decide whether or not to see
his movies it better be because you don't like him as an actor. Movies
are about a story and acting not about what religion the actors are.
Btw, what religion are you guys who say or this crap? Do you want me
to go on about yours and say how bad I think it is? If you don't belive in more than one religion btw then how come you don't go on about the others you don't belive in? I was told in Scientology to respect the religious beliefs of others and for you info I will do just that.
It's so funny how the Hollyweird elite get into these cult-like
religions and thinks its normal. Just look at Madonna and her sect
the red string and all. It doesn't matter how many times you're
married as long as it seem like the first time. I got advice for Will
and Jada Smith run as fast as you can the other way, they know you got
money and they want it. And as far as the Mormons, I lived in Salt
Lake City for 17 years, take my word it's a cult. Just alittle
smarter than the rest. - by Lenn K.
Are you going to take the word of someone who probably has never studied Scientology? I'm a Scientologist and I'm not in a cult.You can say what you like but I find Scientology helpful to me and decided to be one. Is that really
so bad?? People find all kinds of ways to solve their problems in
life and sometimes they find things that don't really help.
Scientology works for me. It may not work for you but to put things
straight, it works for me! So sue me!! Tell the police I'm a
Scientologist so they can put me in jail! Put me in jail for having a
religion, a religion that's fairly new and sparks soooo much
controversy. If you don't like it then why go on and on about it? I am a Scientologist and always will be no matter what you say and how much you hate it.

Posted at 11:36PM on Nov 23rd 2006 by Lisa

2824 days ago


I think i am so drawn to the 2 of them, is because of their cult beliefs.
i have lost contact with my own brother, because of this "religion" he broke contact -three years ago because i took our mother to the hospital when she suffered a stroke. They are brainwashed ,thinking the e-meter will solve all.lmao
so i find it very informing about travolta's son with a medial condition, and how it will play out.

2824 days ago


What a pathetic rabble you people are. Let's look at a few facts: Tom Cruise is worth how much money? Is how successful? He will soon run a movie studio, is happily married, composed, intelligent, gracious and what's his sin? He actually gives a flying fark about the tiresome little pissants sniggering about him and his religion. He actually cares about YOUR future. He's a better man than I.

2824 days ago


"The true perfection of man lies not in what man has, but in what man is." - Oscar Wilde

Karma, you said that cocksure Tom Cruise is " a movie studio, is happily married, composed, intelligent, gracious..." You see tomato. I see it in black and white. Plain and simple. Every move TC makes is contrived, nothing but a theatrical exhibition to fool the masses, promoted and catapulted through huge monetary investments, counts of PR, and scads of Scientology cult members assigned to buy-out books and movie tickets to influence the sales (even blackmail and bully people. Say, the ambushing of Paramount CEO Brad Grey), ALL a manufacturing of a Product named Tom Cruise, to sell to the dupable masses. Well, times are CHANGING. And people are learning, learning more about what happens when we pay to go see Tom Cruise movies. Learning that no matter what he does right now or in the future, we've ALL seen THE REAL TOM CRUISE underneath all that smile and stage. Say, Matt Lauer Interview. Behind that shit-eaten grin, is a manipulative psychopath, an egotist with visions of grandeur, claiming he knows everything and you don't, using people (Brooke Shields , staging "rescues", "supporting" his son Connor at his football games by showing up SEPARATELY, dressed-up, and LEAVING SEPARATELY - the list goes on and on) to rehab his self-damaged image. He holds no qualms about who he hurts by what he says. See "J's" post #93.

You don't need me to tell you to buy into what YOU THINK tom cruise IS. I know what he TRULY IS. A Fool will know no difference between the two.

It doesn't matter how much money Tom Cruise has (right now). He is aiming for the gutter whether he likes it or not. With millions of people who aren't buying into the charade including myself, my family, and all of my friends, he can't miss.

2824 days ago

Georgia Peach    

I personally think it is hysterical that John Travolta didn't go - after all, we all know he is of the Scientology faith, and has been known in the past to be a friend of Tom's. However, maybe, just maybe, he has had enough of Tom's wierd and selfish behavior. Also, maybe he does not believe quite as strongly as Tom does about phsychology and medications. Tom spewed crap about a subject he has no true knowledge of, and in the process may have caused great harm to others. Too many young girls idolize these celebrities, not realizing that they are only human too. His berating of all psychotropic drugs could conceivably convince some or many of these young followers to turn away from help when it may really be needed. In the end, some innocent young person could die or kill someone else because they neglected to take a drug that could have or would have helped them greatly. I am sorry, but I cannot respect any man or woman in a position of power or influence, but no real medical knowledge, for coming out so harshly against the use of medications for help with any kind of emotional or mental illness. If you have ever known someone mentally ill enough to commit suicide, you would know how devastating mental illness really can be - and telling someone NOT to medicate themselves with proven remedies is ignorant at best. Maybe Travolta does not want to be associated with something like that, and I don't blame him for distancing himself as much as possible.

As far as Oprah is concerned, I guess you either love her or hate her. I personally have a great deal of respect for her. I am sure she is not perfect, as no one is, but I do believe she does a lot of wonderful things with her Angel Network and the many other charitable organizations she is affiliated with. I also applaud her efforts in trying to get child predators off the streets and in jail where they belong. She personally rewards $100,000 to those giving information leading to the arrests of the most wanted child predators posted on her web site. She spoke only her true feelings with regard to the Cruise interview, and I do not blame her - I felt the same way after watching that ridiculous "jumping up and down on the couch" crap. If he has a problem with her speaking her mind, then I think it becomes his problem. The fact that he didn't invite her to the wedding, I am sure she is still laughing. She is far more influential and powerful than Tom and I seriously doubt she is one bit concerned that she was not invited. Actually, she is probably relieved. If John skipped the wedding out of loyalty to her, then I say more power to him.

2823 days ago


I wish TomKat disappear, god, please let them disappear, too much, whats the point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!one no talent average looking actress married one closet gay.....dear god,let them vanish, please????

2821 days ago


I'm trying to not take sides. The truth is that if I was Oprah's friend and she ditches me(couch jump) I wouldn't invite her either just so it looks good to the media. And I do like Oprah, as a host of a program such as hers, it is wrong of her to take sides and critisize a guest, no matter how she feels about it, unless she doesn't care. To me it meant she didn't care. And if she didn't care, why does the world think he Tom should care. When we read about celebrities, we forget that they are people just like us with feelings.

2818 days ago


Hey, I didn't get invited and I could care less! I could also care less about these peoples lives and wish those that did would get a life! They're their movies and get over the rest ot that crap! We're all human though...and there are times when their crap gets to Oprah...what a joke. Another loud mouth fat lady -- she and Rosie should be lovers. Oprah gave a away $1000 to each person???? Do you really believe that sh--? She owns the show and the show gave it away as a tax deduction and that's all there is to it. She HAS to give away some money each year to get all the tax breaks she, it's impossible to know if she is any different than the other glory-grabbing self-centered rich pricks that own Hollywood and the media.

2815 days ago


I agree with Oprah, I think that this whole thing is a fake and an attempt for Tom to reinvent himself, which really seem to be working against him instead of for him. Unfortunately, the only one who will be hurt out of this whole ordeal is Katie.

2814 days ago



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2810 days ago
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