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Garrison Lived with Jessica as Troubled Teen

12/5/2006 4:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

As a troubled teen in Richardson, Tex., Lane Garrison turned to his family minister -- who just happened to be Jessica Simpson's father Joe. Garrison ended up living with Jessica and the Simpson clan for almost a year, and has said that he and Jessica "grew up together."
Lane Garrison and Jessica Simpson
Jessica's rep tells TMZ, "She loves him and wishes him well during this difficult time." Garrison was the driver of a car involved in an accident last weekend that killed 17-year-old Vahagn Setian.

Earlier this year, Lane told PEOPLE magazine about his adolescent days; he "stole everything" he could, including cars and stereos. At 15, after an abortive attempt to steal a jug of wine from a stranger's garage, Garrison says his mom "slapped the crap" out of him and actually took him to a police station to scare him. At 17, Garrison was sent to live with the Simpsons, and Lane told PEOPLE that he's "very grateful" to Joe Simpson for the experience, even though living with Jessica was "torture" because she was "gorgeous."

TMZ learned yesterday that Garrison is being investigated for suspicion of driving under the influence in the fatal crash. Garrison's lawyer told TMZ that he doubts that his client was intoxicated at the time of the accident.


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I am really sick of hearing about this guy. A 17 year old boy is dead and this scum was the driver. Since we do not know if he was truly intoxicated (which I'm sure he was but I'll wait for the results) it was still reckless driving. I'm sorry but he should've been sent to jail, he did have alcohol in his system, that is a fact. My heart goes out to that boy's parents. Driving while drunk and killing someone can get a charge of Murder in the 1st degree (and for all of those who are going to argue that point, last year a drunk driver hit a limo party and decapitated the little girl and got charged with 1st degree murder, the first dui case to be charged like that in that particular state, and he is in jail for I believe it is 20 to life or 30 to life. He was 24). I do not want to read anything more about this scumbag unless it is an article stating he is going to jail for a long, long time. Celebrity or not, a boy is dead.

2846 days ago

Jo Blo    

They didn't take a breathlyzer. So he will not be charged with DUI or manslaughter in the felony degree.

The teens shouldn't have been in the car. The parents are vacuous. Lane is dumb. They should all be taken to the back and shot.

2846 days ago


Wow Papa Joe, you've really proeduced some quality children there, god help you get your mits on any more///

2846 days ago

Jo Blo    


2846 days ago

Jo Blo    

No one cares if you want to read anything about him or not, you stupid bitch. Get off this f***ing site and go to CNN if you want tight ass sh*t.

2846 days ago

Jo Blo    

He's f***ing hot.

2846 days ago

upset about it all    

I think it's really sad how vile and hateful people are being. This is a tragedy, for the kids in the car, their families, and even Lane. Yes he made a bad choice. But how many of us have gotten behind the wheel after having a couple of drinks?

Everyone who knows Lane knows a few things:

1) He would NEVER drive drunk (esp with other people in the car). There is no doubt in my mind that the blood tests will reveal that he was NOT intoxicated.

2) He is an extremely generous and kind individual. Lane has a history of reaching out to fans--returning personal emails, sending autographed photos, etc. Lane dates Calvin Klein models. He was NOT trying to pick up these 15 year old girls. They recognized him and he thought he'd make their day (and maybe pump up his ego a little bit) by chilling with them for a minute.

3) Contrary to popular belief, Lane is not rich. Yes he is an actor. Yes he had a running gig on a popular tv show. But, if you do the math, this barely pulls him above water (esp after struggling at the game for almost five years). Lane comes from humble beginnings and worked his ASS OFF to get where he is. Even WITHOUT lawsuits, this incident is going to absolutely level him financially.

I am confident that, once the evidence is sorted out, Lane will be vindicated of any wrong-doing. He is obviously going to be scarred by this incident for life. And the families may NEVER heal. In the meantime, everyone needs to back off and stop hating. Let the courts sort out the evidence. And, most importantly, let these people grieve in peace.

2846 days ago


Do you think Jessica lost her virginity to her dad?

2846 days ago


Wow, you people have serious rage issues. How old are you to be calling people retarted? Wow. Anyway, I told you I read it in an article and that's what I read. However, I just looked up the article again and it was 2nd degree murder and 25 to life and it was the first case to be charged like that in that state. So unlike you pompus jerks, I can admit when I am wrong. And for the one who called me a bitch, you loose a loved one to a drunk driver and lets see how you feel about this scum. You know carma is a bitch and you will get yours.

2846 days ago


#23 sounds like one of the 15 year-olds Lane was nailing.

2846 days ago


Does anyone else find it totally creepy and weird that a 26 year famous actor would accompany 3 unknown teenagers to a party after meeting them in a grocery store, and then allow them to come along with him while he's headed back to his apartment to meet some woman? And then for his attorney to speculate that someone at this teenage party slipped something into his drink to cause him to become intoxicated without his knowing? WHAT? He's 10+ years older than these high school students!! These circumstances do not look good for the guy.

2846 days ago

Jo Blo    

Learn how to spell, dickhead.

SO DAN, DOES LANE HAVE A GIRLFRIEND? Because I would like to get up on that after this has blown over. ;)

2846 days ago

Jo Blo    

I could flirt with all the guys. I could stay home...EVERY NIGHTTTT. Wait around, for Mr. RIIIIGHT. Take cold showers, every day. Throw my life away. My dreams will come true.

But to cry in front of youuuu...THAT'S THE WORST THING I COULD DOOOOOO.

2846 days ago


All of you posting are just ignorant just ignorant. It is not wrong to love children and want to express that love physically, you're just ignorant. So Lane and I like to love young supple hard bodies, you're just ignorant. Personally I feel Lane should be left alone and let go as if nothing happened, I mean if you're too drunk to remember what happened how could you be held accountable? You all are just ignorant.

Now if you will excuse me, the neighborhood kids and I are going to go play hide the salami. Our love is so pure.

2846 days ago

Brian S    

Killing someone while driving drunk, if he is indeed guilty, is in my opinion worse than premeditated murder. The reason being, the person who plots out a murder is a scumbag/sicko who probably doesn't know better, while the drunk is someone who isn't necessarily evil but makes a stupid mistake. It makes me mad that people, many of them good people, would do something so dumb. Why? All it takes is to call a cab, a friend, walk, spring for a hotel do anything to prevent yourself from taking the wheel. Is it worth risking your life, not to mention the lives of others, so you don't have to pay for a cab or have to go out of your way the next day to get your car? I am sure that cab ride doesn't seem so expensive when you're sitting in jail cell, and have to spend the rest of your life knowing you are responsible for death. Some people move on: Vince Neil of Motley Crue, Leonard Little of the St. Louis Rams and Craig Mactavish of the Edmington Oilers. But do you want to live with that? No excuse for drunk driving.

2846 days ago
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