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"The Geek" Joins the N-Bomb Club

1/11/2007 3:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brat packer Anthony Michael Hall used the N-word twice while signing autographs and posing for pictures with fans last night, and it all went down outside the Laugh Factory, of all places.

Hall, the star of such 80s classics as "Sixteen Candles" and "The Breakfast Club," uttered several obscenities as he joked around with fans and photographers outside the same Hollywood comedy club where Michael Richards made his infamous rant back in November. When a particularly large, Hispanic looking fan came up to Hall looking to take a picture with him, Hall jokingly said, "I am scared of this nigga right here."

About a minute or two later, while posing for a pic with another fan, Hall says to someone off camera, "What up nigga?"

Throughout the video, Hall half-seriously told several people to "get the f**k out of here" and joked that the cameraman would sell the video to a TV show -- ha, close! During the taping, Hall also joked several times about being high.


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Is California full of "White N****s"?

2839 days ago


It doesn't matter if he was kidding that's just disguisting and tactless!

2839 days ago

ManBearPig Huntress    

Oh for God's sake, get a life people. "Disgusting and tactless!" must lead a very boring, pathetic existence.


2839 days ago

Save Shiloh from Angelina ~    

Uhm .... I watched my favorite comedian the other night CHRIS ROCK !! and he uses it non stop !

Why all the racial sensitivity ?! Ppl seriously need to get a fucking life !!

2839 days ago


look for him in a couple of years on vh1's surreal life or whatever that show is called.

2839 days ago


i never understood why black people get so offended by a word...

can someone tell me why????

2839 days ago


Slim Shady and Kid Rock are the only white boyz who run with people of Color , in fact , Kid Rocks son is half black ( and so handsome )and it is not for show. They came from trailer homes and disfuctional families and write about it with real street cred'. I dont know anyone that thinks of Slim or Kid as "white niggers" , the people I associate with , of all Colors, eather dont like rap/hip hop at all, or ( like me , part of the 35-50 years gen OLD :) ) enjoy a bit of all music including rap. As for Anthony Michael Hall, hes a has been ( big time ) and would do anything for attention. Enough said. Peace and Love :)

2839 days ago


He just keepin' it Hood!! .. No biggie, he gets a pass ... He wasn't saying it to be offensive.... It's like calling a girl a b*tch and a B*TCH! ... Get it? there's a difference!

2839 days ago

Jinxy Cat    

Ha!! Ha!!!

I think it's freakin hilarious!
Get OVER it....*yawns*

2839 days ago


I highly doubt that black people will get up and arms about a white person using the n-word in this way. It is completely different from how michael richards used it. There r some white people who hang w/ black people (think eminem) that get away w/ using it all the time. Even J-LO used it in that song w/ Ja Rule and that was a huge song that year w/ very little backlash. It's all about who u r, how u use it and what u mean when u use it.

2839 days ago

Concerned person    

#13 what if a black person called you a cracker, would you be offended.

2839 days ago


Alot of whites are started to lose that good-ole Ameican whiteness of days past. They have been affected by rap music as much as anyone else. They are becoming "White N****s".

2839 days ago


i wouldn't be offended if i was called a cracker..

Infact i find it almost hypocritical that black people say it all the time, but will bitch if a white person says it.

there is a double standard in america... and the double standard is simply an issue, becuase it leads to people being prejudice.

for example.. its okay to have "miss black USA" or "Black History" month..

but if it was "miss white USA" or "White history" month.... sh*t would hit the fan.

2839 days ago


Anthony Michael Hall has "soul". He was just being friendly. He gets a pass.

I have ALWAYS been a fan!!!

2839 days ago


I'M AFRICAN AMERICAN!!!!!!!! TMZ, stop tryin to start sh*t!!! He was obviously using NIGGA the same way many other white, hispanic AND african americans do!!!!!! It doesn't offend me and I'm tired of people telling me it should! None of my white friends get mad when I call them little white girl! I wasn't out in the cotton fields so why should I keep acting like I was. If Carlos Mencia and Chris Rock can say it, so can this guy (who is he anyway??)

Now if he had said "50 Years ago, you'd be upside down with a fork in up your ass you NIGGER" then there'd be something! Racist people are racist but damn, I'm tired of everyone trying to claim racism. And white people will be the first to call another white person racist. Case in point: this article right here!

2839 days ago
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