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Soccer's Biggest Want to Spend It Like Beckham

1/12/2007 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The biggest names in soccer are looking to score the same huge payday that David Beckham just landed.
Beckham at soccer practice
In the wake of Beckham's record $250 million deal, a well-placed source tells TMZ that several "huge" foreign soccer players have made overtures to U.S. teams looking for the same deal. The curious soccer stars, include some of the biggest David Beckham: click to launchnames in international sport over the past decade. Their names and faces would still have cachet for Major League Soccer, even if their soccer skills are waning.

Still, they shouldn't expect $50 million a year -- or anything near it. One prominent sports marketing consultant who has worked with several MLS teams says that if the European and South American stars think they'll cash in, "they're sadly mistaken. David Beckham is an English-speaking brand that no other player can match."

Several relatively high-profile foreign stars have made the move to MLS in the past, including Lothar Matthaus, Youri Djorkaeff, and Luis Hernandez. But have you heard of any of them? Didn't think so.


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seriously the only people that care about the beck tribe don't live in the U.S.

Soccer is fine and dandy, but not something we should get all excited about or start to watch just because some Michael Jordon wannabe moved to the states. Come on! The only reason they're moving here is for more exposure, money and plastic surgery.

Posh isn't even a celebrity anymore, she really should be on VH1's Surreal Life, then maybe we'd care. Maybe.

2840 days ago


He is not worth 250 million dollars. Not even in his prime was this guy worth that kind of money. He's good but he ain't that good.

2840 days ago


LA is lucky to get such a hot player bring on over the other hot players to the U.S. Chicago would welcome them.

2840 days ago


David is just so hot... and i think its gonna be ronaldo and the other team mate of his from real madrid...

2840 days ago

I come ti
everyday soon as i wake up! but dont care for anything about :Beckham or his spice girl,I dont think most of america cares for them.

2840 days ago


yes all soccer (football) fans have heard of thes other players djorkaeff and matthaus were world class in every sense of the word unlike beckham a media hyped player yes a very very good player but by no means world class at all and 99 percent of real football fans will tell u the same!!!!.

2840 days ago

no pervs allowed    

The only soccer "stars" America is getting do not make their respected starting teams anymore in Europe.

2840 days ago


Hmmm, I didnt know soccer was so big in the states, I watch football. (hee hee)

250 million???
That could feed and house alot of people in New Orleans dont you think?

2840 days ago


Who cares about this? You already told us that he's moving. That is the end of story. NO one cares about this excessive stuff. Get over it, TMZ.

2840 days ago


if mr beckham is so good wat has he won since the best manager in the world (sir alex ferguson) kicked him out of man utd. he was a failure at the world cup with england in 2006 and 2002 so mr media hyped beckham aint so good is he people its time u chekd ure sh*t and got a grip.

2840 days ago


u people r f***n sad

2840 days ago


beckham has no trophies or medals from real madrid and no world cup trophy so whats all the hype about hes gona fall on his ass in the usa.and his wife has fake hair fake tits fake personality there two dumb f***s from england that got lucky n posh a fashion icon haaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

2840 days ago


Yes, I've heard about those players... In Europe, we don't care about baseball or football, so don't be so sarcastic... They are not 'stars' here, they are really huge STARS. By the way I don't like Beckham

2840 days ago

Mad Balls    

When he gets caught with Paris Hilton that will be the end of it . Dickhead . If i were him I would spend some of that money on a smile transplant for his wife . My prediction ? Her face will be the hottest halloween costume next year . Dickheads.

2840 days ago


hey and its sh*te telln how it is people but mr beckham is a f***n phoney just like his f***n spice girl cant sing wife so dont be takn in bye the hype u dumb americans or il just slag you

2840 days ago
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