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Lampley: "I'm Not Guilty of This Charge"

1/5/2007 12:59 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sportscaster Jim Lampley has issued a statement, just two days after he was arrested for spousal abuse.

"I am innocent of the charge of domestic abuse that has been leveled against me and will vigorously defend myself," Lampley said. "I have tremendous respect for the justice system as a whole and for the San Diego courts and District Attorney's office specifically.

"I'm confident that the process will prove that I'm not guilty of this charge. I thank my friends and family for their support during this difficult time, and ask for the understanding and patience from the media until my legal situation allows me to discuss this in more depth."

Police arrested Lampley outside of San Diego on Wednesday night after he allegedly threw fiancée Candice Sanders against the wall of her apartment after drinking and smoking pot.

Sanders, Miss California USA 2003, appeared in a San Diego court Thursday to request a permanent restraining order against Lampley. The judge granted her request.


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Torshion Bar    


2846 days ago


Ill stay on the fence for this one. He looks like a wife-beater but there's no telling what a devious bitch would do when she's on the rag.

2846 days ago



2846 days ago


#3: Glad to see that you realize it might be the person and not the gender, Ray.

2846 days ago


My money saids, that this guy is either an alcoholic or can't handle drinking and or drugs, and in a drunken state, probabally a "black out" state he did do all these things she is claiming, but in all realty he can't remember and believe in his own mine that it didn't happend! Has happened to me, numerous people I know and very close family members! He more than likely is very regretful, plan's to never get in that state again (until the next time, promises, promises)--If she loves or loved the guy, she'll forgive him, they'll make-up and everything will be dropped! If she is truly over the guy, she'll keep the restaining order and probabaly not see him anymore and he'll move on!
Never ending cycle with some people!

2846 days ago


Any man who allows his child to be born with a deformity is a selfish person in my eyes. Ex wife Bree Walker and he should both rot somewhere. Trust me he did do these things. What a disgusting pig.

2846 days ago

Tony J.    

Let's should I start?

Well, Suzie Q., I haven't responded with vitriol to any of these forums, but there's always a first time, as they say.

Who the f*ck are you to bring Bree Walker into this? Or to make judgements on their decisions on procreating? Your comments have no logical connection to this story.

I don't know Bree personally, but I met her in a restaurant near South Coast Plaza in Orange County about a year ago. I must say, for a post-9/11 world, she was quite gracious and overall, very sweet to talk to a complete stranger who came up to her while she was alone and after her meal.

Say or feel what you will about Jim, but leave others out of it, especially Bree!

Just my FOUR cents!

2846 days ago

CrazY DiamonD    

What an a**hole. I am behind her 100% I hope he gets prison time.

2846 days ago

CrazY DiamonD    

And RAY you seem like a real f***ing winner.
I'm sure the woman are just crawling all over you. Right. A**hole

2846 days ago

ann coulter    

what is it with the lips of candy and bree? oh, never mind. i get it. ol jimbo likes how those fish lips can be used in places other than under H2O.

2846 days ago


Susie Q..your comments.."Any man who allows his child to be born with a deformity is a selfish person in my eyes. Ex wife Bree Walker and he should both rot somewhere. Trust me he did do these things. What a disgusting pig.

Posted at 12:55PM on Jan 5th 2007 by Suzie Q"
are discriminating. You are an ugly person. They wanted a child...there was a chance that it would have a deformity but they didn't care. I bet your mother is wishing she took the morning after pill after conceiving you.

2846 days ago


What is with the lips on both of these women? Scary!

2846 days ago

Mad Balls    

Hey jimmy just bring the girl over with 420 and some liquid refreshment and i'll show you how its' done . The only beating will be you slapping your meat as I show you how " to treat a lady ". Dickhead

2846 days ago

howie aint had any in 10 yrs!    

i would have thought larry merchant would be the drunk one........he always starts slurring words by the time round 3 rolls around.........
love lampley on boxing, but i hope he did not box his wife. let's see what round 3 brings to the ring.

2846 days ago


CrazY DiamonD, Lets not pretend like a woman has never fabricated a life-ending allegation before. I bet you were one of the first to condemn the Duke guys, huh?

2846 days ago
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