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Katharine McPhee's Near Crotch Shot

12/15/2006 3:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In her first album cover, the gorgeous American Idol runner-up is riding the coat-tails of the "Year of the Beaver," and transforming herself into a Flashdance-inspired temptress.
Katharine McPhee Album Cover
Unlike most of today's artists, who rarely produce a track alone, Katharine is giving us 100 percent McPhee; there are no collaborations. Distancing herself from her giggly American Idol image may be just what the highly-tressed songstress needs to make her career soar. It worked for Kelly Clarkson!

The sultry siren's album is set to drop January 30.


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If she didn't have the looks, she never would have been on that stage in the very end. NEVER! Chris or Elliot should have won.

I wonder if seeing his daughter with her legs spread like a ho is bringing Mr. McPhee to tears. I don't have anything against this chick, but I also have heard she isn't the nicest person in the world and she sung off-key a whole lotta times!! She doesn't do jack for me.

2808 days ago

We, are not amused.    

I hope she is "BARE...DOWN THERE"!

2808 days ago


Hey, she's gotta do something to sell her CD. Her single sure didn't sell very many copies.

2807 days ago


See what happens when a woman dresses like that? Look at all the comments in here. Nothin' but trash. Show a little class Katharine!

2807 days ago


She is exceptionally pretty. However, so are MILLIONS of young women. I don't think she is a vocal powerhouse. She is bland in the singing dept. A crotch shot may be good for the 1st week of CD sales, but Kat has NO identity and often comes off as a MINDLESS FOOL in interviews. Perhaps reading more & getting an education would help her form a more adult & solid foundation in her life. Carrie went back & finished her college education & she was & is already much brighter, intelligent & way more talented than Kat. Finally, I agree with whoever said that this past season the 2 STAND-OUT Talents were Elliott & Chris.

2807 days ago

Hello Kitty    

Finally !

I can't wait for her cd.

Its crazy/silly the way some AI fans don't like other AI singers or their fans.

2807 days ago


I think Katherine should have been voted out after they picked the final 12.
She screwed up how many times. Lets just say Chris Daughtry will go alot farther than the two winners.

2807 days ago

Jack Meoff    

She's the real winner! Beautiful.

2807 days ago


Mc Phee is a total loser!!!
On American Idol there was no way she out sang Chris,Taylor or Elliot and she showed poor sportsmanship the night of announcing winner.
As far as her new bod..anyone can lose weight and pack on a pound of make-up to look good...Sorry nothing about this "girl" is attractive.

2807 days ago


C'mon people... CHRIS DAUGHTRY should have won the last American Idol. His new CD rocks and he has major talent. Good luck to McPhee though... she didn't fade away and she's trying to make her dream come true! She looks adorable and can sing better than any "Simpson" sister LOL

Happy holidays!

2807 days ago


Wendy, what in the hell is so adorable about her? You can't tell what's real and what's not. The bitch wears so many hair extentions and when she's not wearing them , her hair is thin and all fucked up. She wears so much makeup than the rock band Kiss themselves. She has her teeth whitened probably on a monthly basis, cause she vomits 7 times a day. This bitch still vomits, that's why her voice sucks. Her damn boobs are not hers, she has stated that she did get a boob job. The bitch was fat at the beginning of the show and now has lost weight and it shows, cause when she wears those mini skirts, you can see the flab behind her legs everytime she squats to pose for a picture and sticks out her fat ass. Her nails are fake and she dresses up like a whore these days. What in the fuck is so adorable about that? I'm a New Yorker and trust me there are plenty of beautiful women that can out shine that bitch any day. Her album will suck and won't sell like she and her daddy wanted it to. She's a selfish bitch and she's gonna be proven pretty soon why she'll never be the best selling idol artist ever. Kelly and Carrie have more class than that old man loving bitch.

2807 days ago


OK, I'll give Daughtry his props. He should have been in the finals (with Kat) and is very talented. He will probably outsell Taylor. If Elliott is supposedly so "hot," why does he not have a contract yet? Why do record labels think he's not worth getting one? As for Taylor, he does NOT have the look of a star. He could probably look like George Clooney with some styling, but he prefers to look like his usual frumpy self. He does not have a voice as strong as Kat's. His skill is with the crazy spastic dancing moves. Now the entertainment world has lots of pretty girls trying to be big stars, but they don't have the X-factor that Kat has. Love or hate her, she grabs your attention and you can't let it go. This includes you haters who just can't help bashing her on message boards. Oh, and Chris, the reason her nails are "fake" is because she is a nervous person and has a bad habit of biting her nails. This one of the little things that endear Kat to her fans who "get" her.

2807 days ago


It doesn't bother me personally this picture.

Many of the gays at like Kat but the
and the mods and especially the admins really hate Katharine McPhee not only allow there criticize 24/7 of Katharine but there support it 100% in the General Forum.

I wouldn't be shock if the admins & mods of IDF themselfs go sites such as this one to spread the hate of Kat.

2807 days ago


Hey, Jimmy, you assjack, Elliott DOES have a contract and his album is due out in Feb. He didn't settle like the others, he waited for a good record deal, and he is actually putting some WORK into his album, unlike McPee who had to rush to get hers out before everyone forgot who she was! Elliott's will outsell Taylor and McPee's albums, mark my words!!

2807 days ago


Why is these hack news? She's not going to sell that many cds. People watch American Idol to see who will be voted off. Not to be told who the next big pop star is.

2807 days ago
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