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Halle Warns the Help: Don't Speak to Me!

1/19/2007 1:59 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Money is no object to Halle Berry, but meaningless chatter, on the other hand, pisses her off.

TMZ has learned that an Orange County painting company has been called to spruce up cabinets in Halle Berry's Los Angeles home, which the Oscar winner has been remodeling for over a year. The company has been asked to merely stain the existing wood cabinets in the kitchen ... with a staggering $57,000 price tag!

The contract between the actress and all those doing work on her property has a few interesting clauses: First, any worker is prohibited to approach Berry while in the home or on the premises. Second, no one is allowed to speak to the A-list Miss B at any time. Finally, the only approved interaction is if Halle speaks to you, then you may answer Her Fineness.

When you're getting 57 large to stain kitchen cabinets, one keeps one's mouth shut.


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what a spoiled, haughty bitch,.No, this is not standard behavior in Hollywood contracts as someone said. I know somone who did the landscaping for actor Sylvester Stallones house, among othrs, My friend said Stallone couldnt have been any nicer, just a regular guy, totally unlike what Halle Attila the Hun is obviously like. Berry has gotten an overly inflated opinion of herself. Workers who do jobs such as this have a job to do for Lords sake, not to worry about socailizing with the damned celebrity.Its pretty bad when you cant even ask the person who owns the house a question about their own home while you are working on it. It was bad enough anyway that Berry got in little or no trouble for the hit and run accident she was in years ago. She unbelievably got off while using feelble excuses for an act that anyone else not famous would have gond to jail for. I used to admire Berry . Not anymore.

2795 days ago


When my friends contracted and worked for Slyvester Stallone, he did none of this sort of thing to them that is claimed of halle berry. the guys who worked for him had nothing but great things to say about Stallone, THere was none of this "dont talk to me unless i talk to you." crap..

2794 days ago


OK - this may sound harsh, but, can you imagine the amount of drool on any worker commission by Halle. Come on, Brody couldn't help himself. Maybe, folks should not allow her stunning beauty to evoke emotions that have no bearing on the matter at hand, in this case stain the bloody cabinets, collect the balance and roll out!!!!!

2790 days ago

Corina Roker    

Well i totally agree with halle! because if your goning to talk to me i want it to be about something important.And not something meaningless just because i'm hot and famous.So I think you guys need to real with yourself and yourself in her shoes.But don't get me wrong I don't know the lady but from my part I would agree that I wouldn't want people talking just bullshit to me.

2789 days ago


Who does she think she is?? She is a washed up has been who hasn't done shit since winning one little award. She gives celebs a bad name.

2832 days ago


What a freak! You are in movies, you're not God, Halle. Grow wonder all your husbands cheat on you!

2832 days ago


What a c@nt - she's not that hot anyway. She needs to get back to earth and realize she's part of this species...dumba$$

2832 days ago

Little Titty    

She's just still embarrassed from that animal sex scene in Monster's Ball.

2832 days ago


Who cares what Halle or any other overpaid actor/actress does or says? Personally I am getting fed up with all their antics...I feel sorry for those who follow these people like they are gods or something...they are lucky to be where they are...somehow it just does not seem right for these people to have so much money when there are so many others in our country that dont even have a place to sleep. Something is definitely wrong here!

2832 days ago

No legs in Texas :(    


2832 days ago


This hack is on crack.

2832 days ago


I agree with her. I wouldn't want everyone that works for me to run their mouth either. Saying hello is one thing.

2832 days ago


yet another reason why the xmen movies are the only movies with her in them that'll get a red cent from me...what a wench...come back to earth and realize you're human too halle

2832 days ago


I don't blame Halle at all.
She is probably an Introvert and does not like small talk. So what.

If she pays that much money,at least she can demand to be left alone instead of having to interact with the hired help.

It's stupid to complain. After all ,she is paying big bucks for her privacy.

I don't like to be cornered either, I totally understand how she feels, and I'm not even famous.

If workers don't like the jobe description, they shouldn't do it.

2832 days ago


Maybe she just wants to avoid being asked by aspiring actors to help them get into the biz, or she doesn't want to sign autographs or have pics taken. People tend to fall all over celebrities and maybe she doesn't want to have to deal with that in her own home??

2832 days ago
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