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Anna's New Crib -- Welcome to Fort Smith

1/23/2007 12:47 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's not the worst place in the Bahamas, but you probably won't be seeing Anna Nicole Smith's new island home on "Cribs."
Anna's Digs
TMZ has obtained video of Anna's new digs; a house she purchased with the money she made by selling her story to an entertainment TV show.

It's definitely a step down from where she's currently living -- the house of former lover, G. Ben Thompson, who is trying to evict her. Anna went to court, arguing that Thompson gave her the house outright as a gift, but a judge didn't buy it.

Now that Anna officially owns a house, immigration may get off her case and let her stay in the Bahamas. She needs to own a crib to qualify.


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Ha Ha Anna your cracking me up today, yall! "Wasting her time" are you kidding, what the heck else have you got to do.

Your hobbies are watching t.v., suing people, kidnapping babies, doing drugs, molesting help and sleeping.

But! Anna/Sherri/Aries/Danielle, were making progress you got the LMAO ...correct!

2796 days ago

Allred Tree    

LYNDA, my thoughts exactly. Hi Anna. I think you must have been really thinking about Daniel since it would have been his birthday the other day. And you obviously had to be thinking about Dannielynne and Larry and I think that is why you posted under "Danielle" in #46 above!
Y'all really has a good imagination, Anna. Wow! Hollywood couldn't make up your life if they tried. NO ONE would BELIEVE IT. You sure looked happy in those pictures with Larry. The baby is ADORABLE.
Actually, those pictures of you and Larry together are really good. You look very happy and IN LOVE! I have not seen any such lovey-dovey pictures of you and Howard together, that is for sure!!! If I were you, I'd be nice to Larry for your baby's sake and before some other chick grabs him away. HMM, maybe he has a girlfriend - haven't heard anything about that.

2796 days ago


You got that right, Walter! Shes a tad pissed over the AIM leak isnt she? She knows Larry checks these blogs....guess she thought shed stick it to him!

Although I do believe she is totally a brainwashed (very easy with the drug addled) sociopath...and not within human reach. Think she kinda lost any human side when she lost Daniel, her last connection with a person not paid to like her.

Larry actually has a personality of his own and not disposed to kowtowing to her 'special' needs and she cant handle someone treating her, normal.

2796 days ago


TMZ has use an inaccurate picture of the current house and the Anna's new house actually has great potential.

Larry needs to get lost and find a new girlfriend. Who would want him, he is so ugly and such a loser.

Anna has made a very good choice with Howard and the baby looks like Howard.

2795 days ago

Sherri Jones    

Lynda- You must have some kind of school girl crush on Larry. How cute! Dreaming of banging him, and getting in alitttle fame even if its just here. Two of a kind. Good Luck with that.

2795 days ago

Allred Tree    

Well, isn't Anna's favorite color PINK? Wonder if the house was already that color or if she had it painted. Maybe her interior decorator will post and let us know.

I sure hope she and Howard saw the FABULOUS interview Larry King did last night with Larry Birkhead and his lawyer, Debra Opri. Anna has created $300,000.00 in legal fees for Larry by her refusing to co-operate with the DNA test that she hopefully will have to pay if Larry wins in court. But then I guess she is not too concerned since she doesn't pay her bills, let alone her legal bills. I WONDER IF SHE PAYS THE IRS and hope they AUDIT her if they have not already done so.

2795 days ago

Allred Tree    

And I hope the IRS AUDITS HOWARD KEVIN STERN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anna, who is your Bookeeper? OMG, I bet it is Howard!

I guess Anna has to be paying her nannys and maids and pool man and gardener unless Howard is doing all that work around the house. But then again, since she doesn't pay her lawyers, maybe they work for free too!

Lynda, I think it was, has a great post on the Anna board right before this one - the one where she is giving someone the finger. She has the website for the Larry King transcript last night.

Larry told how Howard was always at the BEDROOM DOOR trying to get in when Anna and he were trying to have a little "PRIVACY?!"

