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H-Wood Hotspot Mood Busted for Underage Patrons

12/8/2006 4:22 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Note to Lindsay Lohan and other underage celebs: Don't go to Mood to get your (illegal) drink on.
club mood

TMZ has learned that Mood, the Hollywood club where TMZ spotted 18-year-old Jesse McCartney in violation of drinking-age laws earlier this year, was cited for allowing two under-21-year-olds to enter the premises "without lawful business." Law enforcement sources tell us that the pair, who were not named, used fake IDs to enter the club on April 6th, whereupon undercover agents for the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control were there and caught them.

Jesse McCartneyThe two people under 21 were cited for "being minors in a public place." The hearing on the alleged violation was completed last month, and the ABC is recommending a 15-day suspension of their liquor license, a decision that will be made by an administrative law judge. Mood owner David Judaken tells TMZ that he is "cooperating" with the ABC and its proceedings.

Back in February, TMZ shot video of then-19-year-old Mary-Kate Olsen and then-19 Lindsay Lohan, among others, entering Mood. As of last year, Mood had never been cited even though the City of Los Angeles had issued 207 citations in 2005. Judaken told TMZ in February, "We are diligent about ID'ing people ... Certain celebrities ultimately enter lots of clubs who are not entitled to enter."


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Oh yea like that's gonna stop underage kids from drinking.

2839 days ago


They need to focus on the Hyde.....More underage drunks coming out of there than a frat party.

2838 days ago

Torshion Bar    

Everyone Boycott this lame ass Website!

2838 days ago


Everyone boycott those lameass clubs----the law should apply equally to all,

2838 days ago

Tom Cruise has landed    

Underage celebs need a slap in the face. Young stars in general need a slap in the face. These young stars think they can do anything. Look at the retard from Prison Break. Most of them will be complete nobodies in 5 years. They are a dime a dozen and I can't wait to see them on Celebrity Fit Club!!! Jesse McCartney, hopefully you like Danny Bonaduce cause you'll be getting drunk with him at a filthy strip club in 5 years!!!

By the way Enough, you are pathetic, who takes the time to right a comment on a site they hate. Get a life!

2838 days ago


Too little, too late. Too bad cops just couldn't sit outside & bust these UNDER-AGED celebs as they walk out the door as they climb into their fancy cars. I'd almost bet that with all the fender-benders LL has had, in some of those she was probably intoxicated! Hey, she claims to be in AA now & getting help from Al Gore & the Clintons! Whatever...she can't act her way out of wet paperbag.

2838 days ago


F*** MOOD!!!! That club is so overrated!!!! Its crazy trying to get in..and then when you get in..its like I stood in line for this??? Im glad they got busted...Serves them right bcuz if any of you have ever been there, they are sooooo rude at the door..I went on sunday night and my good guy friend tried to come later and they were trying to charge him $300 to get in..That club is not that serious that someone needs to pay that much money to get in..I hope they lose their liquor license for longer than 15 days...

2838 days ago


"Certain celebrities ultimately enter lots of clubs who are not entitled to enter."

In other words, 'everyone does it, why shouldn't we?'

2838 days ago

Torshion Bar    

#6. Jennifer, when you get done with work and cash you check from TMZ give me a call, I need a fat sugar mama, bitch.

2838 days ago


It's about time the Club's took some responsibility, before they are named in a liability suit!

2838 days ago


Enough, you need to take a hike and go somewhere else. Nobody wants to hear your stupid rants, this is a CELEBRITY WEBSITE. If you don't like it, get lost LOSER.

2838 days ago


I'm happy it finally happened. More of these Hollywood clubs need to get smacked for allowing underage drinking.
It won't stop kids from drinking, but it will at least limited the places they can drink.
If Hyde truly does have a "No one under 21" limit, they should automatically boot Lohan and any other starlet out as soon as they walk through the back door.
And if they're getting past the guy at the front door, than he needs to be fired.

2838 days ago


Post #2, kathryn: Couldn't agree with you more, Hyde is the worst repeat + consistent violator of ANY club in L.A.! How many times has Lohan been seen going in and out of that place plastered out of her mind and then driving away smashed in full view of photogs, management + patrons? The A.B.C. needs, not to simply suspend their liquor license, but to shut that public menace down permanently before someone actually ends up getting killed by one of of those totally irresponsible juvenile celebrities who frequent that overrated joint! Better yet, that place is so small inside that I doubt they are even following city fire code regulations that limits maximum occupancy if they are allowing minors inside. It looks like it's time to call the Fire Marshal (every night) on a regular basis so that they will raid the place and fine Hyde for their obvious violations. Maybe this will get the management's attention so they will start to clean up their act which might just put and end to the underage drinking problem proliferating over there.

2838 days ago


How about a boy cott of all these "CLUBS"?

LOT 51



Star or not, you let in someone underage you should get the hook, how old is Ms. Lohan? and the owner of Bungalow 8 is a whore pig of the lowest order!!!!!

2838 days ago



2838 days ago
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