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Court Orders Anna Nicole To Scram

11/29/2006 6:47 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A court in the Bahamas has ordered Anna Nicole Smith to vacate the house she's living in -- STAT.
Smith docs

TMZ has obtained a default judgment issued yesterday against Smith (aka Vickie Lynn Marshall). G. Ben Thompson, the owner of the home in which Smith has been living, recently filed papers to evict her. Smith was required to respond to Thompson's filing by Monday, November 27, but failed to do so.

Yesterday, the court entered a default judgment, which means Thompson can now force Smith out of the house.

TMZ obtained a letter that Thompson's lawyer sent to Smith after the default judgment was entered, demanding that she vacate within 48 hours.

Thompson was once romantically involved with Smith and claims she told him he was the father of her baby. Thompson says he put a quick end to Smith's claim when he informed her that he had a vasectomy several years ago.


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Hey Jwls, COME OUT, COME OUT, WHERE EVER YOU ARE! The clock is TICKING .......

2785 days ago

the wise old owl    

I think that ANS is so far gone that even her lawyer Ron Rale can't help. To make excuses for her will not help her get better. I'm afraid this situation won't ever end unless she check herself into rehab and can really see what she is doing. Once she comes out of the "fog " she can better understand what her actions have caused. HKS needs to be behind bars.

2785 days ago


Hey, where's Patty......looking for Patty......????? LMAO

2785 days ago


Ahhhhh, I knew the day would come!!!.............................

2785 days ago


Sleuth, COME OUT, COME OUT, WHEREVER YOU ARE - but you won't have to go very far will you - you can't come out if you never left?

2784 days ago

the wise old owl    

Post # 1191: you forgot to add tree tree, jwls, gina, Lenn K, and the other alter-ego's we don't even know about yet.

2784 days ago

robin g    

#1174: Patty.... you are too funny! Of course the sad sacks who admire Vickie-Anna won't be able to handle your oh-so-astute comments (I laugh every time I go back & read that)!!

2784 days ago


For all those who say "Alot of mothers do drugs and raise kids, so what?"

This is for you:

Woman Pleads Guilty in Breast Milk Death
Source: AP

WEST BRANCH, Mich. (Jan. 13) - A woman who prosecutors say was responsible for her infant daughter's death after feeding her breast milk containing cocaine pleaded guilty to a charge of attempted manslaughter.

Sara Shelby, 24, of West Branch, stopped short of admitting Wednesday that she killed her 5-month-old daughter with breast milk contaminated by the drug. Karie Bowman died Aug. 21, 2005, and a medical examiner ruled the infant died of cocaine intoxication.

Shelby faces up to five years in prison when sentenced Feb. 7.

She had been originally been charged with one count of involuntary manslaughter, a 15-year felony, but agreed to a plea deal in which she also agreed to terminate her parental rights to her other child, a 5-year-old girl.

During her preliminary examination, Ogemaw County Detective Sgt. Tom Grace testified that Shelby told him she had taken cocaine two or three times the day before her daughter's death. Grace said Shelby told authorities she lay down with her two daughters for a nap, discovered her infant wasn't breathing an hour later and called 911.

The child was pronounced dead after being transported to the hospital.

2783 days ago


Sorry hunny, no matter what you want us to believe, that beautiful baby girl does not look one tiny bit like HKS, more like your Ex, Larry Birkhead, if I knew for sure, I would jump at the chance of a paternity test just to shut everyone up and to say " I told you so".....
There is a reason your'e not doing that and we all know why.

BTW, I'd get better, sober legal representation if I were you. Those that have been 'consulting' you, are actually USING you. Please take this time to get clean and move on. Your Baby deserves it.

2782 days ago


Airial, so glad you posted......I think I can hear crickets chirping on the ANS boards they've gotten so quiet. Geez.

Anyhow.....I agree with your post completely, blatant liars.......but I would BET that HKS is one sober guy. First of all, he's like a little teeny man, ANS dwarfs him, and I'm sure he needs all the concentration and finesse he's got just to both hold her up and manuever her through crowds. Too bad he can't talk for her, then the entire world wouldn't know how f'ing stoned she is all the time. She's like a gigantic hand puppet that just a BIT too much for him to control. If the courts don't see her behavior as dangerous, then there is no justice system. I don't care what they say, I know SEVERAL judges who take into account character and actions - it's not just a case that's presented right before them. HKS specifically said she was nursing, and SO did ET when they advertised the show......I remember being shocked that they'd show her in ANY of the ways they advertised.....No Makeup? Naked? Nursing? The bottle has got to be because someone is afraid of a forced drug test any time someone knocks on the door. ANS is probably counting on the fact that there's a certain amount of days where she'll be clean.....but maybe isn't sure about the baby. She's an incredible trainwreck, and no person can say they can't see she's in obvious need of help. The fact that others see it, is very telling. HKS sees it, and chooses to do nothing about it. I don't know about you, but if I had to be with HKS as a "committed partner who will see me through anything", please.....send me an enemy. I think I would be safer.

2782 days ago


There will be an inquest It will be announced later today and Anna and Howie will testify and Anna's drug use will be bought up

2780 days ago


Hey.....what's new re: the intervention, custody battle, paternity tests, need DNA, eviction notice, lights out, law suits, last will hearings, coroners bill collection, Trim-spa lawsuit, Bahamian inquest, bad tatoo, funeral-wedding ..or faux wedding... designer suited...heroine or meth head.....topless award presenter, filthy pole stripping bisexual, narcissistic...bleached out Marilyn..wanna be....anyone????

2778 days ago

Kelly Martin    

Anna is super star wannabe, she had a little fame and it went straight to her head and now she is a loser and ca not even see how rediculous she looks and acts and hasn't a clue that everyone is laughing at her and Howard. She needs to be institutionalized and the baby needs to be put in a safe enviroment away from them people who are clearly unbalanced.

2774 days ago


Anna is a very sick person. Most of the time she seems all strung out. Just take the DNA and let this shit go away, so tired of hearing about Anna.

2773 days ago


I love her..she is so special and look she is super rich too

2770 days ago
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