Larry and Daniel SHARED the SAME BIRTHDAY and could have passed for brothers IMO. There were many pictures shown in this interview and Larry and Daniel bear a striking physical resemblance, I think!

2795 days ago


W.B. the post of Ms Teal has the transcript. Why does it surprise anyone Howie was outside the door, isnt that the proper pimp/prostitute relationship! He has to protect his investment.

How long is HSK relationship with ANS,the quote from Daniel says 12yrs he wasnt getting laid- that would put him as her pimp from 1994 wouldnt it! hmmm, maybe they should test the residue in the ole man Marshalls pill box!

Hi Sherri/Naomi -er Anna! Yes yes, I do have a crush on Larry as Howie does on you, but I do think Howie will make out ALOT better than me in- stealin the ole ladies purse dept.

2795 days ago


In answer to Trash Writer - Lynda and all the other Trash Writers on this site, I am not Anna.

I do not live in the USA (Thank God) nor in the Bahamas and I do not know Anna or Howard - I am just giving my unbiased opinion.

Anna and Howard need to know that there are people who do not believe all the media garbage and support them.

2795 days ago


Naomi-Theres no need to apologize for not being Anna- thats a good thing! No, I thank you for not living in the U.S.

If you really want to SUPPORT them why dont you go to her website an plop down 5 bucks so they can live off YOU too!

2795 days ago


Amazing Vickie Lynn is the one that gets sued for sexual harrassment of her Housekeeper because she forced her into sexual relations litterally pinning her down on the bed.And she claims Larry to be the bad person. Well if he was so bad why did she have him living her home and why was she with him for almost 2 yrs.

Face it Vickie Lynn you only wanted a sperm donor but Larry is having no part of that he wants his daughter and he should have her. At least maybe she would have a better life then she ever would with you. Whos to say that child would be safe from you antics if allowed to stay with you.

Maybe Howie is so jealous of Larry because Larry knows how to be a man something Howie has no clue how to be. Hes lived off of Vickie Lynn and his parents his whole adult life.

I have to laugh at the letters to leave her alone. Well i dont think 2 or 3 letters will outweigh the number of letters asking for her residency to be revolked for sure. We all know the number of letters sent asking that and inquest be held and look what happened,there wil be an inquest.

Maybe Vickie Lynn and Howie have a bug up their butt because Larry actually spoke to the authorities while he was there about the inquest. Now they are scared as hell as to what he may have told them.

Aries you sound like a scorned Lover did you get kicked to the curb? Did maybe Larry figure out you were a little unstable and maybe on some drugs?

Larry maybe doesn't want to spend his life with someone wacked out all the time trying to raise his daughter. Maybe he would rather raise his daughter in much better surroundings.

2794 days ago

Allred Tree    

#54 OK Naomi, I believe you and I think you are possibly Naomi Campbell.

2794 days ago


Yeah, how's it goin Anna or should I say Vicki Lynn.

Stop being such a self obsorbed bitch for once in your pathetic screwed up life and do the right thing; as Larry put it, and let him see "HIS" child. (We all know that he's the father.)

You are nothing but a mimipulitive, money hungry whore who is only going to end up with "NOTHING" in the end, so think about that while you're sitting there picking your nose and clipping you toe nails.

Oh and by the way, we also know who is really behind Daniels death you scrag!

2792 days ago


Vicki Lynne we know that you are using other false names to post messages up with, or should I say "Sherri, Danielle and Naomi" In fact any of the posts here that support you WERE most likely written BY YOU, becouse no one else would have put them there, "AM I RIGHT PEOPLE!" of course i'm right.

The truth is you are a pathetic excuse for a human being and you DON"T deserve ANY children. I hope you get run over, set on fire, kicked in the head by a Draught horse, struck by lightning, dragged by your hair across a catus infested desert and throw off a bloody huge cliff coz thats what you deserve you worthless skank from hell.


2792 days ago



I sent a letter over to the Bahaman immigration officer about you and how pathetic you are and heaps of other people have too. Once they kick you out and Larry gets custody of the kids, we will EAT YOU ALIVE!

Be seeing ya soon, BITCH!

2792 days ago
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