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Rosie: Anna Nicole Was "Balloon Without Tether"

2/12/2007 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comRosie O'Donnell and her cohorts on "The View" had their first chance to address the death of Anna Nicole Smith, and while they took pity on Anna Nicole herself, they showed little mercy for Howard K. Stern or the entertainment news shows that paid her for those slurred, difficult-to-watch interviews.

Rosie, for her part, inflamed some viewers by imitating Anna Nicole unfavorably on Thursday's show, which was taped just hours before Anna's death. Today, lamenting the starlet's death, Rosie compared Smith to a Macy's Thanksgiving parade balloon without anyone to hold it back. She charged that Howard K. Stern had an "addiction" problem as well.

Meanwhile, Rosie let fellow comedienne Margaret Cho express her thoughts on Smith's death, posting Cho's own blog posting about the matter on In it, Cho compared Smith to "ripe summer peaches hot from the sun, or rice pudding made from grains boiled for over a day on the stove," and called her "the most beautiful woman I had ever seen."


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Heide Schaefer    

Rosey, you are a disgrace to women. You are disgusting-looking fat ass slob. Donald Trump is on point about you. And worst of all is looking at your mouth. It looks like an ass-hole ready to take a shit. And how true that is about you: you open your mouth, which looks like an asshole ready to take a dump, and out comes your invectives about other people. And in death, Anna Nicole. You have no sense of propriety. And I am fed up. Go have a sex-change operation. Be the man which you are masquarding in as a dyke. Get out of the race of women. Then again, men wouldn't want you in their race either. Thank God for this forum for me to sound off. Do us all a favor, the thousands who can't stand you, and take your fat ass off any public forum where we don't have to look at that ass-hole mouth of your's and the diahrrea that somes spilling out of it!

2808 days ago


Rosie, I liked your previous show, and thought a good person, until lately, with all of your bashing of people, just for people to watch, I might add, are now boring and predictable. Where is the talent in that? You do not just express your VIEW, but exhonerate anyone who may have a different on. I no longer watch you for now you just look like a "fool" and where is the talent in that?

2808 days ago


Honestly people, haven't any of you heard of an 'Analogy'...hmmm??? That's what was Ro was doing in that little blip from the show! and it was a very appropriate analogy @ that. How many people do we know in our own lives that are like " untethered ballons"?? Lots of our loved ones suffer from various addictions...and like ANS,some of our loved ones have VERY destructive companions 'attached' to them. It's a very sad case,and I for one am going to keep that baby girl in my prayers.
Don't trash & bash the messenger folks,ANS was well on her way to this end long before any of us had an opinion or gave a flying fig about her problems! We better just all hope that little girl has a better chance @ a healthy beginning than her poor mother ever did.

2807 days ago



2807 days ago


Where is Rosie's tether? She is one big balloon out of control herself!

2807 days ago


WTF is wrong with you people ?Do you look for the good in anyone ? Do you choose to hate peopel without truely knowing them ,or anything at all about them ? Rosie has not said ,or done anything more than all of the comedy shows out there . You stupid people just can't see it can you .You see ,and hear only what you choose to,and it is all wrong .Naybe next time before you judge someone so harshly YOU SHOULD GET ALL THE FACTS , YA THINK? IDIOTS YOU ARE ALL JUST IDIOTS .Do any of you Rosie bashers even try to see her as she truely is . There is alot of good in that there Gay Gal ,ALOT ! If any of you cruel people out there would look at her with an open mind instead of the closed minded bitches you all are .Just maybe you'd see the good this kind , ,tell things like they are person has done ,and does . What have you done to better the world , huh what ? Look at all the money she has raised LOOK AT IT ALL ,she does Good LOTS,AND LOTS OF GOOD! WOW SHE IS GAY ,AND HAS SOME WEIGHT ISSUES , WHO DOESN'T ,AND WHO CARES .THERE ARE MORE THINGS IN THE WORLD A WHOLE HELL OF ALOT WORSE THAT THAT . DOES ANY OF THAT HURT YOU ? NO I THINK NOT ,SO WHY MUST YOU ALL SAY SUCH HURTFUL THINGS ABOUT SOMEONE YOU HAVEN'T A CLUE ABOUT . I THINK IT IS TIME YOU PEOPLE LEARN TO LIVE WITH THE FACT PEOPLE ARE BORN GAY ,AND THEY ARE OK WITH IT ,SO WHY CAN'T YOU JUST GET OVER IT .IT DOES NOT TOUCH YOU IN ANY WAY ,SO ...HAVE YOU SEEN THE LATE NIGHT TALK SHOWS ? WELL DO YOU LISTEN AT ALL TO THE SAME DAMN WORDS COMING OUT OF EACH OF THEIR MOUTHS THAT ROSIE HAS SAID .WHT JUDGE HER ,AND NOT THEM? YOU ARE ALL MEAN ,SICK PEOPLE . GO ROSIE , GO ROSIE ! YOU ARE GREAT , I SEE THE GOOD IN YOU , THE GOOD YOU DO ! WE ARE WHO WE ARE ! SOMEDAY YOU MAY LEARN ,YOU BLOG JERKS THAT HOW OTHER PEOPLE LIVE THEIR LIVES DOES NOT CONCERN YOU ,SO BUG OFF ,AND MIND YOUR OWN WILL YA ...

2806 days ago


Rosie why is your opinion the only one that seems to count in any dicussion? You made a wreck of your talk show and for the life of me I do not understand why Barbara Walters even hired you let alone cower down with your back and forth junk with The Trump. You have come in like a bulldozer trying to mow everyone down and take over the show. It used to be such a good show - but I can rarely watch now with you on it. Elizabeth and Joy, you are true women to put up with her mouth. Stand up to her and don't allow her to be the center of things.

2806 days ago


May you rest in peace.

2806 days ago


Oh my god, I remember watching Rosie's old show. Used to like her, But this has gone to far, Attacking people like that aint right Rosie.I will never look at her the same. Sorry Rosie but that was very rude,you should probly make an apology on t.v. but i don't think that will help.

2805 days ago


A Balloon? Isn't that the pan calling the kettle "black"? It must be an awful feeling or conscience, if you have one, to know the only way for popularity is hurting others. Remember, what goes around.............................................. And yours will

2797 days ago


i just read what rosie said about anna nicole. all that it has been was trouble since she came back where ever she was hideing for that time noone saw or heard of her please go back .when her rosie show was on she was good what happen to you girl..... i was a big fan of the view now i just watch it to see what and who picks on that day and elizabeth dont listen to anything that fattt pig has to say about you and anybody keep doing what you are doing because i see she never has nothing to say to you.

2790 days ago


For once I can agree with Rosie. Anna-Nicole had no one looking for her best interests. They exploited her constantly. I have known many with problems, whether it be drugs or alcohol or whatever the addictions and with know real support system only made recovery even harder. She should of been whisked off for treatment for her addictions and her noticable grief over her son's death instead of interview after interview. If this Howard and all her yes people really cared they would of seen this coming and tried to prevent it.

2812 days ago


Who are we talking about here? Who is the balloon?


2812 days ago


Who are we talking about here? Who is the balloon?


2812 days ago

Tom Cruise has landed    

As long as Rosie keeps Elizabeth Fullacrap from speaking, I am happy!!!!!!!

2812 days ago
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