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Did Uranus Kill Vaughniston?

12/6/2006 9:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Vaughniston are Ovah!With news that Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn are nothing more than friends, the world is picking up the pieces and trying to figure out just went wrong.

According to AOL Horoscopes, Jen's "Saturn is moving through her 10th House of Career" and may have led her drive to become an A-list film actress override a "desire to build security through deep intimacy." Once you've done Brad Pitt, does it matter? To hell with Brad and Vince, this gal wants Oscar!

Likewise, Vince's stars indicate he "needs to move toward expressing his imagination through film, and Uranus is stimulating his desire to grow in this direction." Stimulating Uranus creates a desire to grow? We did not know that.

For Jen and Vince, being stars appears to be more important than love, and their inevitable "Break-Up" was the only thing in the stars.


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showers of Blessings    

a must read from justjared site

Saw this post from the other thread:L

et’s call a Spade a Spade Says:

December 7th, 2006 at 7:37 am
Access Hollywood stated that Vince and Jen broke up because Jen was too busy with her CHARITY work. Are you ******* KIDDING ME?!! This stupid ***** hosts dinner, wear a stupid t-shirt and appears on TV for like two minutes with a child she seemed uneasy hugging and that constitutes Charity work? MFG, what or who won’t she Blame for the misery that’s her life.

Blame parents marriage for her break-up
Blame TV for her crappy movie career
Blame Vince for smoking
Blame extentions for ruining her hair
Blame sexist writers for not getting good parts.
Blame Brad for the divorce
Now blame charity for her break up.

Until Jen understands she and only she is to blame for her life, she’ll always be miserable…even though she wears it well. And those people who say she owes no one an explanantion….GIVE ME A BREAK. If she had just kept her ******* mouth shut in the first place, the ***** won’t be facing a media onsluaght. Look at Reese, Nicole, Uma…women with CHILDREN who got divorced, they didn’t call a press conference and burst into tears as soon as the door opened. They accepted the divorce and moved on with their lives and they are better off. Of course Aniston is not in their caliber, she knew her mediocre talent won’t cut it so she decided to use her divorce as a gravy train to success. She gambled and she lost BIG TIME and that’s all there is to it. She literally opened the door for inquiries into her life, why does she feel the need to refute rumors? I’ll tell you why, she is too INSECURE to let things slide. God forbid people think Jen gained weight or God forbid people think she and Vince are no more. We can’t allow that coz Jen will not sleep at night. Her innate need to be seen in a good light is the reason she is in this predicament.

Oh all of a sudden, everybody hates Jen. Helloooo, until recently, every third post on every site or entertainment show was a negative story about Brad and Angie. They had their polls….who will last longer? Who is the better couple? Who is the better man? Who is the better actress? Who is the cutest couple….and every single poll, Jen and Vince won. They were catering to the delusional Jen fans and now they’ve turned on Jen, y’all are complaining.

And for the last time, Jen was with Vince before the divorce was final. The fact that she didn’t get pregnant does not make it any different. So if Brad committed Adultery, so did Jen. Jen fans think the rules don’t apply here. Of course the whole thing is a moot point because they were SEPERATED. Seperation is the first step to divorce. If couples waited until divorce was final before moving on with their lives, god knows where we’ll all be. Denise and Charlie just concluded their divorce and they’ve been dating other people. Let’s not forget Heather and Richie or Hilary Swank and Rob Lowe. Stop making excuses for Jen, she is a grown woman.

One last question for y’all, What was Huvane THINKING mailing Perez? He has not only admitted they READ blogs, he’s also admitted they CARE what an ordinary blogger writes. What is their excuse this time? Afterall, Perez is NOT CNN crawl? Pathetic fools!!! Bet she is hunched over her laptop reading all the comments about her and then calling Huvane, screaming “do something, do something. He called me Chinochio Maniston”.

An untrained monkey will do a better job than the **** Huvane is doing with his clients. Gwyneth Paltrow (Ms. Americans are dumb) Demi Moore (Ms. Robinson), Kirsten Dunst (will give Barney from The Simpson a run for his money, drinking wise). At leat these three do have talents, maybe if he stopped wasting time on the TV girl with delusions of grandeur, he could do more with the others.

