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Mary-Kate: Not Booty-licious

1/5/2007 2:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Double, double toil and trouble; Please turn Mary-Kate's boots into rubble. If only!

With the help of her favorite witch boots and an inexplicable indifference toward hair care, Mary-Kate Olsen is single-handedly spearheading the Beverly Hills street urchin look. Spare some change?

Just because she seems homeless, don't think that looking this bad comes cheap; MK's orthopedic torture devices disguised as high-end footwear will run you about $1500. That's a lot of lunches at the soup kitchen! Olsen's Balenciaga boots are the ugliest things in the fashion biz since ... Donatella Versace.


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What happened to the sweet little Michelle Tanner?Huh????MK &Ash used to be cool people-Like on Full House.What happened?They look like bony little rats that neeeeeed some rehab.... and quick!I'm jus bummed of how they could have been ok people but there jus annorexic nobodies that could have made somethin out of there life but jus threw it away for them gaggable boots.I'm ashamed, very ashamed.

2789 days ago


I dont even know what my opinion of these twins is. they are both reeally weird and a weird way.
I feel like a point is being made but i dont get it. thus defeating the purpose of sending a message.
it's like i keep waiting for them to get popped for a DUI of some mary jane...but nothing. it's like a train wreck that is so incredibly slow you just want it to colide already.

2847 days ago


These twp twins have done nothing in there lifes except being "cute babies" ENOUGH ALL READY WITH THESE TWO SWATS!!!!!!

2847 days ago

My two cents    

So what! She is probably comfortable and does not give a crap what anyone thinks. Like the writer of this particular piece is a fashion plate? I have met Mary Kate and she is a really nice gal and I think it is BS that the best TMZ can do is continually pick on her. You guys are complete asses.

2847 days ago

My Middle Name Ain't Grace    

These boots are so hideous, they are hilarious. In fact, click on the link to Balenciaga boots. ALL of their shoes are absolutely hideous! I've found the trend among the rich and tasteless is to wear the ugliest things that money can buy. We don't really care that they cost $1000, honey, they make you look horrible and we all laugh at your lack of style. The Olsen twins are supposed to be in the fashion business? Mmmkay...

2847 days ago


They are always going shopping at expensive boutiques and stores, right? So what do they do with the clothes they buy. They sure aren't wearing them.

2847 days ago


TMZ, seriously, get over the boots. They're BOOTS. Just boots. They weren't even worth a single mention, but you've blathered on about them umpteen times now. Yawn.

2847 days ago


1500 dollar boots...Olsen twins need to go talk to Oprah, Warren Buffett and Bill and Melinda Gates to learn how to put their insane net worth to use in a way that will bring them satisfaction. I have not seen either of them caught with a smile in any photos in years. Such inner unhappiness masked with wretched and grunged out clothes and accessories all screaming "Help Me"....


2847 days ago


Not to mention the fact that she is WEARING the SAME shirt and bottoms.... The only thing this child seems to change is her hair color!!

2847 days ago


Hey, 'Laughing at all of YOU'.
The Olsen twins just called me and said to thank you for sticking up for them. They said they would have never been able to stick up for themselves without you. They totally want to be your BFFs now.

2847 days ago

CrazY DiamonD    

I love the fact that she wears what she wants and doesn't give a crap about what other's think.
She's a millionaire, but not faking it up, with fake boobs, millions of dollars of bling, fake EVERYTHING to try to get people to like her.
I like Mary-Kate and think she should continue doing what SHE wants F*** the shallow tabloids & society !!!

2847 days ago


Looks like a walking corpse.

2847 days ago

My two cents    

L Worth-- Are you kidding? Oh my gosh!! I have been dying to be BFF with them!! Make sure the dial me soon, k????


2847 days ago


These two need an extreme makeover.

2847 days ago


I'm sorry, but these 2 have to be the ugliest people I've ever seen! They have all this money & they dress like that! They are definitley skank. I didn't like them when they were babies & I still don't like them. What are you afraid to spend money on real clothes? Gain some weight, you look like if a strong wind would come by, it would blow you 2 away. NASTY!
#8, they are walking corpses with $1000 shoes. Who in the h-- would buy shoes for that much? If you're going to make a fashion statement, cut the hair, gain some weight, wear better looking clothes. Give me you're check book, I could use some nice clothes.

2847 days ago
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