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Fleetwood Hack -- Lindsay Muffs Karaoke Tune

11/29/2006 2:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan: Click to watchLindsay Lohan is really gunning for that Stevie Nicks movie role.

A day after word surfaced that La Lohan was interested in starring in (and possibly producing) a biopic of the Fleetwood Mac songstress, the red-haired party vixen was heard singing a Nicks song at celeb DJ Samantha Ronson's karaoke night at Guy's in Beverly Hills.

Lohan rocked out to "Edge of Seventeen," which she also covered on her latest album. But if she wants the to play Stevie, she'd better learn the lyrics -- co-singer Ronson was heard saying, "The song's like eight minutes long ... we don't know the rest."


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Stevie Nicks Fan    

I'm sure she could not even comprehend who Stevie Nicks is. I hated when Dixie Chicks did one of her songs. No one should even attempt to even try to sing like her because she is the best!!!!!!

2884 days ago


No, No, No! There's no way in hell Lindsay Lohan can play Stevie Nicks!!!!

Stevie Nicks is sultry, sexy and mysterious. Lindsay is soooo bubble gum, out there, and ridiculous.

Please say it isn't so.

2884 days ago


Why wouldn't the pick someone for the Stevie biopic that can actually sing and act their way out of a paper bag? Like Natalie Maines from the Dixie Chicks, who has actually proven that she can cover a Stevie song and do it well and probably has more talent in her pinky than Lohan has in her whole body.

2884 days ago


Please Hollywood: Lindsay cannot play Stevie Nicks.

Ridiculous Idea.

2884 days ago


I hope Stevie Nicks has a part in choosing her will play her role. If she does, hopefully she will not choose this freak. Doesn't anyone remember how much she trouble she caused during her last film?? I personally like Stevie Nicks but played by Lohan I don't think I would ever listen to a Stevie Nicks song the same.

2884 days ago


This wanna-be can't sing. I wish she would just go away. She is a no talent freak.

2884 days ago


The only thing Lindsay Lohan has in common with Stevie Nicks is the fact that she does cocaine. This no talent ass clown needs to leave the Academy Award winning performances to the big boys and girls.

2884 days ago


Oh dear God don't let this train wreck anywhere near this project. All that Stevie Nicks has contributed to the arts and to see it fall in the hands of this little witch would be a travesty! Shouldn't Miss Lohan spend her time trying to figure out why she is abused by Paris and then her BFF the next day. Someone needs a hug!

2884 days ago


Wow. That......... was......beautiful...

2884 days ago



2884 days ago


Don't get me starting again on this ....... well ... OK,

Can you spell "BOMB"???

Who the hell does this no talent bitch think she is? Stevie hasn't even published her autobio yet ... and has no plans to do so in the near future.

So this skag thinks just because she's blown every producer in town she can play one of the greatest rock and roll singers on film?


THIS Stevie fan wouldn't see this film is La HO-han paid me. And I'm sure tons of other fans feel the same.

F**K off Lindsey.

2884 days ago


Please NO!!! What a mistake that would be. Stevie is all class and beautiful. .Lindsay do us a big favor and crawl back in your hole with Paris.

2884 days ago


I have been a huge Stevie Nicks fan for 25+ years, and I would be sick if this Hollywood slut would be picked to play the part of Stevie Nicks, as well as many other Nicks fans would be; however, I doubt very much it will even happen. Stevie is smart as a whip and will call all the shots for this movie, and Stevie would never allow someone like this loser to play herself. Stevie has too much class and elegance, where Lindsay has none. Talentless as well. Stevie won't make a disastrous mistake when it comes to finding the right character to play herself, so I'm not worried about it. Keep dreaming, Lindsay...

2884 days ago


My turn to be a "MEAN GIRL" Lindsey,Get the "F" off the stage! You will NEVER be able to come close to Stevie.I grew up in the same era as Stevie and would never, I mean NEVER,promote or buy any thing that proposes such fraud.

2884 days ago


Haters the world is full of them way to go Lindsay your talented and I don't care what anyone says about you, your number one fan......

2884 days ago
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