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Rosie and Babwa

Tag-Team Lying Trump

1/8/2007 1:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Yeah, she went there all right. Rosie O'Donnell took yet another swing at Donald Trump today, calling him the "Ever-ready [sic] Comb-Over Bunny," while Barbara Walters added a smackdown of her own, accusing Trump of lying.

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Rosie wasted no time in her first "View" appearance of 2007 to punch back at Trump, likening the Donald to "Mount Vesuvius" and taking another potshot at the mogul's unfortunate hair. Then, Babwa piled on, asserting that Trump had concocted his assertion that she "hates" Rosie. "Everything he said I said about [Rosie] is totally untrue," said Babwa.

And just when Ro said she would put an end to her Trump-bashing early in the show, she kept on going, and going, and going Energizer-style herself, doing another cranky impression and slyly (and jokingly) insinuating that Trump might have had something to do with the persistent gas smell lingering over Manhattan this morning. (Trump had nothing to say, by the way, during his appearance on "Live with Regis and Kelly" today.)

Mr. Trump, we await your response.


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Dr Gruv    

rosie needs to shut up & eat her biscuts!!

2782 days ago


Don't mess with Babwa!! I hope that Rosie and Barbra continue to stick it to "The donald" (yes, omitted the capital "d" for a reason, he doesn't deserve it) Just because his father gave him a bunch of $$ and contacts, does not make him superior to anyone, maybe somewhat less of a man because he didn't do any of it himself.

2782 days ago


You forgot to mention that Joy joined in on the comments. Rosie was just adding humor to Joy's comments. You also forgot to mention that there are a lot of FAT people who are upset with DT calling Rosie fat. Not everyone can be as thin as his wife. I wonder if she gained weight, would he still be with her? Of course, nothing was mentioned during Regis and Kelly this morning. Regis is a good friend of DT and Regis would not have asked, Regis would not be invited back to Florida if he did. I felt Rosie did well considering how DT, his wife and daughter had been attacking her last week. Let's hope this is the end.

2782 days ago


He did comment on his wifes weight after the baby there was an interview in which she said she had lost all the baby weight and he was quick to add almost all

2782 days ago


I boycotted his ego show last night, like it mattered to anyone. he is such an ass i am loving him being trashed.
why are bullies surprised when people start attacking back?!

2782 days ago


ha ha!! Go Rosie, way to tell that ugly snob.

2782 days ago


Rosie is the biggest annoyance. She is nothing but:

*a failure
* doesnt deserve to be on any TV show.

Can't she just overeat so much she dies? Then we'll be rid of her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2782 days ago


DT is a bastard. I think he took this whole thing way too far. Rosie may be many things but she has an enormous heart and does more for this country's children than DT ever will. He took the lame way out with fat insults and calling her a loser because he has nothing valid to back up any statements.


2782 days ago


to be honest....I'm sick of both of them. They both need to zip it.

2782 days ago


I think Rosie actually has a secret crush on the Donald, thats why she talks about him so much. She can't seem to get him off her mind.

2782 days ago

Kathie is a phony    

BP..YOU ARE AN IDIOT! First of all, she is NOT a failure. You should have as much money as she does. Second, she is NOT all that heavy. Take another look a**hole, and third, why don't you go crawl in a hole somewhere and DROP DEAD! You are nothing but an illiterate moron. The View rules! Go watch the apprentice, Donald dufus needs a viewer!

2782 days ago


Keep up the fight Rosie. Donald's a phony!!

2782 days ago

blah blah blah    

I'm not a "VIEW" participant.......................
But........Even though Rosie is comical and opinionated.......That is how this whole escapade got started and is what the show is all about in the 1st place. I am SO glad Rosie stepped up to the plate and clarified DT utmost digesting and sickening behavior. There was no reason WHAT SO EVER to have drug it out as long and as far as he has obviously done.
DT sounds like the broken down, unprofessional and immature behavioral rich bastard that he represents himself of being.
Hey Donald .........................Very MANLY of you to have brought and gotten your children and wife to be your back up supporter.
Not man enough to handle it alone or even on a mature like level?
Get over your overindulged rich ass! Your money does not have what it takes to buy class and never will!

2782 days ago

Kathie is a phony    

Hey! I heard Trump is stinking up NY with his gas bag smell! We all knew he was full of sh*t! Or maybe it's his breath, all that sh*t smells the same! Go Rosie!

2782 days ago


I don't care who said what anymore.....

Can't this please just end?

2782 days ago
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