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Regifts His Junk

2/8/2007 1:46 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Timberlake with his thing in a boxJustin Timberlake revived his hit video from SNL by hitting the stage in NYC ... with his d**k in a box!

The superstar singer had fans on their feet last night at Madison Square Garden when he surprised them by appearing in full costume (box included) and reenacting the "D**k in a Box" song with Andy Samberg.

That's one present Cameron is going to miss next Christmas.


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His D**K in a box skit on SNL was the funniest they have had since Chris Farley danced as a Chippendale - you go Justin -I never really like you but hey I think I'll go and take your doll off EBAY right now I was trying to sell! You are hilarious!

2803 days ago


He can stick his d**k in my box anytime!!!!!

2803 days ago

Bilal Patel    


2800 days ago


Justin Timberlake ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rachel only wishes that she could have it all, like Justin does. That boy has it all, looks, talent, money and boy he is definely "Bring Sexy Back.......Go Justin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It's not nice to be a HATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Sucks being you, Rachel>>>>>>
He is also one of the BEST LOOKING/HOTTEST acts out there.

2800 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Ah, isn't that box a little big?
Okay...a whole lotta big, I"ve seen his Johnson, and its a wee bit of a tiny thing!

2814 days ago

Is that Justin Timberlake or Ricky Schroeder circa 1987?

2814 days ago

A Man Who Knows!    

That's why Brittney turned into such a whore, he malnurished her and ever since she's been trying to compensate for his short cummings.

2814 days ago

ManBearPig Huntress    

That was one of the funniest f***in' things ever on SNL, and I've been watching for a LOT of years - umm.. A LOT A LOT of years...(not giving away how long!)

2814 days ago


Justin Timberlake is such a loser...he is so full of himself! And, why he is I will never know ...he is NOT good looking he can't sing, dance or act ! GO AWAY Justin are washed up!

2814 days ago


Does anyone know who was that big celebrity int he audience everyone was going crazy over. I know Donald Trump was there but there was someone else ont he other side... who was it??????? Everyone was taking pictures.

2814 days ago


I was there last night and that was hilarious.

2814 days ago


I wish all of you would wash your filthy mouths out WITH SOAP. Preferably the most toxic kind you can get!

2814 days ago


Oh, Rachel, jealousy is very unbecoming of you. I would hardly call Justin a loser. I think he can sing, dance, as well as act - his stint on SNL was one of the funniest in years and his concerts always sell out. I would hardly call that "washed up" - as a matter of fact, he is gaining more fans and he seems to only be rising in popularity. It's fine if you don't like him - alot of people don't. But you sound like you're three saying he is not talented, a loser, and washed up. You sound like you're a jealous loser, at what, 15?

2814 days ago

Sarah in NYC    

God, Justin Timberlake is absolutely disgusting to look at. WHAT do you people see in him. Cameron: rejection is [god's] protection!! You will do better.
Justin is like a little greasy poodle. ugh. the older he gets, the uglier, too.

2814 days ago


Justin Timberlake has a long career in show business and he knows what he's doing whenever he does it. He will likely take period breaks from performing but he was born to perform and will keep working hard to please his audience. That's what will keep him fresh -- making the audience happy without debasing himself. He's a smart, sincere performer and he won't be bothered by those who don't want him in their lives because he will always have an audience somewhere. Expect him to also be a devoted husband and father someday.

2814 days ago
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