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Goes Nuts on Guys

With Penises

1/23/2007 2:21 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comWithout a Trump or a Paula to take on, the huffing and puffing on today's "View" was supplied by resident right-wing schoolmarm, Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

During a discussion on adultery, the easily-flustered Hasselbeck took on parents who cheat on their spouses, saying that their affairs made them bad parents, and shocked her fellow yentas with a rant on men who "follow their penises." (Working something out, are we, darling?) Her rather older, wiser colleagues thought her "View" rather extreme, and essentially told her to take the stick out of her you-know-what.

When Babwa Walters is telling you to chill, girl, you know you're going a bit far.


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My ex cheated on me, I divorced him. But he was a lousy parent before the cheating....cheaters only think of themselves, not the ramifications of their actions because they are selfish. I actually think he is a better parent now because he has to make an effort to see his kids. But what comes around goes around.

2828 days ago


I don't think Rosie knows anything about anyone following their penises- kinda not in her playing field. Poor Barbara probably hasn't seen a penis since it has seen her and poor poor Meredith- she gives all red heads a new name-incompetent. Why is Rosie still on the show anyway- she cannot relate to the average woman- she is nothing but loud and rude and she always has to have an opinion about what someone else is doing. Rosie-opinions are like a *#holes everyone has one and if we wanted to here your opinion we would just FART!

2828 days ago


You go E girl!! I agree with you 100%. You stood up for your morals and values today and you, your mother and your child should be proud. Kids are inclined to emulate and use their parents as role models. If they can't be faithful to keep their promises to their spouse (and to God) then how does their children think they will be faithful to them as well? Bad choices equals compromised parenting.

2828 days ago


Sick of this girl cluck, cluck, clucking on her moral high horse. She needs to get off it and come back down with the rest of us. She may also want to take a long hard look at her own marriage and rumors of Matt banging groupies after the games.

2828 days ago


Elisabeth can barely hold her own against her brash, despicable co- host's. What was Bab's thinking when she threw this poor young women to the "liberal" wolves?
Get this woman some support conservative! By the way, not every woman agrees with Hillary and Nancy...
Please Barbara, re-think what you are doing to Elisabeth, realizing that many people are on her side. Go Amanda #49!!!
Bronco Kelly

2828 days ago


As one who doesn't agree with E's politics or conservative religion, I support her statements on infidelity. People (men & women) are wrong if they think that their affairs don't harm their children. Like many others, I lived that childhood. The parents stayed together for "the sake of the children". They each loved us and tried in their way to be good parents--but the affairs created a disfunctional environment of "secrecy", disrespect and destructiveness. There were a lot of efforts to compensate for their choices, but the end result is that all my sibs are rather disfunctional people. More people should realize that betraying your spouse is also an act of betraying your children that will have long lasting consequences.

2828 days ago


They just keep her on the show so the older ladies can smirk and make fun of her not being able to control herself.

2828 days ago


My sister in law was the one that cheated on my brother. Adultery does hurt the family and the person WHO gets cheated on. My young nieces are in the middle and are hurting that their dad no longer lives at home. It's not only MEN who cheat.. women cheat as well!!

2828 days ago


how can you say that cheating doesnt make you a bad parent. if you'd had parents who were unfaithful you would know that its horrible. when my father choose to cheat he picked his mistress over his entire family. i don't think you can love someone if you put your selfish needs before their needs like my father did. my mother may have forgiven him but i don't think any of his children ever will.

2828 days ago


#96 Moral high horse? I think those are great morals to have and to follow. Who wants their spouse to be sticking it in someone else and then come home to you. You've got to be a low self esteem idiot to be ok with that. Sex in marriage is meant to be only between those two people. Not with the whole freakin town!

2828 days ago

Reverend Smarthinney    

Elizebeth is absolutly correct on this issue.

2828 days ago


The world and its desires pass away, but the man who does the will of God lives forever.
1 john 2:17

2828 days ago

Barbara Bondy    

Did you understand the question.? She said that affairs make cheaters bad parents not do they love their children. You can't be an effective parent as you are setting a bad example and it does effect the children. Children today are very smart and they pick up on what's going on in their environment. Maybe you should study this further. Joy is another loud mouthed idiot (even thought she was a school teacher).

2828 days ago


it is not the fact that she has morals or stands her grounds, it's the fact the she (Elisabeth) condescends and judges other ppl for not having the same morals or political views as she does. Having an affair does NOT make you a bad parent. It makes you a bad spouse. No PARENT should be punished for being a bad spouse. Adults make bad decisions and we are not expected to know everything. It is not Elisabeth's place to judge who is or who isn't a bad parent. That's her problem she thinks that she knows it all. And her way is the right way and whomever disagrees with her is damned to hell! That is why she annoys the hell outta me.

2828 days ago


I agree with Elizabeth my good for nothing husband cheated on me and it has taken a toll on the kids...I could easily cheat but I do not want to because my children are more important...

2828 days ago
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