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"Hey Paula" -- You Stole My Show!

2/6/2007 6:53 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paula AbdulTMZ has obtained a lawsuit filed against Paula Abdul by a production company claiming the "Idol" judge tried to screw them out of a show based on Paula's life.

According to the lawsuit filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Pilgrim Films and Television (PFTV) met with Abdul and David Russo (her producing partner) in 2004 and discussed a talk show featuring Abdul. According to the suit, after some false starts, the concept evolved into a reality show titled "Hey Paula," based on Abdul's wacky life.

The lawsuit alleges that the project fell apart after Abdul demanded final editorial control over the final product. The suit claims PFTV was trying to get the show back on track by selling it to Oxygen. But PFTV claims Abdul allegedly came clean and told the peeps at PFTV that "she had secretly taken PFTV's 'Hey Paula' project ... to Bravo." The suit claims she never mentioned that Russo was allegedly in on it. On January 12, Bravo announced "Hey Paula" will debut sometime this year on the cable network.

The suit asks for compensatory and punitive damages, in addition to an injunction prohibiting anyone from airing "Hey Paula."

David Russo's lawyer, Bill Abrams, told TMZ, "The allegations are baseless."

Paula told TMZ, "While I'm not going to respond to this baseless lawsuit, I will say that "Hey Paula" is based upon my life and my ideas. Last I heard, I still own my own life."


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2713 days ago


They should call it "Hey Bartender - Another Round!"

2713 days ago



2713 days ago


Paula--you are a crazy freak. Your 15 minutes are UP

2713 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

paula has lost some respect .She needs to do a show call DRUNK AS A SKUNK,or how to buy some TITS,

2713 days ago


Who wants to see her drinking and doing meth?

2713 days ago


In Latest Speech, Congresswoman Sherri Davis, R-CA, Calls for Bipartisan Bridge-Building

Calls for 'London Bridge of Unity' between Republicans, Democrats and the Nation; cites former president Ronald Reagan as 'bipartisan role model," "major bridge-builder"

New York, NY (PRINSIDE) February 4, 2007 -- California Congresswoman Sherri Davis, R-CA, known as the "Ann Coulter of Anaheim" for her fierce opposition to flag-burners and illegal immigrants and her unyielding support for the American family, urged the Republican and Democratic parties to embark on a new era of "Bipartisan Bridge-Building" in a speech delivered in New York City today for the annual meeting of the Trump-Hilton Foundation for a Brighter Tomorrow.

"Not many people speak as eloquently -- or as much from the heart -- about our principles of freedom as I do," said Davis to a diverse audience of CEOs, government officials and soccer moms. "I know how important our ideals are, because I have seen first-hand what tyranny looks like."

"Ronald Reagan once said that 'in America, every day is a new beginning, and every sunset is merely the latest milestone in a voyage that never ends,'" said Davis, who chairs the House Entertainment Committee and has become known as the "Voice of Hollywood" in Congress. "For this is the land that has never become, but is always becoming. Truer words were never spoken."

In urging a new spirit of bipartisan bridge-building, Davis borrowed words from British pop star Fergie to call for a "London Bridge of Unity" between Republicans, Democrats and the Nation. "We must continue to rebuild, repair and refurbish the 'London Bridge' of bicoastal unity and bipartisan cooperation that Republicans have begun to build hand-in-hand with eager Democrats over the past seven years," said Davis.

Davis noted in her speech that there is still much about the Democrats that Republicans disagree with. "But when we do disagree, let us do so remembering that our political opponents are not our enemies," Davis said. "I'm a believer in our two-party system. I know our party is better, but I also know the Democrat party makes us better. Competition is good for everyone. Coca-Cola is a better company because of Pepsi, and Pepsi is better because of Coke."

In her speech, Davis stressed the importance of remembering that America as a whole is less divided than Washington. "When Howard Dean said he hated Republicans and all we stood for, a lot of Americans scratched their heads," said Davis. "Outside of this town, a Republican isn't an enemy to a Democrat. She's his sister-in-law. Or another parent they see at the soccer field on Saturday mornings. Let's adopt the common-sense approach of those outside the Beltway and always remember that who we are is defined by how we treat others, not our political philosophy."

Davis spoke eloquently at the foundation's annual meeting of her vision of the future: "My vision of the future is most relevant to those who don't yet have access to the American Dream. President Bush has articulated a vibrant vision of the future, in which we spread ownership beyond the people in this room to those who need it more than any of us here ever could -- to millions of people for whom day-to-day life is a struggle, who feel as if they control nothing."

"My vision of the future one in which we expand the role of faith in the public square for people who need not just a hot meal, but sustenance for the soul. My vision of the future is why everyone is here in this room today. We want a better future for ourselves, for our children, and our grandchildren. We are here because we want to help make our nation a better place, for all Americans, Republican and Democrat alike. America today faces many challenges, and they're not Republican challenges. They're not Democrat challenges. They are challenges that affect all of us, whether we're from New York City or rural Nebraska, whether we're the reddest Reagan Republican or the bluest liberal Democrat."

In her speech, Davis singled out Ronald Reagan as a "good role model" and a "major bridge builder" for transcending the partisan divide, calling him "someone who painted with bold colors and won hearts and votes in blue states and red states alike."

"Before Ronald Reagan, the left and the right argued over peace versus strength. He said, we all want peace, but if you really want to achieve it, the way to get there is through strength. Some might think of it as reaching a progressive goal through conservative means. But I don't think peace is a goal that is progressive or conservative. It is universal. We all wanted it, just as we all do today. We all abhorred war, just as we all do today. President Reagan saw that. So he built a grand coalition that included those on the left and those on the right. And he changed the world."


2713 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

do you think we are going to read that crap delliah?

2713 days ago


You troll Delilah...

Speaking of trolls, who cares about Paula's life really? I doubt it would be that interesting apart from seeing the amount of pills in her medicine cabinet.

2713 days ago


she needs to go to re hab or something she is such a joke. seems to be the hollywood trend nowadays, Lindsay,paris (barf) tara miss disgrace USA , tom cruise( whats he smoking?) the public should stop seeing the movies, tv shows, interviews with these loosers must be something in the water down there that makes them think the world just owes them and they can do whatever they want PATHETIC

2713 days ago


Paula has had a long string of luck. First she has an affair with one of the Jacksons ( no not Michael ) , and her man introdued to Janet . She was Janets new go to person when ever she needed new dance moves. Arcinio ( think I spelled that kinda wrong- ) Hall put her on his show and the rest is history. She has problem and while one day she will wake up and be so ashamed of herself, some one who cares should try. If the Donald can give that skank Miss America a pardon , why cant AI just send her to rehab, and give her the job back after 28 days 30 days, and let her leave with the little bit of her self esteem she has got left. Praying that some one helps her before she wakes up dead.

Peace and Love : )

2713 days ago

He's Boring now    

Hey Paula....nobody really cares about your life except the deranged details.

Glad Farrahs Pimp is on the case

2713 days ago


What the hell is all that crap from Delilah? I think your on the wrong site.

2713 days ago

He's Boring now    

Hey Delilah...go to the Tom Jones web site and have him sing your favorite song to you cause we aint listening to you here.

2713 days ago


Wow, Delilah, why to stay on topic LOL.

2713 days ago
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