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Racism Alive and Well In L.A.

12/12/2006 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Racist rant caught on tapeTMZ has obtained stunning video of a racist rant directed at a runner for a television show -- and it all went down in Hollywood.

D'Andre Ford, a runner for the television show "EXTRA," was returning from a delivery Monday when his car was involved in a minor fender bender. Ford claims the other driver struck his vehicle while he was stopped.

When Ford got out of his car to inspect the damage, the other driver began hurling racist slurs -- notably, the N word. Ford, who is African American, activated his cellphone cam and recorded part of the rant, but the other driver didn't seem to care.

Of course, another rant last month at the Laugh Factory in West Hollywood sent shockwaves around the world.

TMZ contacted Zakhar Laufer, the other driver. When asked about the racial epithets he said "I did not call him a nigger. That's not true."


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What the fock is wrong with people??

2871 days ago

coco puff    

He sounds like he just got off the boat. The accent seems Russian and in Russia they call blacks n*ggers. There not many in Russia or the Baltic countries for that matter. My ex-wife was from Estonia and she said they had about 6 blacks in the whole country.

2871 days ago


That man has the nerve to call him a "N" but the guy barely speaks english! Seems to me he should go back home to his country if he doesn't like the diversity of people in the U.S.

2871 days ago


if your going to be a faggot and put a camera in someones face be ready to be called names.. stupid n*gger... and DUH!!! racism is alive in well EVERYWHERE not just in LA f***ing retards...

2871 days ago

yo yo    

#3. Exactly

so, somebody cut me off the other day. and?

why does stupid stuff like this get posted? i used to like this site, but it just seems so very jerry springer to me now.

i think tmz gets all excited if there are racial slurs 'caught on video!!!' so a bunch of 16 year olds can argue with each other and get nowhere. especially if these are two people nobody knows anything about...i mean seriously... an immigrant and a runner (for god's sake) for a tv show get in a fender bender. Wow. let's get matt lauer to do an in-depth interview.

Good job TMZ! You investigative reporters you!

2871 days ago


TMZ loves to post about some racial. It only allows the bigots on here to make comments. Yes, there is racists everywhere. Oh yea, and we would like to be called Blacks, Afro Americans, not colored. What color are we # 2 Leah?

2871 days ago

do something about it    

So because he is from another country the man has an excuss to call him that! White people this isnt even your country go back to where you came from where ever that is. Remember you stole this from NATIVE AMERICANS AND MEXICANS

2871 days ago

Curiosity Killed the KAT ;-)    

Well, sad to say but this happens all the time, and not just to black people. Why is this posted, I quess TMZ wants to start a heated debate. If the two people were of a different race/ethnicity/or religion it's possible this same thing would take place except one of the persons would'nt be calle N*gger they would be called some other racist or derogatory name....

2871 days ago


#2-Leah----I hope you don't speak the way you type....All blacks do not complain. There a re a lot of us that just keep quite and look the other way. BUT if it's in your fac what are you to do? Maybe other people should take a look it there own back yard before they start talkin sh*t. I'm pretty sure all of you out there in one way or another wanted to know or get with someone of the other race even if you a denying it.......YOU SHOULD NOT LET OTHERS FILL YOU'RE HEAD WITH SUCH CRAP.....We are all humans and we need to start repecting ourselves....That's all it is........TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN THOUGHTS AND SPIRIT....

2871 days ago


What the hell is stunning about this? I hear the same sh*t every day. Lame. Is this "newsworthy"?

2871 days ago

yo yo    

Before everyone gets all worked up, just remember that this is TMZ throwing a molotov cocktail on the website to get you all worked up.

Don't give in to ignorance. You're better than this.

2871 days ago


Did you understand what I wrote #2 - maybe you can.

2871 days ago

Bi-Polar Hippie    

To me it looked more like he was pissed off because he just got his car wrecked. And when trying to have a discussion, being recorded by cam being asked to repeat everything he said. I'd be pissed too if I just got in a wreck and a(fill in any color here)guy was f*cking around with a camera asking me to repeat every thing I said. Put down the f*cking camera and lets get some insurance info out the way.

2871 days ago


The more we hear about this, the more the word gets put into people's heads.....When they anger, it comes out even with people that do not say it because they hear it so much.

2871 days ago


Any takers on this being staged??? AND BY TMZ????
Come on already TMZ, get off the horse. IT’S DEAD!

By the way ~ racism is a two way street, you can’t find/stage any other black on white incidents? Black on Hispanic racial remarks? (start looking in Houston for that one) Asian on black? Whites on Hispanics? Hispanics on white... need i go on?

shame shame shame.

2871 days ago
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