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Garrison May Have Been Drunk At Time of Crash

12/4/2006 4:22 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lane GarrisonTMZ now has exclusive details of the "Prison Break" star's car crash Saturday night that killed a 17-year-old boy.

According to the Beverly Hills Police, actor Lane Garrison displayed "symptoms of alcohol intoxication." We're told alcohol containers were removed from Garrison's 2001 Land Rover.

We're also told Garrison struck a center median and lost control of his SUV in Beverly Hills and ended up hitting a tree.

Two 15-year-old girls were also injured. One has been released. One is in serious condition at Cedars Sinai Hospital.

Cops say they are investigating "Mr. Garrison's impairment."


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Send him to San Quentin. Iam sure death row can use another bitch.

2843 days ago


To Post #22 Tony J--
I totally hear you on this one! Why wasn't the cops around to at least make him walk a chalk line or touch his friggin' nose with his finger with closed eyes! You know if it were an "average person" under the same situation you can bet your ass that average person would be talking to a defence lawyer behind bars!

2843 days ago

free paris    

Is there any update on the poor girl who is still in the hospital? I am also surprised that Mr. Garrison has not made a statement. The cops blew this one, with no proof of DWI, Mr. Garrison will skate with probation. I feel bad for the families of the underage kids.

2843 days ago


This guy deserve no sympathy at all. Please he's 26 years old and you want to blame the 17 and 15 years olds?? Get real. He's a f#cked up loser and I hope he dies in jail. Who cares if they were related, HE KILLED THE KID!!

Talk about making excuses. He was the adult and he chose to drive while drunk. NO MORE EXCUSES FOR THIS LOSER!! I can’t believe those of you trying to stick up for him. God knows what your hiding that you could excuse this bastard.

2843 days ago

Kevin Keckeisen    

lol If you search Lane Garrison's name on the main page of the IMDb, his movie "Quality Of Life" (2004) shows up. A different world, Laney.

I don't think he'll walk, though..... but IF he does (and he deserves not the death penalty, but to live until he's 102 in prison with a picture of the victim taped to his cell wall behind Plexiglass out of his reach), the 17-year-old's family will sue him for all he's worth and ruin him, personally. Career-wise, he's already toast!!!!

2843 days ago

Richard benichou    

This guy "Garrison" was wrong to drive DRUNK! It is clear. He killed a 17 years old kid. Put it anyway you want he did kill him! He must be looked at as a criminal. But why all these stupid comments of "another Michael Jackson" or a "Gay" affair or a "Bi affair" ? Why? Why do you need to trash the lives of the victims to? Think of this young guy who lost his life in a "stupid" car accident, in the heart of town! Think of his parents mourning their son! Don't be unconsiderate and stupid!
Why "Garrison" was with Teens, only G.D knows! That is not the question...The question is why this guy drove DRUNK! Further more, the questions are Why the police says "it is not clear who was driving"? Why the police says "the causes of the accident are not clear"? Celebrity or not, any one of us has a citizne duty. The law is te same for every one of us. The respect of life must be the same to anyone, celebrity or not. The value of life must be the same, celebrity or not. THis young guy was surely a celebrity among his friends and surely among his family. I am sure he was a STAR for his parents. It is too sad to read such stupid comments. Respest Life, and may be Life will repect you!
Richard B.
Comment from uresourcesgroup - 12/4/06 11:45 AM

2843 days ago



2843 days ago

Richard benichou    

To Big Mike.
Hey, Big Mike, I am sure this guy, "Lane" may suffer, but he is the only one responsible for it. He is the one who drunk. He is the one who drove. He is the senior who should watch out for the teens. What do you say about the parents of V? Their suffering? This young kid who was cut from life before even discovering it? You are right, there is no need to "put on" more on "Garrison" but in any case he needs to face the Justice, the Parents of this kid "V". Without getting in a contest, his suffer will never get close to the suffer of "V" parents... Put things back in the right perspective...Thank you.
Richard B.

2843 days ago


This is circulating from someone who was at the party and good friends with V (the 17 year old who was killed)

"On Saturday night (12/2), V was at a house party in Beverly Hills with a bunch of other teenagers. Somehow, Lane Garrison was there. Everyone was drunk and partying, including Lane.

The alcohol ran out, so V, Lane, and the two other girls, who all just met each other that night, went to Pavilions on the corner of Olympic and Beverly Dr. in Beverly Hills to buy some more alcohol. They were in LANE GARRISON’S LAND ROVER, AND LANE WAS DRIVING. Everyone was wearing a seat belt except for V, who was sitting in the backseat.

Seeing as how drunk the four of them were, Pavilions wouldn’t sell them the alcohol. They then went down the street about a half mile to Ralph’s on Pico Blvd, where they acquired the alcohol.

