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"High School Musical" Sequel Negotiations Off-Key

2/9/2007 6:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that negotiations to return three of the four top stars in the sequel to The Disney Channel's smash original TV movie, "High School Musical" have hit a major snag.
High School Musical
If you don't have kids, or aren't currently using Clearasil, you probably don't know that 2006's original Disney Channel movie "High School Musical" reached 100 million viewers worldwide. Or that its soundtrack -- RIAA certified as quadruple platinum - was the number one album for all of 2006. Or that 6.5 million DVDs of "High School Musical" have been sold. And you definitely aren't aware of the sold-out 42 city concert tour that featured most of the principal cast, or that some 2,000 high schools will be licensing the production to perform locally with their own students. In other words, these aren't deals Disney wants to see go asunder.

However, the three key members of the sequel's cast -- Ashley Tisdale, Corbin Bleu and Vanessa Anne Hudgens -- are in a major tussle with the Disney Channel over compensation in the sequel: Insiders say that while the cast is expected to fly to Utah on Sunday to begin rehearsals, Tisdale, Bleu and Hudgens may well be staying put until their deals can be revised for the better. The kids, clearly, want a piece of the soundtrack and the HSM 'merch,' which is ubiquitious these days.

Disney is notoriously aggressive in negotiations in the best of times, so it'll be interesting to see how the Channel's execs will react to kids who won't be pushed around on the playground. Reps for Hudgens, Bleu and Tisdale all declined comment, and referred all questions to Disney Channel; a spokeswoman for Disney Channel casting, Patti McTeague, would only say that "we have signed deals" with the cast, and rehearsals were expected to start on February 19.

In the meanwhile, Disney on Thursday announced it is also prepping a separate, theatrical feature based on "High School Musical" scheduled for release in 2008 called, "Haunted High School Musical."


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i think its crazy that people still talk about these highschool kids and there like in there 20s playing 16 year olds cause they cant get a job acting there own of them already had to resort to going on "dancing with the stars"(the show for has beens) cause she was fogotten about.

2778 days ago

Dark Knight    

Hopefully they'll be able to resign Justin Guarini. Nice to see his hair has gotten even bigger.

2778 days ago


lmao i had no idea and im in high school

2778 days ago

barbara ann    

after the first high school musical i sat there saying "i want my life back". they better not ever make a sequel.

2778 days ago


i think that it is dumb. i mean i have heard of the movie and i have seen the adds in some magazines but for these kids to ask for more money is absurd. they are making enough money as it is and that is very greedy of them to ask for more. but asking for more money could be bad. Hilary Duff asked for more money from disney channel to finish that show of hers, and disney dropped her and the show. So its a 50/50.

2778 days ago


To reply to d-money,

Its not about the age they are rather than the age they look. I mean look at grease, at least these people look high school age. Also 3 of them were whilst filming.

About the article,

Tisdale, ive heard, is one of the richest "teen" stars, why does she/ her management want more? According to iimdb she got 1 mil last time out of the 5 mil budget

It depends on how much there being offered but i say dont aim to high, or you'll get 'duffed'

2778 days ago


Helloooo....the lead characters...heck, 95% of the cast of "Grease" was in thier mid to late 20's playing high schoolers, so this is nothing new. I wouldn't say these actors have been forgotten. They have obviously found thier niche with the "tween" set and are capitalizing on that. Corbin Bleu is HUGE with 10-15 yr old girls and he IS a teenager still....just 17.

2778 days ago


ok so what is wrong with "High School Musical" first its a positive movie for kids and there is nothing wrong with that. I have met Zac Efron a few times and he is great. Also if some one puts there voice to say a soundtrack to a movie then they desearve to get some of the earings.

2778 days ago

Shane G.    

Come on folks, put yourself in their shoes. You just performed in a Major Hit Movie, that appeals to folks of all ages, I am 46 and I love that movie and am awaiting the new one. If Disney is unwilling to give those stars a piece of what they earn because of the Cast's exemplary performances, then I don't think they deserve to get those great Actors back for the sequel. Tisdale, Bleu and Hudgens are top notch teen actors with a very great future in acting, dancing and singing. Disney stands to earn Billions off of these actor's popularity, and the rest of the stars as well. Let us not leave out the rest of the stars. If they are unwilling to cough up a tad of that for these kids, then woe be upon Disney, because it makes their organization look a little "Mickey Mouse" if you ask me.

2778 days ago

Jared from Subway    

Good for the actors. They heavily contributed to the success of what was arguably the biggest entertainment hit of last year. Disney has made hundreds of millions of dollars from High School Musical. Disney is also a notoriously stingy corporation that takes advantage of their talent. I hope the lead actors bleed Mouse-shwitz for all its worth.

...and to those that think the actors are being greedy: guess again. They're just trying to get their due. Think about it this way: if Albert Pujols wasn't on the Cardinals last year, would they have won the World Series? It's possible but unlikely. That's the same situation with the HSM cast. Their chemistry was the key ingredient to its success.

2778 days ago

Allison M    

cmon people, think about it. Disney made enough money off HSM that their stock actually rose by several points directly due to the movie and its offspring's sales. These kids are the "bread and butter " of the movie and receive a SIGNIFICANT increase in pay.

2778 days ago


Hey I Love HIgh School Musical If corbin,vanessa and ashley are not in it then it will not be worth seeing the movie would be great with the whole returning cast not half of the kids

2777 days ago


Disney is makings tons from this movie. Give the actors some of it.
BTW, I saw the movie and it's for 10 to 14 yrs old.
Any older and you'll be B O R E D to tears.

2777 days ago

John C jackson    

I doubt Disney actors really get paid all that much. All the successful ones ( like Hillary Duff) have made their real money doing studio movies and CDs OUTSIDE of Disney. The Disney shows help with exposure, but the money is elsewhere.

I have a 5 year old and I also am a big "stats" person ( I know the stats for all athletes, Soundscan figures, Box Office,etc). So I know about this Disney stuff. Disney makes a low budget movie and then sells 10 million CD/DVDs, merch,etc. These kids are all over the place and they probably don't get paid anywhere close to similar performers.

2777 days ago

John C jackson    

I also question Ashley Tisdale's supposed salaries on IMDB. I mean it says she made $250,000 for a bit part in Donnie Darko. Donnie Darko was a low budget movie, no one had ever heard of her, and she's like the 30th actor in the credits. I doubt Jake Gyllenhall even made $250,000. Who would pay a nobody bit character over 5% of the total budget? I have seen budgets for $50-60 million dollar pictures where the #2 or #3 adult actor didn't even make $250,000.

So this also makes me wonder about the claim that she made $1 on a $4.25 mil ensamble kid's movie. If she really did, maybe she doesn;t deserve a raise- all the other actors do.

2777 days ago
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