Rosie and Babwa Tag-Team Lying Trump

1/8/2007 1:25 PM PST

Rosie and Babwa Tag-Team Lying Trump

Yeah, she went there all right. Rosie O'Donnell took yet another swing at Donald Trump today, calling him the "Ever-ready [sic] Comb-Over Bunny," while Barbara Walters added a smackdown of her own, accusing Trump of lying.

Rosie wasted no time in her first "View" appearance of 2007 to punch back at Trump, likening the Donald to "Mount Vesuvius" and taking another potshot at the mogul's unfortunate hair. Then, Babwa piled on, asserting that Trump had concocted his assertion that she "hates" Rosie. "Everything he said I said about [Rosie] is totally untrue," said Babwa.

And just when Ro said she would put an end to her Trump-bashing early in the show, she kept on going, and going, and going Energizer-style herself, doing another cranky impression and slyly (and jokingly) insinuating that Trump might have had something to do with the persistent gas smell lingering over Manhattan this morning. (Trump had nothing to say, by the way, during his appearance on "Live with Regis and Kelly" today.)

Mr. Trump, we await your response.