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Prince and Danny Masterson

Walk Into a Bar...

1/22/2007 3:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Danny Masterson, PrinceNo, it's not the beginning of a joke, but it could be. Prince insisted on having a table that was occupied by the DJ and his super-rich buddies.

It all went down at PURE nightclub in Las Vegas two weeks ago. Danny Masterson was the house DJ for the club's two year anniversary party -- he spins under the name DJ MomJeans. Masterson was chilling at a table that included Helio CEO Sky Dayton, the creators of YouTube, and "Alpha Dog" star Emile Hirsch. But Prince wanted Masterson's table for himself -- and what Prince wants, Prince gets.

Masterson and his crew had to scram, but the Purple One did manage to compliment Masterson on his DJ skills before having him evicted from the table. Classy.

Look for Prince at your table during the Super Bowl halftime show on February 4.


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Yes Prince is a good artist but that doesn't excuse bad manners or acting like a spoiled brat . How do you expect someone to respect you or your lifestyle if you can't respect the people around you? Danny, you showed you are the bigger person by not playing his stupid power games....bravo....

2778 days ago

Andy Kaufman    

And people wonder why I left these self absorbed children behind and moved to Aruba.
FInd out more,
"If I Faked It" the true story of the "death" of Andy Kaufman.

2808 days ago

Dr Gruv    

dj momjeans... that's pretty original...5 pts.
got props from prince...10 pts.
spins house music...priceless

2808 days ago


the purple one sucks

2808 days ago

Great Dane    

HMMMM.....Maybe there is something wrong with the air quality at PURE which makes people think they are super

2808 days ago


Momjeans = stolen from a Tina fey sketch on Saturday Night Live

Zero points for originality, Danny.

Prince is MOVE!

2808 days ago


prince is such a punk.

2808 days ago

no pervs allowed    

Was Princess late for his table reservation? And did he have to use his new TomTom gps system from Walmart to find the restaurant and table.

2808 days ago


Danny who? The guy should give up his table and park cars. Despite the jealousy here, Price is a living legend. People will not remember this DJ by easter.

2808 days ago


Prince sucks anyway. I never understood his fame.

2808 days ago


Grow some balls, Danny!
F that little pygmy, he should've gotten there earlier.

2808 days ago


Ouch Jenny, that had to hurt! Prince above any musician out there today + in his heyday it was truly real music, where now all you have is that rap crap that all sounds the same. Take it from a guy who grew up listening to public enemy and run dmc! Prince is an untouchable! Youngsters will never understand brilliance!
Get a life and yeah as stated stick to BRITSKANK!

2808 days ago


Hey Rusty- it's Danny Masterson who play Hyde on That 70's Show for I don't know how many years. He's not just a DJ. Danny Masterson makes people laugh and spins a good tune while Prince creeps people out. Next time let Danny Keep The Table.

2808 days ago


Prince is gayest of the gay.. hasn't he not produced a hit since the 80's? I would never give up my seat for anyone; that is including the President and especially fag boy Prince.. I don't care who one is... they have a job, I have a job... I am there first - it's all mine..

2808 days ago


Prince is such a has-been!

2808 days ago
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