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Diana DeGarmo: American Soccer Mom?

2/2/2007 4:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Diana DeGarmoSince appearing on "American Idol" three years ago, 19-year-old Diana DeGarmo has grown up right before our eyes ... into a 42-year-old soccer mom! Anyone want a juice box?

DeGarmo arrived at a book signing in New York this week, looking twice her age in a mid-90s menopause red 'Rachel' bob, and enough pancake to smother her entire "Hairspray" cast.

Unless DeGarmo is interested in reporting the news on Telemundo, she might want to ease up on the RuPaul rouge. Work it, mija!


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Okay, I will stop, I finally want to be white.

2730 days ago


You guys are idiots. She looks fine. You guys would prefer the emaciated, slut look, perhaps?

2730 days ago

coco puff    

I would like to take this time and remind all my brothers and sisters that this is Black history month. We have plenty to be proud of, as well. We invented fire, the wheel, irrigation, agriculture and many more things that the white crackers don't want you to know. I want all you young kids to know that my fight against the RACIST crackers will never waiver. I'm doing it for you and future generations. NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!!!

2730 days ago

Dark Knight    

There's been some pointless articles on here before, but this one takes the cake

2730 days ago


She looks very nice. What is with you guys? Have tou heard the old saying "If you dont have anything nice to say..." I mean really. Some of the barbs you guys have been throwing out lately have been unnecessarily vicious! Its no wonder people like Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton are so screwed up. Do you really think they are immune to all this stuff you post?

2730 days ago


you ARE white you pimple faced boy!!!

2730 days ago


Okay, I take that back. That was just my bipolarism.

I would love to be white.

2730 days ago


I almost forgot what site I was on............thought it was Perez's gossip site instead. She looks perfectly beautiful! Light news day I guess.

2730 days ago


Please go back to trashing the LA harlots and leave this girl alone. She's a doll.

Farrah For the last damned time--noone "invented" fire-it was "discovered". In Eastern Europe.

2730 days ago

coco puff    

Some RACISTS fools try to post as me because they are inferior and are also COWARD CLOSET RACISTS. It dosen't matter because I will never be deterred from my mission in life, outing the closet RACISTS! I would also like to thank all my supporters and feel free to express yourself on the Internet. NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!!!

2730 days ago


She looks like a drag queen to me!!!

2730 days ago



Like I wrote. I am just Bipolar.

I do want to be white and go to school to continue my education.

2730 days ago

Sand In My Crack    

I figured Farrah would notice what month it is. Now she/it can turn the volume way up. I guess we all got lucky that February only has 28 days.

BTW..."We invented fire, the wheel, irrigation, agriculture and many more things that the white crackers don't want you to know."

Someone must have written the history books you have been reading while they were high on crack.

2730 days ago


TMZ = MEAN SPIRITED... hey i have an idea... let's start a website that is all about people in the public eye and the trouble they get into... and we can also just say mean thing about them even if they are just doing everyday stuff.

TMZ = sad way of life... how's your mom?

2730 days ago


I guess the good people of TMZ are so used to looking at the likes of Paris, Britney, etc., that a 19 year old girl wearing sophisticated clothing is so mind numblingly new.

Ms. DeGarmo is not flashing her lady-bits, or wearing peek-a-boo clothes, in fact, she wears the same clothes that most of my classmates in college wear. Perhaps a little too much make-up, but not worthy to be on TMZ, for sure.

Oh, say again why she should be a reporter for Telemundo? Why Telemundo? Do the white reporters on Good Morning not wear make-up and have bobs? Maybe you should suggest that Ms. DeGarmo be Ms. Walter's maid, while you're at it.

2730 days ago
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