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Eureka! Brit's Found Panties!!!

12/4/2006 4:21 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In a shocking fashion turnaround sure to both appeal and disappoint, Britney Spears is sporting panties again ... and they even matched her outfit!!

Brit was spotted on her 25th birthday Saturday, giving onlookers a peek at her moneymaker ... and the view was golden. Literally.

Wonder if they were a gift from Rosie O'Donnell?


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2844 days ago


What a pathetic excuse for a parent.

2844 days ago


Its all a publicity stunt. She's got an album coming out sometime in the next 6 months or so and she wants to be at the top of the public eye. The lack of panties and now this.. it all comes together people. How about the paris sex tape that made her famous?!. same concept.

2844 days ago

the wise old owl    

OMG........ Does she need the attention that bad ! ??? Boy K-Fed. destroyed any ego she had. It's obvious by her behavior she is craving any adoration she can get. Even if she has to get it from strangers. Her displays are cheap and vulgar. She is absolutely FINSIHED .All she is doing is adding fuel to fire for the custody case of " who will get her children " What a collosal fool. ' GO GET YOURSELF A PROFESSINAL ADVISOR need one.

2844 days ago


I smell tuna

2844 days ago


Will someone who loves this girl PLEASE stage an intervention!?!
Anyone so attention starved is suffering from a pathologic lack of self-esteem.
She requires professional help and I hope that she seeks it out......the poor girl has been asked to cater to exploitative adults all of her life and she is having difficulty growing into a responsible one herself.
Acceptable until you become a mother and then you have to GROW UP.

2844 days ago


Well, at least she is not clueless..........she got herself some undies AND she is wearing them. Baby steps, steps.

2844 days ago


The underpants seem to be part of the costume like tap pants.. but still.. Get that freshy used baby trap outta my face.. They flash their private stuff in New Orleans for cheap beads., and she is from Louisana? here are quotes from that state.

Under the law, flashing is illegal. It comes under public decency standards. But it's traditionally been seen as - you know, that law is seldom enforced during certain parts of the year. The law is more enforced outside of Bourbon Street, with the understanding that Bourbon Street is really an adult entertainment district. Flashing is very much not permitted in parade routes, with the idea that families go there, and children are there. But on Bourbon Street, the law of the street is: anything goes, within reason. And the times when there are crackdowns, it's miniscule in comparison with the population that does not experience any kind of disciplinary action. The law of the street, as I put it, is all ta-ta and no cha-cha. That is, nudity above the waist is okay. Below the waist will be disciplined, and usually is enforced

Well, there's many, many different reasons they flash. One of the things that I've discovered in the two years that I've been hanging out on Bourbon Street watching this ritual enacted is that, like people themselves, there are endless different reasons why any particular woman would come and flash, but some of the recurring reasons are quite interesting. For some, this is a symbol of a kind of sexual liberation -- something that is not permitted at home.

2844 days ago


Is that joe francis beside her? What kind of crazy ppl is she hanging with now?? Paris, lindsay, Girls Gone wild guy, ew! She had me with divorcing kfed, now she's back in crazy town.

2844 days ago


You people are fucking idoits. Those people aren't strangers! The media is so against Britney right now, and while she may have brought some of this on herself, enough is enough. She isnt STARVING for attention. Shes having a birthday dinner with Larry Rudolph and some of her backup dancers. She was probably celebrating by blowing out candles to a cake, and had a minor slip. It happens to everyone, but because she Britney Spears, shes seeking out attention and needs professional help. My god, you people need to get a grip. She has actually calmed down alot of the past few days. So she went out and partied like any newly single Divorcee does, does that mean shes a bad person? Get over it, and stop judging her.

2844 days ago


Britney, Britney.. what's left to say about her? She is a mother's and a public's worst nightmare. She is cute, daring, and extremely boundriless. We fear the fact that she stands to loose custody of two cute little boys. We have seen more of her recently than the private lives with exes' that she approves to expose. This little trailer-park princess seems to have her priorities extremely confused. She would rather party than be at home with her toddler and newborn. She would rather expose her vag to the world than allow her exes to share the private stories of their lives with her. This gives us the impression that yes there was a global tour; however, done only by her vag. She keeps us constantly confused as to what next to expect. We pray she gets her stuff together soon so her boys will have a mommy to rely on... but that seems to diminish with every moment she spends with a girl loose in morales named Paris Hilton. Therefore, we have turned off the Tube and the Internet so we no longer expose ourselves to saddening stories of this former popstar. We had wished and wished upon a star only to see it fall.... fast... and furiously. This is a sad year for Britney Spears.

2844 days ago


Pepe Le PEW Spears

2844 days ago


You go girl! You're giving every fat, tired, homely housewife in America something to talk about. Just gotta look here to see that. :)

2844 days ago


DESPERATE FOR ATTENTION, YA THINK? Her self esteem has nothing to do with Federline. She was a wreck long before he came into the picture! Any woman who has to ask a guy with a pregnant girlfriend at home to marry her........has issues and self esteem problems. She is a MENTAL CASE.

2844 days ago


If she is trying to reinvent herself like Madonna has done numerous times then she is going about it in the wrong way. Nevermind being a mother but what about a role model for her little sister -- not to mention all the other kids out in America who once held her in high esteem.

At this point she is making her ex, Fed Ex look better and better as a fit parent for their two sons. Where is her mother? Her divorce attorney? Why aren't they offering their advice?

And hey, is that a pj top she wearing?

2844 days ago
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