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Andy Dick

The New 'Kramer'?

12/5/2006 2:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

andy_dick_tmz-1Andy Dick hasn't learned anything from the Michael Richards incident.

According to sources, the hopped-up comedian hopped onstage Saturday at L.A.'s Improv comedy club and dropped the n-bomb on a room full of stunned clubgoers.

Andy was heckling comedian Ian Bagg during his routine, when Dick allegedly got out of his seat, jumped onstage and began joking with Bagg. The subject of Michael Richards came up, but the two comics quickly moved past it. As Dick exited the stage, he suddenly grabbed the mic and shouted at the crowd, "You're all a bunch of niggers!"

Prejudiced Celebs: Click to launch galleryThe stunned crowd gasped and stared at each other. Bagg tried to play it cool and move on with his set, but the laughs weren't there.

Calls to Dick's rep were not immediately returned.

UPDATE: TMZ has received a statement from The Improv acknowledging the incident: "The Improv is aware of Andy Dick's behavior on Saturday night. Our policy is that material deemed offensive by both famous and up and coming comedians is judged on a case by case basis. In this particular case, Mr. Dick was commenting on a current event. Was it intelligent? No. Was it funny? No. But was it racist? No. It was not directed at any audience member in particular and although it was in bad taste -- it was a comment on the Michael Richards fiasco."


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Andy Dick is the worst actor I have ever seen in my life. He had a stint on Trading Spaces one time. He refused to help get his neighbor's house fixed up. He acted just like he is, an a**hole.

2837 days ago


Why is it when a white person uses the word nigger he is a racist? yet a black person can say nigger or call a white person a cracker and it is OK? People think that they are being politically correct when all the time they are being biblically wrong.

2835 days ago


andy dick is not racist , the word nigger is not racist just as the word cracker and white honkey is not racist , all black people wanna do is pass the blame but never think as themselfs as racist ok tell me you never called a white person a name or stuff like that i do like african americans i think most of them are true honest hardworking people just like me then there are blacks that are criminals just like us so lets get over the name calling and just get along for example did u laugh at the kings of comedy or at chris rock or dave chappelle when he rips on white people yes you did so are you racist ? yes you are

2834 days ago

Kristopher Coatley    

It was a joke...People are such sensitive p***ies.

2833 days ago


#42: You said it - your ANCESTORS. Not you. I would venture to say that most everyone`s ancestors didn`t have an easy time of it, at some point in history.

2833 days ago


Btw, did you know that there were also black slave owners?

2833 days ago



2833 days ago


are you snorting coke and typing at the same time. do you actual believe that just because I(a young black female) didn't personal go threw slavery, that I don't carry the scar in my soul from what my great great grandmother had to go threw. so if your mom got raped would you be mad and upset even though it hadn't happened to you personal. yeah i didn't think so. and as far as LAMO saying it's a joke yeah everythings a joke until someone gets hurt

2833 days ago


Henry. The "racial whine" is the only thing those people have going for them. They are very jealuos of it and defend it as their own, exclusively, irregardless of the facts. Most of the claims, for rightious anger, have been proven to be exagerations, misrepresentations, or outright falsehoods. Many truths have been omitted, while false claims have been given credence. It's easy to find out the truth, but that would shatter an entire lifetime's belief in a lie. That's why a black racist can say something but a white can't. (In their mind anyway) {chortle} AND MOST claims of ancestral sufferings are just that, CLAIMS, and nothing more.

2832 days ago


It's true, Andy Dick and Kathy Griffin really are THE SAME PERSON!!

2831 days ago


This comment is for ' THE MAN', that is a nice little list you made for the blacks, but it seems to have whites written all over it, let's just break this down for the ones that don't want/seem to get it.

1-finish high school
ah, have you seen the survey for the total number of whites dropping out of school? go to webcrawler, and maybe do some more research, before speaking on some thing you know so little about.

