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Diana DeGarmo: American Soccer Mom?

2/2/2007 4:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Diana DeGarmoSince appearing on "American Idol" three years ago, 19-year-old Diana DeGarmo has grown up right before our eyes ... into a 42-year-old soccer mom! Anyone want a juice box?

DeGarmo arrived at a book signing in New York this week, looking twice her age in a mid-90s menopause red 'Rachel' bob, and enough pancake to smother her entire "Hairspray" cast.

Unless DeGarmo is interested in reporting the news on Telemundo, she might want to ease up on the RuPaul rouge. Work it, mija!


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Just my opinion...    

Love her, she looks great!

2821 days ago

Linda Meadows    

There's gossip, and then there's just plain mean-spirited and your dig at Diana falls into the latter category. If the only negative thing you can find to say about someone is a nasty comment about their looks, move on!

2821 days ago


oh there i go again.

sorry about that. I wish i were white yall!!!!

2821 days ago

my opinion    

Leave her alone! She looks like a normal person. You TMZ writers don't see many normal people because you always have your heads up Paris, Britney and La Lohan's asses. Do you hate her because she isn't a loser freak heading to rehab?

2821 days ago


STOP THE RACISM? read on...

Commenting to:

4. I would like to take this time and remind all my brothers and sisters that this is Black history month. We have plenty to be proud of, as well. We invented fire, the wheel, irrigation, agriculture and many more things that the white crackers don't want you to know. I want all you young kids to know that my fight against the RACIST crackers will never waiver. I'm doing it for you and future generations. NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!!!

YOU WANNA TALK ABOUT RACISM? "white crackers" ???? Get an education moron!

2821 days ago


Hey Farrah,

Maybe you should think before you type. You're a hypocrite calling white people racist when you're blatantly calling us 'crackers.' I'm sorry if your ancestors had to deal with slavery and racism, but you need to GET OVER IT! Black people are even more racist than white people. You have such a vendetta for what happend decades ago, and that's not right. You're ignorant and that's obvious! Go read a book or something you ghetto rat!!!!!!!!!

2821 days ago


Just because she isn't dressed like a skank she's a soccer mom? Come on TMZ give us a break!

2821 days ago

WWE does it right.    

What has this girl done to deserve such a mean spirited article? If anything, more of today's youth should look up to Diana instead of the trash that you guys at tmz adore. Grow up and report the stuff that really matters.

2821 days ago


Yer Mom-

I will stop. I was just not feeling well. But now I am better now that i got my itching cream.

2821 days ago

coco puff    

My fight against the RACIST crackers, while tiresome at times, is also rewarding. I cannot thank all of you enough for your support and encouragement. I want to personally wish all my brothers and sisters a happy Black history month. We also invented peanut butter, did you kids know that? Power to the people! NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!!!

2821 days ago

Michael Richards    

OMG..she is fugly!! NO PUSTUS, NO JEEZE

2821 days ago

im just sayin    

And you wonder why WE gave you blacks the shortest month!! Now isnt that a slap in your black face FARRAH!!!

2821 days ago

Agent D    

Farrah, How can you say you are fighting RACISM when you are the RACIST?! You just don't get it do you? You don't have to be white to be racist. Do you understand that you are a very angry, ignorent person filled with hate?

You call white people crackers! You are such a**hole! Please just go away, and don't post your ignorent thoughts on this site anymore.

And yes, February is Black History month, I will remember all the influential black people who helped shape our country. But idiots like you make a mockery of black history month. Wasn't Dr King's dream to stop racism? Because you sure aren't living up to his dream my dear, you are tracking it right through the gutter! If you really wanted to sop racism, you would start with yourself. The only power you have to stop racism is within yourself. You can't change the way other people feel. So if you were truly fighting racism, you wouldn't be a racist yourself.


2821 days ago


I don't see anything wrong with this at all. Diana looks great and maybe she's wearing a bit too much make-up, but she certainly doesn't like 42...she looks a lot like 19 to me, especially if you take a look at the full length pic on Wireimage. 42 year old soccer moms don't dress like that, young adults do.

2821 days ago


I don't think she looks 42, but she sure does look she could pass for Rachel Ray's perky little sister!!

2821 days ago
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