I laugh when I read Leave Jen alone? Are we talking about 37yrs old Jen or 7yrs old Jen? Rotflmao, where were the pleas to leave Brad, Angie and their kids alone when blogger on this very site wished them dead, wished Angie had a miscarriage? I have been reading Jen’s thread since this debacle started and I have yet to see one person wish her dead. I bet your rationale is that Brad and Angie deserve the evil wishes but not Jen, oh no, not our dear Jen. You guys threw three little children under a bus for a 37yrs old and you felt no guilt whatsoever. So don’t come here and state leave Jen alone.

Jen Fans have excused her lies by saying she is paronoid, she does not know how to behave because everyone is watching her. Aniston’s paranoia is her own doing. If she would just be upfront about who she is, say this is me, take me as I am or go F yourselves, she would be much better off but nooo, she has to be America’s Sweetheart

2848 days ago


#69 Allright if it makes you feel better than call me what you want, most of you are on here anyways to try to make yourself feel better by talking sh*t about others anyway!

#70 STFU I post as many times as I want, plus I love arguing with dumbass people while I get paid at my job, now go find another name to sweat!

2848 days ago


Eli you don't worship these people? Look at all your posts. That's pathetic and sad. Oh..wait, so am I.

2848 days ago


Jennifer isn't America's nothing. Maybe the biggest pain in the arse in HW.
Sh*t, she even said herself she hates her fans. Now I know why. You guys
are way too ignorant even for her. She is one ignorant who*e.
You people are fussing over a break up, that didn't even happen.
They were never a couple. Angie and Brad are the worlds hottest
couple in HW.

2848 days ago


LMAO at Eli. What a dump f*** you are? Sound and act just like the loser now known as Jennifer that you represent. Her fans are dillusional idiots and you are great example.

The thread isnt about Brad and Angelina but Vince and Jen. How the hell can someone like Vince Vaughn dump you? That quite pathetic as he is lucky to each get a piece. That is what you need to ask yourself instead of calling Angelina a bunch on names.

2848 days ago


Well at least you admit it....and no I dont worship these people I actually just opinion on them I call'em like I see'em!!

2848 days ago



2848 days ago


#77 your right eli is me, but me myself and I, your more stupid than I thought , do you actually think that I am so pathetic and chicken sh*t to write with another thats probably what most of you do so your opinion could seem like it counts!

2848 days ago


#75 ditto. Maybe know eli will stop posting her crazy sh*t.
eli, grow up. Jennifer even knows herself she is a loser.
She is like you, jealous of Angelina and Brad.
Rumor has it, Vince dumped Jen. Because she can't get over
losing Brad to the hottest woman alive.

2848 days ago


From a mans point of view. Eli, give those fingers a rest. It's over.
I agree, it was a fake relationship. Vince got paid for hanging out with Jen
for awhile. Why bring up Angie or Brad? They are not on this thread.
Learn how to read. Just think, a pathetic man like Vince dumped
the ex Mrs. Pitt. She will never get a real man. She lost Pitt, cause she is a liar
and a loser.

2848 days ago


#77. I think you're stupid enough to do anything. I just read all of your post.
Now i see why JA doesn't want fans. You are a great example of one of her stupid fans. No matter what you post, JA still got dumped 2 times now.

2848 days ago


MIZZ THANG how many names do you post with? Me, Eli and who else

2848 days ago


#82/That is why she got dumped. She can't get pregnant, she is too old now.
Angelina gave Brad what he wanted. A beautiful child, and 2 more gorgeous children. It is too late for Aniston. Nobody seems to want her. Nobody respects liars and idiots. So get real 82, and stop your ignorance. It will not bring Vince or Brad back. They both have lovely ladies now.

2848 days ago


I saw JA on Oprah this summer and she came across as one of the most shallow persons Oprah has ever interviewed. And that is saying something...
Ya'll, nothing of any value what-so-ever came out of that interview.

Compare that with the interview Oprah had with Meg Ryan a few weeks later... What a difference! Meg was charming, insightful, honest, and frankly funny at times. A real person even with her silicone lips.

I agree that V V is so NOT for JA. He seems so raunchy in his personal life but extremely talented nonetheless. She is way too prissy for him.

Did anyone notice JA's reaction when Larry King called V V a "national treasure"? She nearly choked. That is not how a girl in love would act...

2848 days ago


I agree with Mizz Thang. You are a nut. You can't accept the fact Jen lost Vince
to a younger woman. You are the real loser.

2848 days ago
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