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Goes Nuts on Guys

With Penises

1/23/2007 2:21 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comWithout a Trump or a Paula to take on, the huffing and puffing on today's "View" was supplied by resident right-wing schoolmarm, Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

During a discussion on adultery, the easily-flustered Hasselbeck took on parents who cheat on their spouses, saying that their affairs made them bad parents, and shocked her fellow yentas with a rant on men who "follow their penises." (Working something out, are we, darling?) Her rather older, wiser colleagues thought her "View" rather extreme, and essentially told her to take the stick out of her you-know-what.

When Babwa Walters is telling you to chill, girl, you know you're going a bit far.


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Elisabeth actually thinks her husband dosen't watch porn or jack off? This girl sadly doesn't have a clue. No wonder he dosen't have any hair he tore it all out having to live with that cuckoo.

2792 days ago


Elisabeth's rant was sexist in nature. And with whom are all these men who "follow their penises" having these affairs with? Innocent victims? More ignorance from a show based on ignorance and hosted by petty, ignorant, misandristic women.

2792 days ago


Kudos to Elizabeth! Some things are absolutely WRONG in all circumstances. Period. Adultery is WRONG. I can't imagine why people are offended by the obvious. I can't.
And yes, adultery contributes to bad parenting on so many levels.

2792 days ago


i watched Elizabeth this am go off on another one of "I'm perfect" rants. Frankly I'm REALLY getting tired of her. They all talk at once, so doesn't really matter. I do not like Eliz. have never liked her, can't understand why she is even on the show. Why does Barbara put up with her? She is a no body. She talks over guests, which is rude, I notice that a majority of guests go past her as fast as they can. I really wonder how much longer the View will stay on the air anyway. As for Rosie, I haven't decided yet, never watched her show because I was working, (now retired) She does seem to stand up for children which is great. As for her being fat, well, she's not the only one. that should not have anything to do with anything. Joy is just Joy, and i agree with her 99.99% of the time. Anyway, I really wish that a replacement could be found for Elizabeth.

2792 days ago

Dodie Bowman    

Listen people I too lost it when Elisabeth started her ranting this morning. I came from a family of 12 kids. Our father cheated on our mother and even had a child out of wedlock with one of his women,BUT he was a great father, we all love and respect him to this day. Moms gone now having passed away 12 years ago, but our dad is still our dad. He was always there when we / or our mom needed him. His cheating did not affect us. Out of 12 kids we are all married , never divorced, the oldest marriage is 39 years and still going strong. The youngest is 16 years. Yes Elisabeth, there is a Santa Clause, and men can cheat and be wonderful parents. Get a gripp girl. Are you saying couples that have kids and never marry are BAD parents? They aren't really Husbands or Wives. Just my 2 cents worth.
DJ From La.

2792 days ago


There is absolutely nothing wrong with cheating on your girlfriend or spouse. A law should be passed to make it mandatory to cheat. Women are cheaters too, and spread there legs easier than soft butter. All of you are hypocrites.......John

2792 days ago

J. Walton    

It's interesting how quickly everyone jumped on Elisabeth Hasselbeck. In reality I believe she makes a point that is so spot on it's difficult to hear. During the last 40 years, our society's views on how families are created and how they operate has undergone an huge shift. In "The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce", contains a variety of stories from people of different ages and life stages concerning the relationship of parents and the result on their children . Their findings make it clear the damage done and the authors offers some suggestions for improvements. Just because present day behavior is common doesn't mean it isn't damaging. Parents need to wake up. We can do better.

2792 days ago


Where do you people come from? I have old fashion values, as the next one. But, no way if I cheated on my husband I will be a bad parent. That doesn't have a freaking thing to do with my child. It would be bad for me. Look parents already have enough to worry about, lets not put the pressure of not sleeping around on us either. GEEZ!!!!

2792 days ago


I agree whole heartedly with Elisabeth and it's scary that more people in the country would probably agree with Joy, Rosie, and Barbara. This is exactly why today's children are so screwed up.

It kills me that in today's society it is no longer considered good parenting to keep your child's home in tact.

2792 days ago


My first thought when Elisabeth went off on her tangent was that there must be trouble at home. She started out calm enough but snapped and then went wayyyy over the top. Appeared to me a nerve was struck. I loved the way Joy sprayed hairspray later in another segment. Too bad it wasn't bug spray to get rid of that pesky gnat, Elisabeth. I wonder what Elisabeth will think in 10 or 15 years when she has (hopefully) grown up and she watches herself at this age. Oh, if life was as simple and every situation was a black and white one-- as it appears to be in Elisabeth's Wonderland.

2792 days ago


I think what Elizabeth had to say was right. But she just blamed men, women also have affairs. If you want to have affairs don't get maried and have children. Elizabeth has a right to her opinion. I think she is an asset to the show.

Get rid of Rosie pleeeeeeese!!!!!!!!!!

2792 days ago


I agree, this is very scary! Knowing that the majority of women sitting around that table feel that way! I'm glad Elizabeth took a stand! If you don't want to stay faithful don't get married! And certainly don't consider being a father! Aren't we as parents suppose to set the example? Accept your responsibilities or you'll not only hurt your spouse but also your children. It's not all about you and your needs. Stay single if you are so self centered! Accept your responsibility! Everyone should read #9's (by Sonny) comment. Now, this is a real man! If it weren't for Elizabeth to bring the show down to earth and bring some real morals into the debates then I wouldn't care to listen to the rest of them. GET ROSIE OFF! And, Barbara, why do you have to stoop so low as to kiss up to Rosie? She's Scum and your image is changing also since you've brought her to the show!

2792 days ago


True, cheating doesn't mean that you don't love your children. However, it DOES make you a bad parent.

2792 days ago


Elizabeth is right, too bad the others are so selfish they think people should just live for themselves and forget the kids and spouse. Why are people so shelfish and greedy to give themselves joy and forget the responsabilities to the family??? Twisted so twisted..... Kids are smart they know what is going on, and they want mom and dad to stay together and happy unless they been TAUGHT IT DOESN'T MATTER
Then they may grow up greedy and shelfish too , Taught by example

2792 days ago


Girl has your husband cheated on you?

2792 days ago
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