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Katharine McPhee's Near Crotch Shot

12/15/2006 3:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In her first album cover, the gorgeous American Idol runner-up is riding the coat-tails of the "Year of the Beaver," and transforming herself into a Flashdance-inspired temptress.
Katharine McPhee Album Cover
Unlike most of today's artists, who rarely produce a track alone, Katharine is giving us 100 percent McPhee; there are no collaborations. Distancing herself from her giggly American Idol image may be just what the highly-tressed songstress needs to make her career soar. It worked for Kelly Clarkson!

The sultry siren's album is set to drop January 30.


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Kat doesn't even look like she dropped weight. I talked 2 her once bc i have connections and she was ttly rude!! her and Kellie Pickler!! I did want her 2 win AI bc i thot she was the best singer ( and she was) but still her attitude ttly turned me off!! she probably does treat people like dirt!! She was really rude! Plus she cusses like a sailor! She is not a good role model!!! She is already dressing trashy and she is a brand new artist!! I mean if that is how she starts out looking like then think of how she is gonna look like in like 2 years when she is really a "star"! She probably won't even cover her crotch like she is doin now!! If ur wanting a role model or some1 2 look up 2, then look up to Carrie Underwood!! She doesn't cuss, she is a good person, she never dresses trashy, and she has won and will win WWWAAAAYYYYYY more awards than Kat!!!! Well i g2g
Carrie Underwood rox,

2796 days ago


'Year of the 'beaver' is a derogatory term for women's genitals and does it really belong on

2791 days ago


Paul Kline......WOW!!! I don't know how old you are but I detect a serious case of androgyny going on here. Comparing one singer to another.....that's like comparing an apple to an orange.

2791 days ago


Come on TMZ her crotch is total covered up! She is not on any Britney or Paris sh*t!!!

2867 days ago


At least she knows how to cover up. She should give lessons.

2867 days ago


Now that she's dropped some weight, she's not bad...

2867 days ago



The Grammy's are waiting for you.

You are going to blow away the competition. You look gorgeous and your talent and class puts you above them all; although Kelly Clarkson is perfect too.


2867 days ago

That's REAL!    


2867 days ago


she looked good "heavy" (she was normal) they're going to kill her with that anorexic sh*t. That cover is gorgeous though.

2867 days ago


I liked her on Idol but have found out from friends in the industry that she is a total bitch. She is livid that Taylor won and thinks she should have. Treats everyone like dirt. Imagine what she would be like if she was actually a star.

2867 days ago


Even when she did have weight on she was beautiful. I have a hard time fogetting her dad. Watching him was a tear jerker. He was so cute when he cried when she was singing. I like her face. It is classic.

2867 days ago


She's mad Taylor won? Who's Taylor and what did he win?

2867 days ago


Twinkie, Katharine has been nothing but grateful about her experience on "Idol". She was a nervous wreck on the show, and I think shes glad to be done with it, but she still values the oppurtunity it gave her. Taylor invited her to one of his shows, I think they are on good terms. And Katharine as well as the other contestants know that its just as much about talent as it is personality...I think those diva rumors are completely false.

I like the cover. I think she'll still stay classy though even now that shes amping up the sexuality.

2867 days ago


Best of luck to her. I enjoyed her on Idol and hope she has a very successful career. I know I'll be buying the album when it is released. I have to agree with her, I think SHE should have won instead of Taylor. She has true talent.

2867 days ago


What a ho, and nuttin but a ho! She has to look like a ho to sell her album, since she can't sing worth a sh*t! Taylor SHOULDN'T have won, Elliott should have won. He can SING! Oh, well, the proof will be when his album comes out and he outsells both Taylor and McPee! LMAO!

2867 days ago
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