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Naughty & Nice


12/25/2006 10:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After everything that went down in Hollywood this year, Santa had to stock up on coal, however, not everyone who made the pages of TMZ is in St. Nick's doghouse.

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Angelina has truly been an angel this year. Don't even want to start where Nicole has gone wrong. I only wonder if Brad Pitt can keep up with Angelinas "goodness". How soon will he get tired of that crap?

Is she worth it? Hell yea!

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2805 days ago

Tara aka Plush    

Merry Christmas Nicole to you and your family.

I want to comment on your part with being an 'icon' in this country and you can be! Take for instance, Tara Conner being bashed by the Former Miss USA -- what are her qualifications as Miss USA? How can she state -- I've never started an *internet scandal*, well Miss Former USA what have you done for this country other than portray yourself in areas that you can't even claim to experience in real life?

For instance, do you know what it's like to be engaged in the war of Iraq, Middle America or even know what it's like to understand the warfare from this men and women that serve this country? The answer, NO!

Do you know what it's like to be a single mother, living on the system, surviving the 'real world', making it through areas of real life, (even a young teen mother or adult one), the answer, NO!

Do you know what it's like to be a child who has a parent on the system and trying to survive in the 'projects and welfare system of this country'? The answer, NO!

Have you ever driven through teh projects anywhere in the US and learned from hands on experience what it is like in this country? The answer, NO!

Do you know what it's like to have a drug or alcohol problem and having to deal with it as a single or married person with children? The answer, NO!

Have you ever had an emotional problem that many teens suffer from with growing up dealing with the pressures of life, drugs, sex, abuse and running because there is no one out there that can understand you because the format in this country is 'everything is so perfect', the answer, NO!

Have you worked with the US Government in regards to the poor, middle class or the ''''real''' problems in this country concerning these issues? Have you ever tried to reform welfare or voluntered for any programs that would benefit children and those on the system? Do you even know what I am talking about? The answer, NO!

Do you know what it is like to be obese and deal with the struggles of life within that atmosphere? The answer, NO!

So in short, wtf do you represent in this country as Miss USA? Show me a womans that can handle any of the above without 'selling' the 'you have to be perfect, work your way into the 'elite' crowd and hide all your secrets and problems. Oh, I got an idea, how about laxitives or vomiting to be perfect for that Mr. I'm so right with my family name and money. Or let's be a cocaine addict and then hide it but be sure that we present ourselves in the public eye as something totally different. Yeah, that's a great role model for children, someone who doesn't live in reality and clueless to the majority of children out there right now, especially with children who have parents overseas engaged in war.

Yeah, and I get judged but I can answer every one of these f'n questions.

There is nothing better than someone who can live 'real life' and overcome it without being a superficial sell-out.

You have my prayers Nicole.

2805 days ago


Angelina and nice? Are you kidding me? Sure she's the nicest person if you consider being a hypocrite and a husband stealer ''nice''. The woman doesn't even own upto what she did. Not only has she done wrong but she's goes around bragging about how good she is. She's got some nerve I tell you.

2805 days ago


America loves Nicole baby! With that cute little face, hair over one eye and sexy skin color it is no wonder she is Americas favorite little angel!

2805 days ago


Oh please! Holie nice? She's as fake as the day is long and on top of it got pregnant by a married man. What's nice about that? She's trash.

2805 days ago


Leonardo DiCaprio? I don't ever think so! Opportunist and creepy behind closed doors.

2805 days ago


Angelina.....did'nt force brad pitt to cheat, he was already a cheatin bastard, everybody in show buiness does it, they all trade spit!

2805 days ago


Good Hell Miss plush,

Although the current Mass America definitely has some issues, you are a little harsh in your expectations of what kind of life experience these young girls in their 20s should have to represent our country.

Do you know what its like to be engaged in the war of Iraq?
Do you know what it is like to be a single mother living on the system?
Do you know what its like to be a child trying to survive in the projects on welfare?
Have you ever driven through the projects?
Do you know what its like to be a single parent with a drug problem?
Did you ever have any emotional problems due to the fact there was sex abuse in your home?
These may be the requirements to be Miss Teen Crack Ho but not Miss USA.

My questions to you Miss plush would be;

Did you ever work 40 hours a week?
Did you ever live off a pay check and not a welfare check?
Did you ever not live in government housing?
Did you ever pay cash for food and not use food stamps?
Did you ever go for an 18 month period between your 14th birthday and your 21st birthday with out being pregnant?

I am sorry Miss plush, but even though our current Miss USA is not the pillar of society I would still prefer her over what ever psychopathic, disturbed, neurotic, lunatic we would get in a 20 year old that has had all the life experience you want them to have.

2805 days ago


In our part of the world, stealing someone from someone is not at all nice. It is considered e-v-i-l. Angelina has to work extra hard to save the world before we recognize her as an angel. She thinks a marriage is unsalvageable for a couple like Brad/Jen then she should think about the work toward salvaging an image like hers.

2805 days ago


It takes two to tango. Yeah...perhaps Angie was flirting and coming on to Brad when they were filming but he was married and should have not responded. Don't just blame her...he is no angel! She is a hypocrit though because she hates her father for cheating and hasn't spoken to him in five years...yet she is in love with a man who has done exactly the same...and she provoked him.

2805 days ago

The Girl from the Grove    

Angelina = Nice??? WTH?
She's about as nice as a friggin' yeast infection!

2805 days ago

Man of the Hour    

You guys are too uptight....they are talking about who was naughty and nice in 2006. The whole Brad-Angie-Jen thing went down in 2005. In 2006, Angelina was terrific, so get over it. EVERYONE knows someone who has been in such a situation, and yet we frogivr our friends and relatives for doing so. Why hold celebs to a higher moral code then people in our own lives? PLEASE! And Angie is mad at her father for more then just the affair her father had. He had that affair WAY before they fell out...they did Tomb Raider together for god sake. Get over it, Angie is terrific. She may not have been perfect in the past, but having an affair with a married man shouldn't forever make you a bad person, no matter how much is good about you. Audrey Hepburn had an affair with a married man and people love her. In fact, so many GREAT people that YOU love have, and you forgive them....why can't you let go of this one? Seriously, ask yourself why.

2805 days ago

Fire Crotch    

I agree with Man of the Hour!! I mean, okay, so many people have affairs, but for some reason Angie's affair with Brad is UNFORGIVABLE. I have also found that odd. And you are right, everyone knows a friend, sibling, parent, etc who has cheated or been with somenoe who is attached and they are always forgiven. The list of people who have had affairs and remain revered by the public is so long it's ridiculous. The only thing I can come up with is that this affair is all anyone can come up with to hate Angelina, that is legitimate. Think about it....if this affair never happened, she would be like, the most perfect woman you can imagine. That drives people, particularly women, absolutely crazy. It fills them with jealousy, because they know (as I do) she is just so magnificent, both inside and out. Then this affair happens....suddenly, all those jealous of her have something to hold onto. Something to throw in her face no matter what. It's the one thing they have to make themselves feel superior to her. It's actually quite pathetic. As a woman, I can only admire her. Sure, I wish she and Brad hooked up in better circumstances, and I think what she did isn't nice, but, I forgive her because while affairs are not nice things to do to the people involved, it does not, in itself, make you a bad person. Especially if you are not the one who made any promises (Brad cheated, Angie did not).

2805 days ago


has everybody forgotten about the pictures with angilina and her brother tradin spit,i think her and her family is a lot closer then

2805 days ago


#22: The reason why his death is such a loss is because unlike a lot of the clowns on the music scene today, he actually had TALENT!!!!

2805 days ago
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