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Isaiah Apologizes; Says Comment "Marred" Globes

1/18/2007 10:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After a firestorm of controversy over his use of offensive language on set and at Monday's Golden Globes, "Grey's Anatomy" star Isaiah Washington issued the following statement late this afternoon:

"I apologize to T.R., my colleagues, the fans of the show and especially the lesbian and gay community for using a word that is unacceptable in any context or circumstance. By repeating the word Monday night, I marred what should have been a perfect night for everyone who works on 'Grey's Anatomy.' I can neither defend nor explain my behavior. I can also no longer deny to myself that there are issues I obviously need to examine within my own soul, and I've asked for help.

I know the power of words, especially those that demean. I realize that by using one filled with disrespect I have hurt more than T.R. and my colleagues. With one word, I've hurt everyone who has struggled for the respect so many of us take for granted. I welcome the chance to meet with leaders of the gay and lesbian community to apologize in person and to talk about what I can do to heal the wounds I've opened.

T.R.'s courage throughout this entire episode speaks to his tremendous character. I hold his talent, and T.R. as a person, in high esteem. I know a mere apology will not end this, and I intend to let my future actions prove my sincerity."


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2832 days ago


Isaiah...don't worry about it dude...if these homo's can't take a little name calling...well, then...they are faggots

2832 days ago


Great. Done. Let's move on to something else.

2832 days ago


I'd like to see how HE would like it if T.R. called HIM the N-word. Bet he'd be singing a whoooole different tune.

2832 days ago

Used to Love her    

By repeating the word again, was sooo disrespectful and he lied. He should be replaced on that show. Period. If someone call him the N word and then said they didn't. But when they were saying they didn't they actually repeated the word. I NEVER CALLED HIM A N$^8AR - How would he feel? Same damn difference. I could care less about his own personal issues or preferences, it's his public actions that need to be addressed. If you don't like gay people, FINE! But you don't have to ANNOUNCE it to the world in a derrogatory fashion in your line in business. Your representing a company and for that you should be replaced. Period.

2832 days ago


This is not at all enough. I will not watch ABC, Disney, or endorse their advertisers until the PROPER action is taken, and he is relieved of his duties at Grey's Anatomy.

2832 days ago


You happy now you FAGGOT?
You got what you wanted.
An apology for saying the word FAGGOT.
Now can we move on ti a new word rather than FAGGOT
because this is offensive, the word FAGGOT
a lot of people especially the gays dont like to be called FAGGOT
it does seem to be the best word to decribe FAGGOTS
but we have to kowtow to the FAGGOT
So this is the close to the word FAGGOT
happy now FAGGOT?

2832 days ago

Sand In My Crack    

Good Job Washington.. way to rock the damage control and cover your ass so you can continue to rake in the Benjamins..I would have had more respect for you if you had stood your ground, politically correct or not. BTW do you have to give T.R. some oral lovin' too???

2832 days ago


#2 I don't think Isaiah should be fired. That would be ridiculous.

2832 days ago


What a good man. To admit he's wrong and admit it. Kudos.

2832 days ago

Mia leave him alone..damn...he apologized..very well written apology by the way..I don't understand why everyone was soo mad anyway..All he said is I didnt call him a faggot...He didnt call him why were all the gays and other actors offended....People need to stop being so sensitive and stop looking for problems

2832 days ago


it may not be enough, but it's what they say

Rome wasn't built in a day

and while this news is transfered from ear to ear

is the reason for the apology out of fear?


2832 days ago

Oh yeah, I'm sure he's VERY SORRY for what he said.

2832 days ago

d-man's obviously bitter because he has a very small penis.

2832 days ago


ha ha! probably right about d-man. he probably had a big one up his ass when he wrote his remark.

2832 days ago
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