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Diana DeGarmo: American Soccer Mom?

2/2/2007 4:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Diana DeGarmoSince appearing on "American Idol" three years ago, 19-year-old Diana DeGarmo has grown up right before our eyes ... into a 42-year-old soccer mom! Anyone want a juice box?

DeGarmo arrived at a book signing in New York this week, looking twice her age in a mid-90s menopause red 'Rachel' bob, and enough pancake to smother her entire "Hairspray" cast.

Unless DeGarmo is interested in reporting the news on Telemundo, she might want to ease up on the RuPaul rouge. Work it, mija!


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First of all, I guess I'm behind the curve ---Just who is this DeGarmo lady?
I might have jumped into the wrong AOL site, (thought it was Sports), not
to mention, I'm disoriented about the comments. What is up with racism,
etc.,etc.,?---Looks to me, this young girl is smiling like everyone does when a camera flashes in your face. Don't like the picture? Don't worry, they'll be more in her life, I guess. She doesn't look bad at all to me, just bewildered, sort of....

2816 days ago


I love Diana DeGarmo's new look! Very glamorous. But you have to understand that she is 19, no longer an innocent 16 when she performed on American Idol in 2004. A little heavy on the makeup, but she's got a nice radical makeover. I don't think she looks like a soccer mom--she's a young woman right now.

2816 days ago


Diana looks like any other 19-year old -- not like the Hollywood sluts falling out of their dresses.

2816 days ago


“First of all, I guess I'm behind the curve ---Just who is this DeGarmo lady?”

Diana DeGarmo won the 1st runner up title in the American Idol season 3 just behind Fantasia. She had the staring roll in a play “West Side Story”, the staring roll in the play “Brooklyn” and most recently, for the past year, staring in the Broadway play “Hairspray” as Penny. Her new album will be coming out this early summer, and she will be on some kind of TV show in the near future as well. (There is not much more known about the TV show yet) Stay tuned!
As for the comment on her looking like a succor Mom, that was an absolutely ludicrous comment. I guess because she looks normal you guys have to just make something up to be negative about her. During the competition on AI Simon said she was too young, now this comment about her looking too old. I guess she can’t get a break! Before she was too over weight, I guess now that she is at a more normal weight you’re going to call her an anorexic! Give me a break! I know what you’re doing here and it’s trying to make something out of nothing!

2816 days ago


“First of all, I guess I'm behind the curve ---Just who is this DeGarmo lady?”

Actually the description of what Diana as done in the past was a little short, so I found this.

Diana DeGarmo
American Idol Runner-Up

Diana DeGarmo is already one of the most well-known teenagers in the United States, thanks to the television phenomenon American Idol. In 2004, at only 16 years of age, Diana was the runner-up on the third season of the Fox TV series. Her charismatic personality and mesmerizing vocals have captivated audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Emphasizing her limitless talent, Diana returned to Broadway as Penny Pingleton in Hairspray on September 8th, where she is currently starring until February 11th, 2007. She made her Broadway debut in that show in Spring 2006, then fulfilled her commitment to star in the title role of BKLYN The Musical in the national tour. When time permits, Diana records material for her new album and she continues to perform in concert and make special appearances.

In addition to her season on American Idol, Diana’s TV credits include NBC-TV’s America’s Most Talented Kid, The Brian Boitano Skating Spectacular, WB-TV’s Blue Collar TV, ABC-TV’s The 21st Annual Walt Disney World Christmas Parade and 50-year Live Telecast Celebration, as well as The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Live With Regis and Kelly, The View, Ellen, and The Early Show, to name a few. She made her theatrical debut as Maria in West Side Story at the American Musical Theatre.

In September, 2005, Diana received the Horizon Award from the Georgia Music Hall of Fame. She has also received the Rising Star and Horizon Awards from the Atlanta Society of Entertainers. In January, 2006, she was recognized by NAMM, the international music products association, with the Music for Life Award for her advocacy on Capitol Hill for music and the arts in schools. Just back from another USO/Pentagon tour, this one with the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff General Peter Pace, Diana continues to support the troops at home and abroad.

In May of 2005, Diana graduated with honors from Shiloh High School in Snellville, Georgia. She is listed in the Who’s Who of American High School Students. She represented Wrigley’s in the Keep America Beautiful Campaign and is one of Teen People Magazine’s Top 20 Teens to Change the World in 2005.

Her first single, “Dreams,” hit No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot Singles Sales chart, followed by her album Blue Skies. And, yes, that is Diana’s voice on the song Reachin’ for Heaven on the Disney soundtrack Ice Princess. Diana is currently writing and preparing her second album and learning how to play the guitar!

2815 days ago


Come on! She's trying to be taken as an adult. It takes work to make a baby faced girl look like a grown up. I did laugh at the "work it mija!" though.

2815 days ago

Kris Vandeveer    

Come on everyone! She looks like a classy young woman, so unlike the Lindsay's and Paris's of the world. Deanna is a role model for all young girls, that is black, white , latinos, asian or whatever. She does the human race a justice. You don't have to look like a dumb slut if you have talent like she does. End of story.

2815 days ago


Farrah, sounds like you need to get a life. We have black history month and June 19th and let us not forget Martin Luther King day. How can we forget? It is cramed down our throats every time someone walks in that is BLACK and feels they are being treated unfairly. If the majority of your people would stop feeling sorry for themselves, get an education and a job and start contributing back to society, they (you) would be accepted more.

Has anyone ever heard of "White History Month?" I don't think so. We have Presents Day, but most business are operating normally that day and close on MLK Day. What is wrong with this picture. Who was the founding fathers of this great nation? Not MLK. And what about the greatest race of all, the Native Americans .. the Indians. When is their day?

You people make me sick ... get off of it!

2814 days ago



2814 days ago


I cant take all you dumb bunnies on this board poking fun at 'Dianna deCarmo and the way she looks... you*ve all got to be so butt ugly that the only way to make yourself feel good about yourselves it to make fun of her.. you poor pathedic people needing attention so bad that you*ll stoop to mocking out one of the nicest people that American Idol ever had.. why dont you all go back from under the rock you crawled out from under and hope that someone whos looking for a pet finds you there... grow up you jeoleous monsters.. shame on you..

2814 days ago


She looks fine! What wrong with the person who wrote that article!

2814 days ago


Telemundo? Wow. Yet again, tasteless "reporting" on TMZ.

2814 days ago

Donna Cooper    

Diana looks beautiful! What is wrong with you??

2814 days ago


kudos to the stereotypical imbecile who posted this... Would it be preferable for her to look like a scantily clad slut as opposed to a classy woman?

2814 days ago

Darth Sidious    

these idol stars are has beens one way or another they can not even make mosh pits for heaven sakes ill be surprised when kelly clarkson and her group cover a metallica instrumental like call of ktulu or orion or maybe the thing that should not be

2814 days ago
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