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American Idol Wannabe Already Has a Record

1/18/2007 5:49 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Thomas DanielsBefore he wowed Simon, Paula and Randy during last night's "American Idol," Thomas Daniels took his fair share of punishment from real judges over several criminal charges, including drunk driving.

TMZ has unearthed legal documents which reveal that in 2004, Daniels was convicted of DUI in Clackamas, Oregon. The 21-year-old, who was the first wannabe to get the green light from the "AI" crew on last night's show, pled guilty and was sentenced to a one-year alcohol diversion program and a $680 fine. Daniels also attended eight AA meetings and saw a counselor once a week for two months. After the completing his DUI sentence, the incident was wiped from Daniels' record.

TMZ spoke exclusively with Daniels who said, in reference to his DUI, "I was young and dumb and drinking and driving."

In December 2005, Daniels was arrested again; this time for hit and run. He failed to appear in court for the arraignment, so Daniels was rearrested. TMZ could not find the disposition of the hit and run. Daniels called the incident "another young and dumb situation."

When asked if he disclosed his criminal past to "American Idol" producers, Daniels had no comment.


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Let the guy sing. He worked to exponge his record and that should be upheld, even in the hollywood light.
If this becomes a concern for the show, why didn't Fantasia's pre-marital pregnancy??? TMZ--- be fair in the way that you judge others.

2772 days ago

The Crow    

Wow I can't believe people think that others should be taken out of the show because of past criminal records. Especially misdemeanors like these ones. So what if he f*cked up in his past. Who cares? He's paid his dues and he's a good singer so let him go on with his life. For christ sakes, TMZ as well as some of the posters on here act like they've never made a mistake in their lives. The past doesn't equal the future people!! I'm sure many of you have done stuff you regret and if you would have gotten caught for some of it i'm also sure you may have spent jail time or gotten in trouble with the law too so quit bitching. Its not like he's out on parol for rape or murder. Get a life!!!

- Cole "aka Crow"

2772 days ago


we have politicans getting off with dui's and much more so what's all the hugg about.

2772 days ago


made a mistake meant to say "whats all the guff about"

2772 days ago


Who cares where this guy lives. He already has a record and that is a no-no on Idol. Who wants an American Idol with an arrest record for DUI and Hit and Run! Daniels called the incident "another young and dumb situation." Not! If that is all he thinks it is, he's an idiot! Get a life and good riddance! You suck Daniel!
Good riddance!

2772 days ago


Just leave the guy alone...... How many others are out there with worst criminal record....... espically celebrity. Gave it up .........

2772 days ago


That is so sad.... Goody two shoes are trying to kick someone
who is already down. I hope you TMZ get your bad karma.

2772 days ago


And by the way, Paula is the real criminal, trying to steal someone voice
and made money off of it.

2772 days ago


This guy is HOT. Has potential!

2771 days ago


The next American Idol will have an impact on all of our younger generation, the last thing our children need is another Icon showing them that drinking and driving or leaving the seen of an accident is acceptable. His record may have been wiped clean, but once he has all that money if he wins, he may think he is untouchable, just like so many other stars, and do it all over again. If Mel Gibson, Paris Hilton, or Lindsey Lohan were not rich and famous, they would be in jail just like the rest of us would have been if we were charged with the same crimes. I congratulate TMZ, expose anyone who will effect the minds of our children in a negative way. Keep up the great work!

2771 days ago


I don't know why he even got on American Idol, knowing that he got in trouble with the law several years back. Those charges look severe. Maybe he's trying to get a new outlook on life by starting a music career. If he even gets into one of the rounds and he does another criminal offense, then what? it's going to look bad on AI's people, producers and such.

2767 days ago


This young man has completed his sentence and all he had to do and his record is cleared. Now TMZ brings it up. I think maybe a lawsuit for releasing this info that was cleared should be coming up....


2760 days ago


Everyone messes up but to do a hit and run is pretty messed up too either way. If he wants to audition, let him have his fun. Hes obviously trying to better himself.

2759 days ago


you know this idol bs is all it is but to just pick someone out that had no intrest in doing your stinking show has better words now then before see you suckers in court.and as for the hacks it will be justice one way or the other buy pukes !

2758 days ago


What's with all the cursing? Chill-out... There's so much more going on in this world to get upset about -- than a celebrety want-to-be. "Celebrety garbage"... Who really cares about these people. They're just people -- so stop your petty comments to TMZ...and GET A LIFE !!!!! Try reading a book or taking a class at a nearby community college to improve YOUR life.

2754 days ago
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