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Jessica and Nick Settle Up on Money

12/29/2006 7:53 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nick Lachey, Jessica SimpsonJessica Simpson and Nick Lachey have finally come to an agreement on who gets what in their three-and-a-half year marriage.

TMZ has obtained documents filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, revealing that Simpson and Lachey both signed a "written stipulation" on their financial dispute.

The couple was officially divorced last June, however, they were unable at the time to reach an agreement on dividing assets. TMZ first reported that Jessica and Nick earned a total of $36 million during their marriage. Since there was no prenup, under California's community property laws, each should have walked away with $18 million. Sources told TMZ that Jessica offered Nick a scant $1.5 million, which he rejected.

Sources say under the terms of the settlement, Nick will get "significantly" more than $1.5, but far less than $18 million. Nick agreed to the settlement in order to avoid an ugly court battle.

According to legal papers, Simpson and Lachey each filed financial declarations but agreed never to disclose the financial assets of the other.

By the way, even though Jessica walked away with tens of millions of dollars, she still stiffed the valet last night. Check out the TMZ video!


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Nick go get the love of your life..Jess..You two are great together..

2805 days ago

Save Shiloh from Angelina ~    

To Nick Lachey ~

Getting rid this talentless skank was the best thing to ever happen to you and your future !

If not for her boobs , pimp daddy Simpson and the obvious bjs she and her sister give to every guy in Hollywood ! these Simpson sluts would be at the very most working at Walmart !

I am shocked that the Simpson family has duped soooo many ppl ?! Theyare millionaires Thanks to stupid ppl every where :(

2858 days ago

LATINA LOVER and loving it    

He shouldn't get sh*t, he didn't do a damn think except sing in that boy band...what was is nsink,sidestreet boys, boys in motion or some sh*t.... And hasn't done a damn thing since

2858 days ago


if nick was a female he would have received half of the money they earned a female i am offended that isn't the standard for a male & believe no matter what nick should get the full $18 million....fair is fair....

2858 days ago

Heidi SUCKS ASS    

Jessica's weak as they come.

2858 days ago


Well done for keeping it dignified Nick, thatvhorse faced desperado would have done anything to squeeze out any extra dime. Well, she'll need it where she's headed.

2858 days ago


Hmmm, looking at those two photos next to each other, Nick would make a far more convincing and attractive women if he donned the same tranny costume as the Simpson whore, no?????

2858 days ago


I agree, I am convinced she is a man. Her face and body are extremely masculine. The only "female" parts on her are the fake bits, the boobs, hair, browlift, and injected lips. Her torso is very short and stumpy and without butt pads she has no ass.

2858 days ago


Wierdo fake religious people aften prey on young boys as well, it makes sense for creepy Joe to exploit his son, but find him more marketable as a female skank????? God, that family is even sicker than I thought!!!!!!

2858 days ago


HAHA I bet she is even more depressed this Holiday

2858 days ago

Lenn K    

Susan, I have to disagree with you. Wal-mart is way over their heads. McDonalds would be more like. Nick is in the wind and life has never been better for him and Vanessa. Jessica on the other hand does have her big boobs, still doesn't have any talent, movies have bombed, stiffed a valet, missed the Kennedy awards and got a sh*t load of money. She'll need it because unless she take it off for her next movie that career is die.

2858 days ago


She needs to keep all of Nick's money cause she won't be able to afford all her plastic surgery without leeching off his work. She's 26 and looks like Joan Rivers, can't wait to see her at 35, hahahahahahahaha.

2858 days ago


Gee, I'm so glad that's settled. Now I can sleep tonight.

2858 days ago


Oh, and I'm sure soon enough, her family will start posting how "jealous" we are of her to be so critical of the talenteless bubblehead. But if you post that can you please explain why we are jealous of a miserable hag that is the joke of Hollywood, and the world??? Cause that's where I lose the logic....

2858 days ago


I prefer Paris Hilton to this horseface. At least she's HER OWN pimp, and um, her album sold more than Skankson's didn't it. Woops, and she still calls herself a singer, haha.

2858 days ago
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