As they drove back, Lane was doing about 60 on Beverwil Dr. towards Olympic Blvd. when he hit the median just North of Olympic on Beverly Dr., lost control, and hit another curb and then a tree, flipping the car over in front of Island’s on the 300 block of South Beverly Drive.

You guys know the rest of the story. I recommend using Google maps if you’re really curious.

The address of Islands is 350 S Beverly Dr Beverly Hills, CA 90212.

Here is a link to a map of the accident:


From what I hear from people who were AT the party, Vahagn went in the car to make sure the 15 year old girls were okay with Garrison. He was an amazing person and although teenagers make the wrong decisions to drink, it's also not necessarily the parents' faults either. Did you ever lie to your parents when you were a teenager? Is every parent supposed to know every single thing their 17 year old is doing? Sometimes it's not possible. Vahagn's parents loved him very much, he was their only son. The facts are that he was still a minor, he was still an innocent victim, and he was still killed because of Lane Garrison. Wake up, stop blaming the kids in the car, and try to be mature about a horrible, horrible situation.

2843 days ago

The facts.    

Even though I don't know the facts I would like to know why someone who is 17 years old still does not know that wearing a seatbelt saves lives? A friend of mine, who was 19, died a few months ago because he was not wearing his seatbelt. This is very sad and I wouldn't wish this on any parent; however, let the facts come out first and then let 'em have it.

2842 days ago


My thoughts.........
Ok let me start by saying that I have known Lane for a long time. I have been very good friends with his little sister for over 11 years. While I have and always will voice a strong opinion about Drinking and Driving, let me point out a few things that no one has brought up yet.

Did anyone ever know that both of Lane’s parents have died? Within 3 short years of each other. His mother had a diabetic seizer and his sister and I found her passed out on their living room sofa in a comma. She was in that comma for 6 month before she died around Christmas time. Then in 2004 his father died from cancer, which again his little sister was the one to discover the tragedy. Maybe it was the holiday loneliness that caused Lane to accept an invitation to the party with three people who seemed to show an interest in his life and his work on the Prison Break TV show. Maybe someone who has only a few relatives that live close, his sister being the only in the California area, was feeling a little left out at the time of Thanksgiving. I am not saying give him a pity party, but Lane Garrison is not a bad person. He is a good, hard working, and very polite young man who has made one very bad decision which he will have to live with the rest of his life, just as the parents will have to live with the loss of their son. Also think about his little sister who after losing both of her parents will now face losing her brother from this accident.

My second point is about the age of the three that were in his car. Now how many of you ladies can tell me that you have NEVER lied about your age? Honestly? More than 99 percent of younger girls will lie about their age to get around someone they like, especially someone attractive and famous. Infatuation makes people do weird things people. I am not saying they did lie about their age, but I doubt that Lane would have seriously thought about pillaging two 15 year old girls. Get a fucking grip people. If anything, the three kids were attention starved, not Lane. You can not honestly tell me that those three kids didn’t get a lot of brownie points from their friends for bringing a TV star into that party. And I personally love how the young children that went to school with these people are saying “he needs to die” in regards to Lane “getting what he deserves”. Non one “needs to die”. Did Setian deserve to die? No. Does “an eye for an eye” really square things away? No. What people get out of life and what they deserve are two totally different things sometimes, which is something that these kids who are making such harsh and quick remarks will one day grown up and learn on their own.

My third point. Where were the parents of these children? Why did they not know what their children were doing? Or why did they know and not care? They sure seem to care now. And what about those students who were friends with the three people in Lane’s car who claim they saw Lane taking shots at the party? Why on earth would you let your friend who was apparently the most popular boy at school, leave a party with someone who you saw “drinking heavily” and looked so irresponsible? I am sure that if and when we ever see those pics of Lane from the party the people in the background were smiling and drinking just as much, if not more, and underage at that. Better yet, where the hell were the parents who let all of this happen at their house where the party was taking place??? I would imagine those people are liable for something having to do with this mess. Letting underage kids who obviously show so much responsibility by drinking under age and breaking curfew run loose would eventually end up in disaster. Or is that just the thought of every other “responsible parent” in America? Even if (I say if because the tests aren’t back yet) Lane was intoxicated, what the hell were these kids doing running around with him? If Lane is such a villain and “child predator”, didn’t these angelic children have parents who loved them enough to warn them of the dangers of older men and alcohol? I guess not.
And if we are going to resort to name calling and finger pointing at the guilty, lets get every one responsible for what happened. Don’t single out one person because he is the easiest target.
1. 15 year old girls. What were you doing out so late with no adult supervision on the streets of LA?
2. Parents of 15 year old girls out on streets late at night doing what ever they please….where are your parenting skills? Even if you children lie to you about where they are (which I am sure is the case here) isn’t it your job as a responsible parent to call and check up on them? Same goes for their male friend who was killed in the accident.
3. Friends at party. Why did you not call the police when Lane showed up and started “distributing to minors”? Surl

2839 days ago
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