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Naughty & Nice


12/25/2006 10:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After everything that went down in Hollywood this year, Santa had to stock up on coal, however, not everyone who made the pages of TMZ is in St. Nick's doghouse.

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Here are the images of the nice​... and the naughty!


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US/STAR Lies    

People stop with the blame game on Angelina. She has a good heart and practices what she believes. NEITHER A MAN OR A WOMAN CAN BE STOLEN, MARRIED OR SINGLE, THEY ARE NOT RUGS TO BE ROLLED UP AND CARTED AWAY IN THE NIGHT. Get real and move on. Brad's marriage was not working, JA filed for divorce because she knew it was not working for her as well for whatever reason. Brad and Angelina appear to care deeply for one another and their three children.

2836 days ago


I don't think people hate Jolie so much for the affair as much as they (I) do for her being a liar and just plan strange. She says she hates her dad because he cheated yet it's okay for her to have sex and get pregnant by a married man. No, it's not okay. And no, she'd not be perfect even if the affair had never happened. She's someone that's starving for attention and goes about getting it the wrong way. If she was helping as many people as she claims, there'd be no hungry people in Africa. It's all b.s. and she continues to call the press every time she farts. It gets old. Very old.

2836 days ago


it always cracks me up when you jealous bitches get on here and judge angelina, b/c of pure envy. she is not evil, evil people do not give 1/3 of their income to the less fortunate, evil people to not draw attention to good causes to help. grow up and try to love yourselves.

2836 days ago


some of you poor mother f******s are having a harder time than aniston is over the demise of her marriage. it's been two damn years get over it.

2836 days ago


I couldn't care less about the spouse trading in Hollywood, but just once I would like to see Jolie do something without alerting the media. A true humanitarian is someone who helps others when noone is looking.

2836 days ago

Movie Ticket Buyer    

That should have read "Nichole - Naughty" and "Angelina - pure hell"

2836 days ago


if being a man stealer, and continually trying to rub it in the other parties face makes you " nice" this holiday season what would it take to be naughty?

loved her movies, but still a HOME WRECKER. DON't get me wrong. HE"S as much to blame as she is. He knew the rumor when he did the movie with her. SHE ONLY DID WHAT HE ALLOWED HER TO DO.

2835 days ago


I think Angelina has been plenty bad this year. She may have stolen someone's husband in 2005, but she's decided to faunt it in Vogue in 2006! How can she say she didn't know anything about Brad's marriage except that that he was married to his best friend? In a marriage, being best friends IS THE MOST important thing and you don't interfere with that. She had no respect for that relationship and did everything possible to manipulate it in such a fashion that she get what SHE wanted for HER. Now she tries to bring poor Maddox into this as if he did it all for him. Please child ! you were thinking of you and you planted the " Brad is my Daddy" idea into the childs head from day one. Although your gorgeous, men get tired of beautiful women too and Brad will tire of you soon enough. Then you'll realize that what goes around, comes around.

2835 days ago


yea! leave angelina alone you fugly mannisten fans! man, it appears that you fugly mannisten fans have also turned into some kind of jealous monsters, that all of you ever do is come on here and curse and call angelina names, call brad names, and even their 3 children. gotta admit, all of you mannisten fans are freakin NUTS! i gues thats why the mannisten looks like she's a nusto too! but you know what, seems to me that the way some of you keep coming on here accusing angelina of stealing brad from mannisten, seems to me like its the same person, and that person seems to me, is probably the mannisten herself. i'll bet money on this that some of these nics are from the mannisten herself. why! because its always about angelina stealing brad. guess what? no one can steal anyone from someone that will not be stolen. get it! too many weirdos, that this mannisten person has on her side. but i really think that the person talking on here is the real ugly mannisten herself. yea!

2834 days ago


mg! its become sooooooo obvious that so many of these people on here with their, "angelina stole brad from jen" crap; HAVE JUST GOTTA BE THE JEN ANISTON HERSELF! sincerely! this jen i guess has REALLY BECOME A WARPED INDIVIDUAL! i guess its true about vince stating that he couldn't stand how jen gets on the blogs to read what the world is saying about her and stuff; and always having this obsession about brad and angelina's life and gossip. and, its become obvious that she'll be 100 years old and she will still have not gotten over her losing brad pitt. listen up, anisten aka 100 nics, brad is gone, and you now need to get over it, and move on w ith your life. your not the only one in the world that has gotten dumped. there are thousands of women in the world that have gotten dumped, what makes you so special? what! because your jen! man you really have a SCREWED UP HEAD ON YOUR SHOULDERS! please go get another man, and have some kids yourself, then maybe this obsession of yours will STOP. PLEASE GET A LIFE, I'M SICK OF HEARING ABOUT HOW JOLIE STOLE BRAD FROM YOU. YOU HAVE REALLY BECOME SUCH A SAD SACK, POOR PATHETIC PERSON! NO WONDER YOUR POPULARITY IS DWINDLING!

2834 days ago
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