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Pam: Kid Rock Is a Liar

12/14/2006 3:06 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kid Rock is acting like a little brat, and Pam's not having it!

The blonde bombshell told Howard Stern that her estranged husband is "absolutely lying" when he claims that Pam was "out partying every night" and "was never home with the kids" during their short-lived marriage.

Anderson recently described her ongoing divorce proceedings as "stomach turning," and she told Stern that Rock's comments about her mothering skills "upset her the most."

"I was in Vancouver doing a movie three days a week, and i would come home for the four-day weekend to be with my kids," said the miffed mom. "My mom and dad were here and Kid was in Detroit making an album, and they were looking after his son too."

TMZ has several sources in Malibu who see Pam with her kids all the time. If she were out partying every night, you would have seen right here on TMZ!


No Avatar


I have to side with Pam on this one! If she were going out every night as Kid Rock is saying there would be footage of this! There is footage of everyone else out!Even the D-list stars that nobody cares about!

2836 days ago

My two cents    

So sad that it has to come to "who did what". Only they know what really went on in thier marriage. Hopefully the guilty party will have a public apology for the other. Messy divorces just suck.

2836 days ago

blah blah blah    

liar liar pants of fire
so what
SOMEBODY GET THE BITCH A BRA AND SEW THE THING ON HER she's looks and dresses just like a slut
and to think she has children PUKE PUKES PUKED

2836 days ago


Ok. How old are we Pam? Do you really need to show your nipples to the world. Grow up!! I dont blame Kid Rock for dumping you.

2836 days ago


She's lying herself. "Oh please stop writing about our divorce, my kids can read."
Pam is a LIAR! Kid's lucky to get away...

2836 days ago


What kind of mother are u Pam Anderson, to have naked pictures of u in PLAYBOY, when your own 2 sons are old enough to see them? And their friends as well?
You are not a decent woman.

2836 days ago

Go Away    

I know she has some well sculptured breasts and she wants to show them off but you're walking around with your 2 children with a see through top on and no bra... stay classy Pam.

2836 days ago


Oh please, women who are part of the TBTC go out all the time with no bra, are they tramps? As for erect nipples, ladies, you know darn well that could happen even with a bra on. So just chill.

Yeah, Pam is a party girl, but she was in Canada most of the time working on a new film. Tommy may not be the best judge, but even with their crazy relationship he has called Pam a good mother. Kid Rock should be ashamed of himself. Her kids are not the reason why their relationship failed. He should keep them out of fight. Why play dirty when you don't have too? The fact that he would stoop to that level shows just how pathetic he is.

2836 days ago


Kid Rock should shut his pie hole. He isn't exactly the father of the year.

2836 days ago


Her nipples are showing under her shirt? Big friggin deal. People go topless at beaches with their kids does that make them whores or bad mothers? Grow up people!

2836 days ago

Team Aniston    

WOW.... I just can't believe that you would go out with your children looking like that!!
What respectful woman would go to a show with no bra on and titties everywhere with your children at your side......I feel so sorry for those boys!!

2836 days ago


Not wearing a bra does not make a woman a negligent, uncaring mother. I agree that I've never seen footage of her partying into the wee hours of the night a la Britney Spears. Being comfortable with your body and sexuality does not automatically transform you into an unfit mother. We don't know the whole story, of course, so why bother judging her because of her nipples? Give her the benefit of the doubt at least. And Kid Rock always conjured up images of "trailer trash" to me...

2836 days ago


Kid Rock is a p***y. It takes a man to work at a relationship and a man to be a real father to kids. Blaming Pam is a chicken sh*t move on his part. Kid, you are a nice guy, a great writer and performer, but as a man sir you are still a kid.

I dont condone her but I dont condemn her either and neither should one who claimed he loved her even if that love is past tense. Be a Man Kid, shut up and move forward.

2836 days ago


Oh my gosh you need to at least put some bandaids over those nipples. Disgusting.

2836 days ago


Yea I know people show there nipples on the beach. But I really don't want to see hers. She is I don't know, not to appealing anymore.

2836 days ago
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