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Someone Else

Will Die

12/13/2006 3:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Photo montage of Nicole RichieA 17-year-old boy has already died in an SUV driven by a celebrity. Someone else is going to die, and it will happen sooner rather than later.

Nicole Richie's loved ones could easily have been planning her funeral today -- likewise the loved ones of the people driving the right way on the 134 Freeway early Monday morning.

Lane Garrison must be scratching his head today. Why, he must be asking, did he have such bad luck? The fact is, the differentiating factor that makes Garrison a killer and Richie a DUI'er is luck. That's it.

I'm not trying to preach, and I will readily admit that TMZ has prospered off the antics of a group of young celebrities. When Brandon Davis went on his "firecrotch" rant against Lindsay, it was endlessly entertaining. When Paris got in fender-benders, it was so TMZ. And when Britney spread her legs for all the world to see, well it was Internet gold.

But the line has been crossed. The dark side of Hollywood has been revealed in the last month. And really, it's no surprise. There are a lot of young celebs who got really rich and very famous way too soon. The people who surround them are not used to saying "no." These celebs have gotten away with a lot -- mostly small stuff -- for a long time. And each time you get away with something you shouldn't, you get bolder the next time.

These celebs, for the most part, have no compass to guide them. Look at Lindsay Lohan. Her dad used the revolving door at his local jail while her mom was at war with him when she wasn't out partying. Lohan really didn't stand a chance, and it's sad.

So who will save the day and save these kids from disaster? In this town, saviors are awfully hard to come by.


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Finally! Someone actually tells the real story.

2836 days ago


Amen to that!

2836 days ago


I agree.

2836 days ago


I completely agree. I think it's well past time for families and loved ones to step up to the plates, stop being afraid of biting the hand that feeds them, and tell it like it is. Hollywood's always been a nasty place, but it seems to be snowballing now more than ever. Maybe it's the "life fast, die young" idea returning with a vengeance, but I would hate to see more people die because someone couldn't say "No, I won't let you do that".

2836 days ago


I love the gossip. But lets try this....... take a day off go on strike. quit following these teens around and see how popular they are. The media created this sh*t. The love the attention. go away and see if they get their sh*t together. Seriously. We are not in high school and all we read about is teens.

Serious what do you think would happen if you followed around an adult once and a loose a couple of mill.


2836 days ago


Amen..Thank you TMZ for having the guts to speak the obvious truth. Life is too short and people need to stop thinking they are invisible. Be safe, use your head!

2836 days ago

coco puff    

It's never gonna change, especially with the child stars. They are controlled and manipulated when they are young and when they enter adulthood they go wild from all the freedom. In Hollywood, drugs and alcohol are a rite of passage for the celebrities. Of course even adults stars are not immune and when drunk or drugged up all common sense goes out the window. There is no answer. The parents have to try there best to educate these kids and hope they'll listen to them.

2836 days ago


Great article! This is getting out of hand.

2836 days ago


Here! Here!

Hollywood needs to stop getting away with crimes the rest of us would be convicted of!

And they say money doesn't by freedom. YEAH RIGHT!!!!!

2836 days ago


It is truly sad that there are people out there much more deserving them some of these young actors and actresses who are barely getting by and they are doing the right thing and not breaking the law. Here we have these young spoiled stars who could care less about anyone but themselves and for all honesty society is as much to blame as they are. If it wasn't for our interest in their lives they wouldn't be who they are today. We created the monsters and there isn't anyone brave enough to stand up to them and say this is not only ridiculas but get a damn grip! Regardless of how much money or fame they have, they are acting like complete and total morons. Their reckless acts will end up killing the truly innocent and it's pathetic.

2836 days ago


I totally agree. The sad thing is they got famous too soon for NOTHING - no talent, nothing. Nicole Richie's publicist said something about her taking full responsibility for what she did but she'll try to continue her career. I'm like WHAT CAREER!?? Geez. A buncha retarded loser kids doing nothing all day but party-hop and get famous for it.

2836 days ago

Kyle & Missy    

YOU GUYS ARE RIGHT BUT YOU KNOW WHAT YOU NEED TO TAKE MOST OF THAT BLAME YOURSELVES! The funking paparazzi are disgusting and they are the ones to blame for most sh!t that happens in Hollywood. They are relentless and forceful and dont say otherwise cause there are millions of pics and videos as proof. Take Princess Diana for an example, yeah the paparazzi. You guys are the one that need to take a step back and get from in peoples faces and taking disgusting phots cause your guys ahve been caught taken pics ON THE FUNKING GROUND under BS and a couple others skirts. YOU GUYS ARE TO BLAME just as much as anyone else. NOW thats the truth!

2836 days ago


I've been saying that for awhile, that someone needs to die for them all to have a wake up call and change, especially when it comes to the girls and anorexia. but you never know, shapiro's son died and his good friends paris and nicole are still doing these things, and 2 supermodels have died in the last few months from complications of anorexia and these things didn't stop them. they are self destructing and have lost touch with reality. it's sad really. i feel like none of them really have any role models or close friends, just people who surround them for other reasons. but this is not new, river phoenix was a casualty of the same lifestyle. like harvey says we are just seeing more of it now from the paparazzi. it would still go on without them, they just wouldn't be as popular to us.

2836 days ago

Lady G    

FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for pointing this out. Last time someone went the wrong way down a freeway, a 7 yr old girl was decapitated, and the driver is facing murder charges.

I honestly think jail time is imperitive in something like this... but she probably will get a nice slap on the wrist...not to mention this is her second charge for driving while under the influence....

2836 days ago


Harvey, you are spot on.

2836 days ago
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