2-get a job
C'mon I know that everyone knows that there are more whites on welfare than any other race here in the U S, again do you homework before speaking on a matter/

3-marry the woman they have kids with,
there are just as many single white parents,if not more, than any other race. I think you are getting confused or you just want this stuff to STAY HIDDEN, but just because the media or newpaper, internet doesn't glorify the fact that there are a lot of single white parents, doesn't mean that they are not out there. but everyone just basically make the blacks and other race look bad,AS ALWAYS

4-take care of the kids
like I said before, go and do some research on how many white fathers are up for child support and not paying it, you will be surprised.

5-don't let grandma raise them,
wait, ROFLMAO, I don't believe you put that one in there, how many white grandparents are raising their gc, and the main reason for that is not because the parents of the child is on drugs(don't worry we will get to this on in a minute) or to sick to care for the child, it is because the parent don't want the child, shame because she became pregnant out of wedlock, and the ones that don't dump them off on dear old grandma/pa they go and have abortions. yes they do the deed, get pregnant and then WHAM, they kill the poor babies.

6-stay off crack
No you didn't go there "the man" there are more WHITE PEOPLE ON DRUGS THAN THERE ARE ANYONE IN THE U S A , and what is the drug of choice. METH and COCAINE.

7-stop murdering your own brothers
should I have to diginfy this with a response? here goes, look at the school shootings, look at how wives are being killed,and by whom, look at the latest of family killings, just the other day, a young man pretended to help his grandma put up christmas tree/lights, he strangled her with the lights, then slit her throat, just incase you didn't know or pretend you can't guess,HE IS WHITE.

8-keep your rap sheet to one page
so what are you saying here? that any and all white americans that has a rap sheet is only ONE PAGE, yeah, I believe that just as I do that every man in the country is equal.........ROFLMAO

9-stop idolizing gangster and thugs
8 out of every 10 white teenager wants to act like a thug, and gangster, the other 2 are afraid of failure and what their parents will think. sorry thought you knew.

my point for doing this= you tried to put black people down so far, but to say that white will not use the word if blacks promise to do all of the above, then why did whites use it before any black had a chance to do any of the above, so NO, you can't give blacks an ultimatum. Whites called blacks "niggers" because of pure and evil HATE, not because of anything that they had done or are doing, nice try tho. and to the rest of you that hides behind your comp screen and make excuses for being a racist, you stink and anyone can smell you even on a machine, some probably thousand of miles away, that's just how bad RACISIM smells, No one ask to be who they are, and it's nothing anyone can do to change it,(seeing how some whites are/act, I wouldn't change if I could). I have always told others, "it will not be others (terriorist, ect) that will be the END for the U S, it will be us, simplly because we are different, and some fools just can't live with it being this way........SO SAD

2826 days ago

lana sunshine    

I normaally have nothing bad to say about anyone and I breathe positivity . I liked andy dick before.....that was before this thoughtless , ignorant behavior. How crude and classless.......WHAt a MoRoN..................
catch the Princess of internet Radio LANA SUNSHINE on
and email her at

2826 days ago


If you are a black person from somewhere other than africa, or if your ancestors came here after the 60's, do you have a right to use that word with other blacks who were descendents of slaves? Also what if you are a descendent of black slave owners. Can you still chum around with those whom your ancestors owned, and call them that word? What if the shoe is on the other foot and you are descended from slaves? Are you sure that other black person you are so familiar with isn't descended from black slave owners, and would you want them to use the term like descendents of slaves use it? Just exactly "WHO" has the right to use that word? It would be best to spell it out and show sound reasoning why a particular person can while another person can't! WHY, THAT WOULD BE DESCRIMINATION! So I guess I want your reasoning why it's alright for a particular person to indulge in blatant descrimination and not another. Until that question can be answered satisfactorally there can be no understanding of the WHY in this case.

2822 days ago


It still astounds me that people continue to put down others for hiding behind a computer screen WHILE they themselves are hiding behind a computer screen. Hypocracy? "Do as I say not as I do".! Same as the double standard on using a word, the exact meaning of which has yet to be established.

2822 days ago


Very interesting viewpoint! Let's take it a step further. Do descendents of Indian and White slaves have a right to use that word to describe themselves to each other? I wouldn't think they would want to since the word itself originally did denote black.

But then there are other words that descendents of Indian and White slaves could use as a whine name, but it's just too childish and demeaning.

2822 days ago
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