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First Runner-Up to Become Miss USA

12/15/2006 4:13 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miss USAWith her dethroning imminent, Tara Conner's days as Miss USA are numbered. There she goes.

One day after pageant boss Donald Trump publicly denied that reigning Miss USA Tara Conner was being dethroned, TMZ has learned that first runner-up, Miss California Tamiko Nash, will be inheriting the crown.

A source tells TMZ that Miss California was contacted with the news by a high-ranking pageant official and told she will take the title once Trump finally makes the official announcement in the coming week.

The Miss USA Organization released a statement on Thursday stating that they are "evaluating" Conner's "behavioral and personal issues" in order to decide how they will go forward with her reign. Conner's questionable behavior allegedly stems from inappropriate behavior at New York nightclubs. The underage beauty queen turns 21 on Monday.

Tamiko Nash is a Los Angeles native and appeared on NBC's "Deal or No Deal" earlier this year.

A rep for Miss USA tells TMZ, "Mr. Trump will make a decision in the upcoming week regarding Tara Conner and her reign. No one has been contacted and no decisions have been made."


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Oh Angelina    

#2, you're way off base and completely out of line. Would a racist competition have awarded this young lady runner up? She's gorgeous and probably does have her act together - that's why she got as far as she did.

The officials should do their research BEFORE the competition, not afterwards. If Tara (what is it with girls named Tara?) has a problem of some sort, I'm fairly sure she had it before the crown.

2868 days ago

coco puff    

WOW! What a screw up! All of these girls work so hard to get the title and this dumb-ass blows it by underage drinking. I mean, winning Miss USA is like hitting the lottery. When she sobers up, maybe she'll realize it. By the way, I also think Miss Cali is prettier.

2868 days ago

Queen Bee    

Farrah, in my opinion, is probably not a black female, more than likely not even black, but just a racist who sees an opportunity to turn something into yet another racist argument here on TMZ. People ignore what this so called person wrote and thus racist comments will cease to exist.

2868 days ago


Farrah, it's people like you that KEEP this country in race turmoil. You should be ashamed. I know more RACIST BLACKS than I know racist whites. Could you be included? LOSER. I am sick of people like you USING THE RACE CARD.

2868 days ago

blah blah blah    

7. farrah farrah farrah
you poor lost soul or should I say you racist of a sore looser. only a racist would spit such words out like you just did a competition is a competition not matter if you black, white, asian, hispanic etc etc etc. There are a lot races and cultures to make 1 decision out of how many women????????????why do you have to be so judgmental to one winner by her race?

Posted at 2:15PM on Dec 15th 2006 by get over yourself


2868 days ago



I would call you the dumbest person I have encountered today. However, the person who felt that you represent all black people is dumber than you.

You both need to get a grip and get back to the topic.

Tara, knew the drinking age is 21. She knew that being Miss USA would put her life under a spot light. After all the time, money and effort she put into gaining that title, if she would let is slip away over something so simple she's an idiot. She deserves to be stripped of her title. She is a poor representation of young women in America.

2868 days ago


Farrah please put a sock in it!!! Your not helping us sisstas at all! Fight when there's something to fight for! Once again this has nothing to do with race!

2868 days ago


The runner up is SO much prettier than the current Miss USA. She is average at best. She looks a lot like Shanna Moakler. Maybe Travis Barker can have Trump's sloppy seconds.

2868 days ago

Some dude    

Right on kathryn, and great point.

Why is it that in today’s culture it seems that so much concern over the past couple of decades has been to squash racism of whites towards blacks that what has since emerged is an overwhelming amount of blacks, who are racists towards whites?

I'm sure in the 50's 60's 70's and even 80's racism was a major problem that blacks had to deal with unfairly, but lets be real.
Today, if you were in a room with 10 white people, and one made a racist joke about blacks, those 9 other whites would be offended, because that type of thinking really has no place. But boy, doesn’t it seem to have a firm place in the minds of blacks towards whites.

One side or the other has to keep it alive, otherwise it will die, and frankly, I know who’s keeping it alive and well today.

2868 days ago


I agree - the runner up looks so much classier and prettier that that white trash Tara Conner. Really! She had it coming...

2868 days ago


I am white and from Kentucky just like Tara and I'm glad she's losing the crown. Don't know how race came in to play on this. When she entered she knew she'd be expected to act a particular way and she screwed up. I say 'goodbye and good luck'.

Last night her aunt was on our local news saying that Tara is 'dying of lonliness in NY'. So this is probably best for everyone.

2868 days ago


Please stop assuming that we are all alike. Stereotyping is a slippery slope. It makes you no better than Farrah.

Racist keep racism going. Period.

2868 days ago

coco puff    

I know one thing for sure. If it was a black woman who did this sh*t, all you white racist would be saying, " what do you expect from a N****R?". You'll are such hypocrites. I've read comments on this site and the racism against blacks is unbelievable. OJ was proven innocent and you'll want to string him up. That's racist, if it were a white man, the same people would be defending him, for real!

2868 days ago


#24 is Farrah just using a diffrent name because nobody agrees with her!

2868 days ago


Things that make you go--Hmmmmm.

2868 days ago
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