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Becks Hits the Bottle

1/12/2007 1:51 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Soccer's golden boy David Beckham might be swift with his feet, but he doesn't have enough hands.

Becks got in touch with his inner child yesterday by sporting this "bottle in the mouth look" while wearing a ridiculous baby bonnet. Posh, on the other hand, opted for her Darth Spice uniform, no doubt frightening their son Cruz's Madrid schoolmates.

Becks and Posh won't be wearing their heavy coats much longer... they'll be heading for California in June when his contract with Real Madrid expires. Less clothing will look better.


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Posh is so disgustingly skinny. I don't know why everyone has given the attention to Mary-Kate Olsen and Nicole Richie when this woman is just as bad, if not worse. No normal womans legs should be that skinny, and if you take a look at other pictures of her that are out right now, she looks horrible. Emaciated. With all that money they have and will soon be given, you'd think she could afford to buy a decent meal.

2848 days ago

Jinxy Cat    

I love Posh's "I need to cover" coat..

"Here David, you carry the kid, I don't want anyone to see me"
What a loser.....Be a mom!!!

2848 days ago


Go Beckams! Some celebrities in U.S should follow such approach to juggling clebrity and parenthood. They sure have a million nannies, but they do get their hands dirty with their own kids as much as they can.

Posh is wearing the same poncho twice! She was seen in a photo at LAX airport wearing the same same scary cloak to disguise herself from papparazzi (somwhere in November).

Vive les Poshs!

2848 days ago


what in the hell is that bitch wearing? Halloween was several months back.
Good Grief woman go and eat some food!
Your are soo ugly!

2848 days ago

Ginger Gargoyle    

I love capes! But short ones just don't look right sometimes. Hey baby bottle in the mouth is a normal thing for a parent...I've seen them suck off a pacifier that has fallen on the floor too--EWWWW!! The things we do for our kids.

2848 days ago

no pervs allowed    

That wasn't Posheur Spice,,, that was the nanny. Everyone knows to kick it like Beckham you have to be a gay footballler.

2848 days ago

the DQ    

There's something very odd looking about that picture. It looks like Posh has been Photoshopped into a picture of only him..........look at her legs/feet. Also, that's NOT a baby bonnet. (insert eye rolling emoticon here)

2848 days ago

Save Shiloh from Angelina ~    

Posh has the weirdest boobs ! They are too fake ! So the cape suits her !!

As for David ... the guy is perfect ;o

2848 days ago


I think Becks is lovely...and he is just ordinary bloke who has no fake maddonna accent..just a great soccer talent.....a wife who has taken her look to the extreme...but he is the real deal.....let time tell... I think he will make a great team player...bringing soccer to the forein the usa

2848 days ago

Kristen Maze    

You go Posh!! You have it all and everyone is jealous! Your hot, Davids HOTTER, Good Luck in the US!!!

2844 days ago

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