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Lindsay Dries Out

12/11/2006 12:59 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan may still be doing some hard partying, but it looks like she's on the water wagon.

La Lohan hit Hollywood club Teddy's this weekend, swilling water instead of booze.

According to her mother, partying Dina Lohan, the teen queen is taking her AA meetings seriously ... perhaps Linds can help Nicole Richie.


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spin sycle    

DAM-BUH! she has some serious party bloat

2810 days ago


Who's to say that isn't vodka in that bottle? LOL!

2810 days ago


Please she's probably drinking before and afterwards when the paps aren't around. Bitch needs to stop the nasty bloat.

2810 days ago

Brother Harold, S.J.    

This one's a REAL piece of sh*t.

2810 days ago


Water, or is it vodka? Enquiring minds want to know.

She ought to try staying home once in awhile and getting some sleep.

2810 days ago


Give the girl some credit in till you see otherwise. The problem is when celebrities try to change, people still criticize them. Decided people how do you want it. You cannot have it both ways...

2810 days ago


something from old saying they had that she might want to keep in mind...."you dont go into a whore house to play the piano"......i.e. you dont hang out in a bar or club if you're trying to do something about your drinking.....when you're the only one not partaking its only natural to eventually want to partake so hope her "soberiety" isnt short lived....based on that photo of her mommy now partying at the same haunts and with younger men, not sure that will be the best example for her either....I wish her luck

2810 days ago


Is it me, or does her face look REALLY FAT?

2810 days ago


Dina Lohan is being what everyone in AA strives not to be.....and that is public...AA is based on the foundation of anonymity, and for Dina Lohan, to point out as if it is a spectacle to the paparazzi no less that her daughter is in AA is horrible thing. Obviously Dina, being a stereotypical "lawng island mother" is most likely a huge enabler for i am not defending lindsay at all because you are taught and advised in AA and NA to stay away from PEOPLE, PLACES, and THINGS.....None of which lindsay is doing.....but dina, give your daughter a break, and stop thinking you are 20 years old....if it wasn't for her, you would still be shopping in the roosevelt field mall and wishing your life was better!!!

2810 days ago


Can't that attention seeking party girl just stay home once in a while? She looks completely bloated and unhealthy.

2810 days ago

chi chi    

The bloat might be from anti depressants or she's pregnant, it isnt from abstinence that's for sure.

2810 days ago


oh-my-god look at her face. she's has been getting uglier by the minute. Her face has become sore and bloated...even her lipstick is a mess!!! Im afraid to say it folks but she is the next TARA REID. She has even done good movies lately and the singing career went no where. All the other sluts like paris, nicole, and nicky can get wasted and finish all their money because at the end of the day they'll still have rich parents that will take them in.....Lindsay Lohan and Tara Reid earn money they go crazy and waste on crap and not invested on anything. Paris has her perfume which is successful and nicky hilton has her cloth line and which will soon be opening hotels. Conclusion: Lindsay will be the next TARA REID!!!!

2810 days ago


Do any of us REALLY care? I mean, what other meaningless info would we (and I am admittedly just as guilty!) be gossiping about if it weren't the welfare of these spoiled overgrown brats?
Their lives are just as cliche as the crappy movies and "albums" they put out. The sad thing is that their work targets a very young and influential audience, but their lifestyles are straight out of the pages of Hustler and High Times. This must be quite confusing to the "tweener" generation. I hope something really awful happens to these people so the kids who look up to them see them for the losers they actually are. It would be nice if they faced realistic consequences for their behaviour. Drug overdosses, eating disorders, sex videos, DUI's and cat-fights are T R A S H Y! When did trailer-park living become "IN?"
As far as Lindsey's AA thing goes - I don't believe it for a second. I think the book, the chip, the quotes, etc. are simply a decoy. I think she hopes everyone will leave her alone if they think she goes to meetings... we should leave her alone. It is nobody's concern but her's and anyone who is close enough to her to actually KNOW what her problems are. What is she going to meetings for if she's going to continue to party and drink?
I guess she will have to grow up or die...

2810 days ago


She looks like a 40 year old whore. She could have vodka in that bottle.

2810 days ago


Most of the celebs you cover need to attend a 12 step meeting on a regular basis, preferably one where they can be assured of not having the entire world watching them while they make their attempts to get their miserable, pathetic little lives together. Believe it or not, all of their problems (drinking, drugging, eating disorders, etc.) come from their not being satisfied inside with who they are.....................I say good luck to them!

2810 days ago
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