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Cameron & Kelly Enjoy a Hole or Two

1/25/2007 2:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Cameron Diaz continued her Hawaiian Surf n' Golf tour with pro surfer Kelly Slater.

The athletic twosome were spotted wearing his n' her outfits while enjoying a few holes in Oahu.

Nothing like hitting a few balls to take your mind off a broken heart.


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Great Dane    


ESPECIALLY Justin...he is so over looked horrible at the Golden Globes....and he's going to get back with Brit, and make babies......

And then, he's going to get a tatto that says "LOOK MA NO PANTIES"

2794 days ago


Who plays golf in flip flops?

2794 days ago


What a whore. The fake tears haven't even dried and she's out humping the next schmuck. Is she trying to get JT jealous? Don't think that'll work Cami, because from the sounds of it, he dumped your crusty, psycho ass. No Mrs. Timberlake thank-you cards for you.

JT has seen the light

2794 days ago

Save Shiloh from Angelina ~    

Kelly Slater is closer to Camerons age * Justin is too young for her !

Honestly .... I lost respect for her when she began robbing the cradle :(

Have some dignity girl !!

2794 days ago


I really don't understand why celebrities think its okay to be sluts/manwhores. They JUST broke up and she's already prancing around the cameras with another guy? NICE

2794 days ago


i wonder whatever it is that Cameron Diaz is sorry about for breaking up with JT...this guy is actually HHHHHOOOOTTTTT without every trying...unlike JT

2794 days ago


Doesn't anybody have friends of the opposite sex??? Why does everyone think she is sleeping with him just because she is seen with him??? I just don't know why we have to believe everyone we see together is in a relationship or sleeping together. Justin Timberlake is nasty, she is better off without the tool anyway!!!!

2794 days ago


That is the hottest "rebound" that I have ever seen..

2794 days ago

Great Dane    

Um, Justin has his eye on Jessica Biels....13 times hotter then Cameron ever was......

And for all of the people saying that all of his ex's find new dudes's because they are lame ass bitches that can't spend a moment alone......not because they are not still sitting in a room somewhere crying over him....I bet you Brit would take him back in a mili-second....and Cameron, well he's not going to give her that option.......

2793 days ago


I don't understand why everyone's attacking Cameron. We weren't at the Golden Globes so we really don't know what happened. She went to Oahu to get her mind off of JT and happens to have a FRIEND like Kelly (who is so much hotter than JT) to hang out with. On the other hand, JT has been rumored to be with Kate, Scarlett, Jessica, Alyssa, etc. in 1 MONTH. You go figure!!!! Even if Cam is much older, she's still hot!!!! Somehow Cam and JT had a good thing for the relationship to have lasted over 3 years!!! JT even became an actor and I'm sure Cam had some influence!!! So ease up on the woman!!!!

2793 days ago


That is a very good question Sup. I was wondering the same thing. Proper golf shoes are required where I play.

2793 days ago


Cameron just needs to forget Justin, he is not hot or sexy-she is hotter and will be better off without him.

2793 days ago

My two cents    

When Cameron first came on the scene in the movie, "The Mask", I was blown away by her beauty. She exuded class in that movie, but after a year or so, she just wasn't that classy looking anymore. Makeup maybe?? I do not think age is doing her very well and certainly the dark hair does her no real justice. She is much prettier as a blonde and shorter hair.

Break ups are hard, even for "movie stars". We cannot forget they are human after all. Whatever happened at the Golden Globes, we can hope she got it out of her system and she can move on. I think she will always do well, she just hit a bump in the road.

2793 days ago

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